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Broncos +1.5 halftime

5 units. 3 turnovers. 1 on the goal line. FUCK YOURSELF KNOWCUNT MORENO


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America is dumb

Ok, so this is the only time I’ll ever write these words.  I am not a Muslim extremist or part of the Taliban, it just when it comes to making sports bets, America is dumb (I contribute to the dumbness).  This is why I love the Bears (+3) at home vs the Eagles, in the Sunday night game.  I’ve had conversations with people who LOVE Philly, gamblers really have short memories, casue all they keep talking about is how cutler’s  5 picks last game, his a double chin, and his Bama bangs, yea the guy is a complete loser.  It’s helping drive the public to Philly’s side, which I love.  I am going big on this game tonight, and if I lose, I’ll grow my bangs out like Cutler for the winter.

Taking the Bears (+3, probably gonna be +4 by kickoff) at home vs the Eagles.




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 We all remember our first bookie, right? Well mine was a kid named Julian who had slicked back hair and drove his daddy’s range rover, I met him my Junior year of college.  Kid was actually not a bad guy, I wouldn’t invite him to my wedding, but would have a beer with him.  Anyway, we had a long winter break at Umass, it was like 39 days off, we’d  all go home and work or sit around pining to go back to the U.  Before the break started, Julian and I made a deal that my limit would be $1,000, I couldn’t go higher or lower and we’d settle when we got back in February.  So the month goes by and I kill it on College Hoops, NBA, and NFL Playoffs.  I was up  exactly $981 dollars, I think Istill have the paper plate I wrote all my bets on.  So I anticipated going back to school and collecting nearly a dime, any college student, with the exception of a trust fund Cornell student , would fully appreciate how far that $981 would go.  Well, I got back I called and called he took forever to get back to me, when he did the kid said he got so killed and couldn’t pay me.  It was a crushing blow, it was like your boss saying he will give you a Million dollar raise next month, then takes it back.  It a great life lesson, never trust your Book or a kid with slicked back hair.


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Rondo isn’t sick

Ok while getting my haircut  I just saw on the ESPN  bottom line (Yea Richy the Barber has flat screens too) that Rondo is 1-13 from the free throw line in the last six games (thats 7% ).  Holy shit is that a typo? I think  I could make that many half court shots in six games. I knew he sucked from the line last year, so he must be shaving points.  I don’t know if I like the C’s ever again.  Would you like to bet on a team that has pg who is gonna get fouled at the end of the game and most likely cooking the books? Richy the Barber said Doc should suspend Rondo a game per miss,  and that no NBA player should shoot less then 80% from the line, I agree.   And we just gave him 5 yrs/$55million.  Hey Rajon, you  probably would have got 10 yrs/ $300 million, if you could shoot 50%.


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Is my guy kidding me offering this bet?  Holy sht I love the even money on Nuclear Warfare.  The other options are just retarded and probably scientifically impossible.  I’m going to up my limit, max the account, and put my guy out of business.  2012 is going to be a great year.

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Two Girls one S.E. Cupp

Holy shit, how did I not know about this girl S.E. Cupp? I always knew that the perfect girl existed and found this out when I was watching Larry King Live the other night.  S.E. Cupp is a hot, conservative blogger/columnist who is actually from Massachusetts (based in NYC now).  She was on Larry King, defending Sarah Palin – who i think is an idiot – and dominating  liberal quacks like James Carville and Stephanie Miller.

So did i immediately friend her on Facebook? Yes…

Do I now follow S.E.  on Twitter? Yes…

Blog site bookmarked? Yes…

Am I a huge creep? Yup

I think we have a lot in common so I may have a shot with her, she is about my age, is a conservative, didn’t vote for Obama, she blogs and hates Barney Frank. Here is her site http://www.redsecupp.com/ if you hate politics or you are a liberal, just go there to check her out.


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Our story…

Finally I have a chance to post and announce the presence of BigRips.wordpress.com (soon to be just BigRips.com) to the Interweb world. The concept of Big Rips was developed back in 2005 or 2006, by three roommates during College basketball season now more commonly referred to as ‘Big Rip Season’;the genius behind the theory came from a man known as Big F (his post name is Building up That Base) who had realized there was high win rate on 2nd half College Basketball bets if you took teams favored by 10 or more points, who were losing at halftime. He even linked the concept that stock traders, in the movie Boiler Room, used to scam their clients – which was a favorite movie of me and my two roommates, Building up That Base and Big R.

We all then went on an epic streak…well two of the three – cause if i recall Building up That Base was addicted to the online Blackjack casino at the time – and took down our now infamous bookie Romo. This site will be dedicated to spreading the word about Big Rips and our other various gambling theories, lingo, and ideas like: No Points 3rd, Guaranteed winners, A triple A/R, A Najeh Davenport special, etc.

It will be a forum to share past stories of your best wins and most demoralizing losses, with regular contributors and hopefully a celebrity podcast if i can mend my relationship with Romo. It won’t be limited to just betting as I hope to follow in the footsteps of BarstoolSports.com who started off as gambling sports rag/blog site which has transformed into a well-rounded, “smut peddling” site that gets thousands of unique visits a day, I have a lot of respect for the Stool and EP.

I hope this is the beginning of something special and that it grows into a world dominating blog or maybe just a site for my 10 idiot friends to post dumb shit on.

– SD

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