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Duceman and the Wise Guy are making My bookie cringe.  If my Guy could pull the plug on the Interweb he would for sure.  My Wise Guy hit on the Wolverines yesterday (+12.5) it was close, but still hit.  Of course I didn’t take his pick, again.  Well, this guy won’t quit, he was up and at it this morning, leaving me a voice mail for his play today.  Take Clemson (+4) vs Florida State – he says they win outright…free money for everyone.  This is a double whammy pick because duceman has it on his card.

Wise Guy Record 5-0 (I have all his voice mails saved)

Good luck



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I would like to start by apologizing to my millions of loyal readers. I’m sorry for losing on one the  30 unit play’s yesterday. However 4-1, I will take.  I really should have Clarified that Team Canada winning the Speed Skating Team Pursuit was one of the locks of the century. If I had time, I would have re-mortgaged my house on it. No question. 

The actual lock of the century occurred in 2005. My book had a line ” Will a Category 5 Hurricane strike the US this year?”. No was -350. I maxed out the bet , tried to open an other account, put everything I possible could on it. Since it only happened twice(Labor Day of ’35 and Camille in ’69”) it was without question, the easiest bet of all time. I just looked at it as putting a shit load of money in a short-term, well-paying CD. Anyways, I ramble.

Pulling for Fowler today in golf. Come on young brother.


Northwestern +2.5 over Penn State** 30 unit play**– Many of you know, I have been riding the Cats alot this year. The Cats won’t give up at an At-Large. This is a must win. I’m pounding the Cats.

Marquette +2.5- over the Hall- The Loser of this game is in a world of hurt with the Tourney. I think it will be a good game, but when The Golden Eagles are on, they can play with anyone in the country

Michigan St +4 over Purdue- No Hummel? I’ll take the points.

Xavier -7 over Richmond- the A-10 is a lot like the ACC. Home teams dominate. I think Xavier pulls away in the 2nd half for a 10-13 point win.

Clemson +4 over FSU Another shout out to the Mick. I hope the Tigers don’t let me down. I think they win this game.

Indiana +6.5 over Iowa- **30 unit play**Love the Hoosiers in this game. Iowa sucks some serious dick. They couldn’t bat Nashoba Tech by 7 points.


Ian Poulter over Zach Johnson(2 ball)**30 unit play** Considering making this 30 units. I love Poulter and Zach J is a world-class Douche Bag

Rickie Fowler over Brandy Snedeker in 3 years, the golfing élite will Be Fowler, Rory Mcilroy and Tiger. This kid is a stud.

Matt every over Scott Piercy- love this Gator.

US +1 over Canada- can’t wait for this game. I will take the goal.

Good luck today gentlemen.

Record: 129-88

30 unit play record: 33-14

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Big Rip Alert

Kentucky down 33-22 4 minutes left in the 1st half

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Duceman must have heard there was some competition out there, glad to see him back blogging.  My Wise Guy hit on the Thunder (-9.5)  last night with a  109-92 win, easily covering.  Of course I didn’t take his pick, it’s at the point that I know this guy will lose the first one I take, so I will just keep posting the free money for my readers.

His play today is Michigan (+12.5) vs Ohio State – take the points…free money

Wise Guy Record 4-0 (I have all his voice mails saved)

Good luck


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Can't wait for the US Hockey game. I love America.

Hi dudes. I’m back. Another long and painful week leads us to a very nice sports weekend. I was actually around this week, I just didn’t like anything that much. I was timid. I was scared. I was a pussy. Not on weekends though.

I have to admit, I have become a fan of short track Speed Skating. It’s pretty damn cool. Did anyone see the Collinsworth interview Apollo’s Dad, Yuki Ohno? It was one of the funniest, most uncomfortable Olympic interviews that I have ever seen. I’m more Excited for the Gold Medal Game on Sunday than I was for the Superbowl. Man, that’s going to be fucking awesome. I wish the Olympics would last for a month.

Time for the picks..

College Hoops

Pitt -2 over St.Johns- The Johnnies aren’t bad , but they aren’t in the same class as Pitt. The Johnholes got no chance at a bid and Pitt needs a top 4 seed.

Vandy -1.5 over Arkansas- betting against the Razorbacks at home is something I usually shy away from. I’m biting on this line. Vandy is a sick team.

Texas PK over Texas AM The Horns have sucked. Hey have lost their PG for the year, they have flat out sucked. I think they get up for this road/rivalry game though.

Ole Miss +1.5 over Bama ** 30 unit Play** the Rebs are going to rip the Fallopian Tubes out of Bama today. They need this win bad. I’m hitting the Rebs hard.

Arizona State +6.5 over Cal- the Pac 10 sucks some serious dick this year. I think the Devils are the best team out there and I will gladly take the inflated line.

Rutgers -5 over Depaul **30 unit Play*** Depaul sucks and Rutgers is pretty under rated, especially at home on the Shore with Snookie. They are going to Donkey Punch Depaul today.

New Mexico +8 over BYU**30 unit play**. Wow 8 points in Mormonville? I watched the game at NM and they ass pounded BYU. You think they are scared of going to Provo?  I would rather take a bite out of my own shit than hang out in Provo. I should state that I’m Pro Polygamy.

Maryland +1 over Va TEch- in the past, I sad the Terps would be winning me money in the future. Starts today.

UNCC +3.5 over GW **30 unit play**– Wow, I love this game. The Niners are a tourney team. They win this. I will be taking the money line hard if it is available before tip.

St.Louis -5 over Duquesneman, these guys are hot and I’m going to ride them.

Nova +5.5 over Cuse- Great game, I’ll take the points. Probably buy it up to 6.

Kentucky -2.5 over Tennesse- Wall is ridiculous.


To win:

Anthony Kim 6-1, Rickie Fowler 10-1,  Ian Poulter 25-1.


Speed Skating Team Pursuit Canada -250 over the US** 30 unit Play**. I’m hammering the shit out of this. The Canadians should be -1000. The US has 2 19-year-old rookies on their squad.

Slovakia +1 over Fins- not sure about this line. I don’t have it. This is Duce’s line. I will change it in Comments sections. definitely taking the Slovaks and maybe hard. They have a smaller population than Massachusetts and are going to win the Bronze. They almost beat Canada last night. Now, that is cool. I’m Slovakian today.

Good luck gentlemen.

Record: 122-82

30 unit play record: 29-13

Bowl record: 19-12

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Free picks from wise guys

Ok I am not sure what to do, this wise guy has called me the last two days with his lock of the night. Wednesday he called and told me to take Maryland (-4.5) vs. Clemson, it hit and  last night his pick was Cleveland (-2.5) over Boston, of course Boston got smoked.  He just left me a voicemail to ride Oklahoma City Thunder (-9.5) vs the TWolves, says they blow them out.  I am getting more and more pissed that he is calling and giving these free winners, but I am not riding them.  Normally these guys stop after one winner and try to push their month-long game package on you,  which is like $500.  I did this once in College for a week it didn’t work out.  I know Rich is due to lose hopefully it’s not on the Thunder.

This  would be much easier if Duceman was blogging and giving out his 30 unit picks.  Hopefully Duceman surfaces sometime this weekend.


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BigRips wishes the best to Boner’s family and friends, we are saddened by your loss .  I can’t imagine living with the nickname my entire life either.  RIP


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