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First off, I was trying to stay awake to watch Federer last night (actually this morning at 3am) but fell asleep.  Inevitably he won, cause the guy he played had a sunburn – what a great excuse.  Well there is still plenty of time this weekend to win some free money.

First the Lakers are in town to play the Celtics (pick em) at 3:30.  3:30 is an odd start time, I think the NBA scheduled this game so the aging Big 3 can get to bed before 7pm.  Kobe and the Lakers are hot the Celtics are not sick, Lakers roll.

The NFL All star game or Pro Bowl is today I blogged earlier this week that the O/U was really low, lower than the Super Bowl.  Well the odds makers must have read my post because it’s now 58 (higher than SB).  I still love it. Final score NFC 41-AFC 34.

The Grammy’s blow.  They are way too boring, way too many awards, like best Native American Musical Album (this is a real category) take Johnny Whitehorse.  The performances are lousy and gone are the days when real bands like Guns n’ Roses would get shit faced during the 6 hour-long ceremony, then win best Rock Album, drop like 7 F bombs and grab the presenters ass during their acceptance rant.  At least now there are odds so we can bet on them, so it’s a bit tolerable.  My Picks…any category with Taylor Swift, Beyonce is her main competition, but too mainstream, the Grammy voters are stiffs and generally select lower profile nominees.  MGMT, take them for Best New Artist, obscure for now, but after Sunday,  Kiss 108 and Mix 104.1 will be over playing the shit out of Kids and Electric Feel, trust me.

Good luck



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Sunday’s with Duce…

Simm could be key to a mammoth weekend

A great Saturday for Duceman and his millions of followers. Going 6-2 and a solid 2-0 on both 30 unit plays. Hitting a monster parlay for the second weekend in a row.

This is all well and good, but my boy Simm is still two strokes off the lead and very much in the hunt. He has dropped to 6.5-1 to win and my 14-1 bet is looking good. It’s going to be a great 3 hour golf telecast today. I still think Phil will be very much in contention. If Imuda wins, I’m screwed.

Couple of Sunday plays:

Arkansas +11.5 over Miss** 30 unit Play** Everyone loves the rebs in this game. They have covered 4 in a row and the Hogs record sucks. They can play though and there is no question that the Rebs will be looking ahead to next weeks Kentucky game. I’m pounding the Hogs today.

Pitt -3 over South Florida- I can’t understand this line. South Florida is good at home and over 90% of the public is on Pitt and the line hasn’t moved. This is the only thing preventing this from being a 30 unit play.

Clemson -4.5 over Maryland– Tigers bounce back today. They make the Mick happy.

Record: 86-66

30 unit play record: 16-9

Bowl record: 19-12

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Holy shit I’m hard. Syracuse favored by 15 is down 13 with under 4 mins left in the first half to 8-12 Depaul? I’m putting a nickel on second half Syracuse. More to come…,

Well it wasn’t as great as I expected as Syracuse cut it to 4 and the second half line was going to be 10 to 11 regardless of what Syracuse was down, but I still love it. Syracuse -10.5 will break away and win this game by 7. 400 dollar play for me. Biggest of the year.

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That’s right bitches, I’m back. Today is a big day, a big weekend in the Duceman’s season. Torrey Pines marks the start of my golf season wagering. Last year I won a shit ton of money on the PGA. The best event in the world to wager on(besides March Madness) is the Masters. Last years highlight included me talking some of my friends into betting big on Angel Cabrera who went off at 8-1. Pay day was almost in the 5 digits. Golf is fantastic to wager on.  Nothing better than having a couple contenders on Sunday while sitting on the couch with a dip in.

Anyway- Here are today’s picks..

FSU +1.5 over BC*** 30 unit Play**– Lets not get our panties in a bunch over BC. They still lost to Maine and Harvard.

UNC-Charlotte -3 over Umass *** 30 unit Play** I can’t understand this line at all. UMass is going to get donkey punched on the chin. The Niners are legit bubble team, they just beat Temple. Only -3 to Umass? Pounding the niners.

Uconn -5 over Marquette- they bounce back and slaughter the Golden Eagle today.

