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The Mush factor

Duce's buddy Mush.

Hopefully everyone has seen the movie Bronx Tale. There is a character in that movie, a gambler, who corrupts everything he touches.

I firmly believe in the Mush Factor. I have a buddy who is complete Mush. He’s a great dude and his heart is always in the right place but when he calls me and tells me that he’s on the same thing I’am, I know it’s a loser. Not only that, it will be an act of god loss. There is no question that the loss will come via a blocked FG or a shot banked in from Half Court. I’m convinced that the Immaculate Conception occurred because of a Mush gambler. My friend single-handedly caused the loss of the Patriots in Indy. After telling him I was in for a parlay with the Pats(+3) and the over he told me he would be taking the patriots money line. We all saw what happened.

Once my buddy told me he was on the Lions Sunday, I knew it was going to be a loss and I should have not only warned everyone but hedged my bet.  Stafford’s safety was definitely an act of the gambling gods. This is my bad.

Then, Inexplicably, the same thing happened on Monday with Houston. I knew it. He was the cause of Brown missing both those FG’s. There is no question. Spent 30 mins convincing me that Houston was sick. I bought. I was leaning Tenn.  Only Mush is responsible for my losing streak.  I’m on R&R and will be returning hung over on Turkey Day. The only Pick I know for sure that I’m taking is:

Westford +4 over Acton Boxboro and Westford +240 Money Line.


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So I took Duceman’s advice and rode his ATVI stock tip, I bought it yesterday at $11.41 and I will be heading to every BestBuy on Black Friday this week to purchase COD, to personally drive the stock up. I don’t even own an XBox or Playstation, but I am still going to do this


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Glorified Weathermen

p806866_ce_h1_aa.jpg I was watching the pregame last night of the Hou/Tenn game. And my philosophy this year is go against the 5 idiots who are ESPN NFL ‘experts’, anytime the majority selects one side you should go the opposite (they were all over Houston last night). These guys pick every game on Sunday and the Monday night game, their records blow and they don’t even pick against the line! The games are selected straight up! Put me, Base, Duceman and 281 up there and it would be a lot more entertaining plus we would have better records picking against the line. What’s wrong with the world when experts get paid big money to be wrong and it’s ok if they are bad at their job,


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Fantasy football is taking over the NFL and has turned many people into “that guy” at the bar. I’m all for people following their fantasy teams while watching the games at the bar, but I have more respect for the gamblers. I lose it everytime “That guy” is cheering when an opposing player scores against the Pats. Last night I was bartending and watching the game rooting for the Texans -4 and 2nd half -3, when I had a friend sitting at the bar become “that guy”. Some of the readers might know him, he is half South Korean-half Irish, a twin, and lives in Southie. He needed Andre Johnson to get 60 yards and a td. Everytime Matt Shaub dropped back to pass, he would start yelling Andre Johnson! As it turns out he won his fantasy football game, but Andre Johnson’s numbers didn’t make the Texans cover. I then proceeded to throw “that guy” out of the bar.

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testing, I…2…3

Ok this is a test blog via email, if I can pull this off World Domination will be that much easier



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Sunday Funday at the Sun

What’s up, sorry that I have been MIA all day thanks Duce, Base, and 281 for picking up the slack.  I was down at the Sun today, trying to spread the word about Bigrips.wordpress.com (soon to be just Bigrips.com) apparently no one has heard of us yet, strange.  I was also trying to take down the Sun with the Orignal 283, Woodsie, and  OG 283’s brother.  I was tasked with taking $200 of 281’s bar money and converting it into a dime, sorry 281 I think the blackjack dealer was cheating for sure.  As for my day, I can sum up how I did like this…  Tony Romo hasn’t been good since he dumped Jessica Simpson and Tom Brady has got better since he knocked up his hot girlfriend and as I am writing this I am thinking how gay I’ll look with Jay Cutler’a haircut (I got +3.5).


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Tonights pick..

I fucking hate Denver. I fucking hate Colorodo. I fucking hate the whole fucking Mountain time zone.

Was having a great day till Denver fucked me. Fuck them.

Somehow I’m plus 5 units on the day after getting lucky as balls on the Jax tease.

tonights pick is

Bears +3.5 for 7 units.

Earl Bennet over 45 yards for 3 units..

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