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 We all remember our first bookie, right? Well mine was a kid named Julian who had slicked back hair and drove his daddy’s range rover, I met him my Junior year of college.  Kid was actually not a bad guy, I wouldn’t invite him to my wedding, but would have a beer with him.  Anyway, we had a long winter break at Umass, it was like 39 days off, we’d  all go home and work or sit around pining to go back to the U.  Before the break started, Julian and I made a deal that my limit would be $1,000, I couldn’t go higher or lower and we’d settle when we got back in February.  So the month goes by and I kill it on College Hoops, NBA, and NFL Playoffs.  I was up  exactly $981 dollars, I think Istill have the paper plate I wrote all my bets on.  So I anticipated going back to school and collecting nearly a dime, any college student, with the exception of a trust fund Cornell student , would fully appreciate how far that $981 would go.  Well, I got back I called and called he took forever to get back to me, when he did the kid said he got so killed and couldn’t pay me.  It was a crushing blow, it was like your boss saying he will give you a Million dollar raise next month, then takes it back.  It a great life lesson, never trust your Book or a kid with slicked back hair.



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