Georgetown -1.5 over Duke- Love this game. Eat a fat one Singler, you bitch.

Mizzou -7.5 over OK State- The Zou is sick at home.

Baylor +9 over Texas- The Bears are sick and Texas hasn’t been looking good. I will take the inflated line. Baylor wins, they could be looking at a 5 seed or greater.

Vandy +10 over UK- It’s official, Vandy is for real. After beating the snot out of Tennessee this week, they are down right legit. I will take the points.


Torrey Pines is a great tourney. It’s really the first fairly big tourney of the year. Here is my card, going into the weekend..

Michael Sim: 14-1-This dude is sick. He fired a 62 yesterday and is now 2 shots of the lead. He made the Nation Wide tour look like Cannon Ball Junction Mini golf. He’s #50 in the world and I can guarantee he will be top 10 in Fed Ex this year. I’m throwing 100 on this kid to win 1400.

Phil Mickelson:3.5-1- I have to throw some coin on Phil, He grew up on the Pines and has never been out of the top 5(in last 3 years).

Michael Allen: 66-1- This young American can play and the line is so high, I might be the only one to be betting on this dude. Worth a 10 dollar bet.

Good luck Gentlemen.

Record: 80-64

30 unit play record: 14-9

Bowl record: 19-12

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After a brutal lose to the Magic last night, the Celtics limp into Atlanta with their AARP cards in hand. Today there were sightings of KG, Ray and Paul Pierce condo hunting together http://tiny.cc/celticsflordia.  No there isn’t an imminent mega trade for Dwight Howard and Jameer Nelson, they were actually looking for new homes at the Villages, the +55 Community in Orlando. But seriously KG, Baby, Pierce, Marquis Daniels (remember him) and even Sheed have all been hurt this year.  Once they get healthy and meshing again they’ll run off a 10-o streak.  The All-Star break will be very good for them.  As for tonight’s game, the Hawks (-3) have had our number, beat Boston 3 times this year, going for the series sweep tonight, would be the first time they have done this in 11 years.  Normally I would say no way the C’s lose two in a row and get swept by the Hawks, but sorry not tonight.  The Hawks are younger, they hang out with Ludacris, are more athletic, and they dunk over chairs.  We’ll beat them in the playoffs because it’s a more half-court game, but I’d go with the Hawks tonight. Sorry Base (are you still alive) your 58.5 wins is looking like shit.


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200 pounds of cocaine seized from Logan Airport plane – Local News Updates – The Boston Globe.

It’s so cold today that you get instant shrinkage when you go outside, but there is zero snow in the forecast, except for Logan Airport, East Boston.  Some person tried smuggling two-hundred pounds of cocaine onto a passenger airline today, and got caught of course.  Two-hundred pounds …how jacked up was this guy to think it was a good idea? That’s like checking a bag with me and a midget in it.  Cocaine is a serious drug and all I can picture is a couple guys hopped up, like any scene with Ray Liotta on coke in Goodfellas; making this suicide mission to bring enough coke on a plane to feed – Whitney Houston, Robert Downey Jr, the 1986 Mets and everyone at a Arizona State University frat party – for 2 years.  What happens to two-hundred pounds of Blow anyway? You can’t tell me with a straight face that the baggage guys at Logan who reside in Revere and Easty didn’t pinch just a little bit.  I’ve seen the Southwest “Bags Fly Free” TV commercials those baggage checking people are so happy they have to be stoned.


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biff tannen

Gates: $10B vaccine program could save 8.7M lives – CNN.com.

Are you fucking serious? Bill Gates is donating $10 Billion for some cause?  I don’t even know what it’s for, didn’t read the article, I don’t care.  I just read the headline and had to repost this.  Gates could build Haiti 10X over with that much cash.  I can’t get over this, does he have Biff’s Almanac or something? He must, he has tons of dough and pretty much has messed around with computers his entire life, there is no doubt in my mind that he made his own flux capacitor , threw it in a DeLorean, went back few years now has Biff’s Sports Almanac.   Imagine being able to bet a $1Billion dollar A/R on the Colts and the Under or the Celtics/Bobcats 2nd half over, and not care if you lose.  That would be sick


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