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Ahhhh, the Shell Houston Open, this tour stop is like the Pro Bowl before the Super Bowl or a go-cart-race before the Daytona 500.  Especially when it’s coincides with Opening Day, featuring the Boston Red Sox and the Yankees.  Tune up or not, the field is packed this weekend.  There is usually a debate whether the players should take a week off prior to the Masters, go practice in Augusta or play the Houston Open before the most important weekend of the year – Masters weekend. Tiger usually takes this week off, Phil traditionally plays in this event, Phil owns the most recent victory at Augusta, who knows what works.  The top dogs on the tour are playing so the leader board should be the who’s who by Sunday.  Last weekend was a bust for me, half of my predictions didn’t make the cut, even though I played all chalk.  I passed on the winner, Els, thinking he couldn’t win back to back weeks, and will pass again this week.  3 in a row, can’t happen right?  So I will go with these guys…

Phil Mickelson +1200 – I feel bad for Big Phil, during the coverage last week it was pointed out that he is flying in the night before tournaments because he is taking care of his wife who has cancer and watching over their kids.  I feel bad, he is having a tough year.  I’ll throw small money on Phil out of respect.  Go Phil.

Anthony Kim +1800 – Texas kid, who will miss the cut because he is out drinking the morning of the event or he will be on the leader board because he was just out drinking the night  before.  I wish Kim’s odds were higher, he is due to win and could see it this week, making for a compelling Woods-Kim showdown.

Hunter Mahan +2500 – I am a huge Hunter Mahan fan, I picked him at the Phoenix Open this year.  I am going to limit my Masters picks to only three golfers (not including Tiger) and he is already a lock for one of those 3 picks.  Hunter is sick and his girlfriend is a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader, guy is the man.  I wonder if Tiger banged her?

Matt Kuchar +4000 – This guy was suppose to challenge Tiger when he went pro back in the early 2000s.  He hasn’t panned out in any such way.  I’ve seen his name pop up in a few tournaments this year but haven’t payed much attention too him.  I did some digging and Kuchar has a 3rd, 2nd, 17th and another 3rd place  finish this year.  Golf is a fickle game and I could see him making a charge before the Masters for a ‘feel good story’

Adam Scott +4000 -Not sure why I am taking this guy, I can’t stand him, he sucks.  A long shot, won the Shell Houston Open in 2007

Charl Shwartzel +4000 – Nelson Mandela will be proud if another golfer from South Africa wins a PGA event, they might even make a movie about it, which won’t be any worse then Invictus.  Charl not Carl is Els fellow countryman and he is a good golfer, like the odds here.

Good luck



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I know if I draft Tebow he won't want to have sex with my wife

I know if I draft Tebow he won't have sex with my wife

BostonHerald.com – Blogs: Rap Sheet» Blog Archive » Patriots dine Florida quarterback Tim Tebow at North End eatery last night.

When you make friends with valet guys you expect to get this sort of insider info.  You would think BTVG would have given me a heads up on this because half the time when Billy is working he is huddled with other valet guys shooting the shit about what’s going on in the North End.

He neglected to inform me last night that Tim Tebow was being coaxed by Bill Belichick and was out dining at Tresca last night in the North End, the night before he was in Buffalo with Jim Kelly.  How is this guy playing the field?  I pointed out back December when I wrote that Tebow was most likely going to play H-Back in the NFL so he should be thrilled that someone actually thinks he is an NFL caliber quarterback and wants to waste money on him at a nice establishment like Tresca.  I would have trusted Bill’s judgement back in the day but he has been average at best in the last few drafts, taking guys like Laurence Maroney (1st rd), Chad Jackson (2nd rd) and Kevin O’Connell (3rd rd).  Is Belichick going to draft Tebow and give him a set of pom poms or will he find him a position somewhere because Tebow is the son he never had? (FYI Belichicks son is a stoner who probably prefers Quidditch over Football).  If Coach wants to draft a real QB that can replace Brady one day he should look at Mike Kafka from Northwestern, sign this guy up he is a covering machine


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The kid from Iowa is a stud

I am flicking around on the television and there is nothing on that entertains me.  So I am about to stream the original Nightmare on Elm Street on Netflix, a bit random, but I am all stoked that they are remaking it.  The writer is the same guy who wrote Cape Fear, should be great, here is a link to the trailer.

So before I throw on Freddy, I see that Dancing With the Stars is on, I cringe when it comes to reality TV, but Erin Andrews is dancing and I am a big fan.  I consider myself a fairly normal guy, but every time and I mean every time I see her on TV I immedialtey google “Erin Andrews peep hole video”.  Yea, the one that Andrew’s lawyers forced every web-site known to man to take down, thus depriving America of her hotel room antics.  The reason I do this is because I am hopeful the porn sites that have the video leak it for like 2 minutes and I have a chance to finally see it.  This is normal right?

Last thought about this, what about every other celebrity like Paris Hilton, Pam Anderson and Kim Kardashian who have sex tapes.  Why didn’t their lawyers just have all porn sites remove them? Is it because the guy filmed Erin Andrews illegally?  If my attorney reads this and you know who you are, can you please explains this.

Boy, I can’t wait for Baseball to start.


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Big Rips = bad weekend

You know that feeling on Monday when you don’t want to think about betting or sports at all. The previous week makes you ill and on Monday you talk to no one, walk with your head down, it usually rains, you try doing normal stuff like reading a book or going to the gym. Well, I think this past weekend was one of those for some Big Rips followers.

I wouldn’t be surprised if one of my Facebook friends tagged a picture of a pile of shit and called it Big Rips.

Don’t worry Baseball season starts this week, the easiest sport to win money on.


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I think about >1% of the population follows the NBA during March Madness, and rightly so.  Conference play and the NCAA tournament has the excitement of watching the Super Bowl, World Series and the Masters packed into one month.  There is plenty to bet on and the games are intense.  But a funny happened during the last few weeks, the Boston Celtics go their swagger back. The last time people were paying attention they were in the midst of a terrible streak right before March, they actually went  7-6 during February, with an atrocious loss to the Nets.  They  were a tad over .500, but they felt more like a fringe playoff team. Since, everyone has turned their attention to Butler, office pools and 30 unit plays the C’s have gone a healthy 11-4 which includes road victories over Houston and Dallas on back to back nights.  Tonight on ESPN at 8:00 the San Antonio Spurs come to town to take on the C’s (-3).

You could debate which team Father Time will catch up to first, but it seems as if the old age is creeping up on the Spurs a bit faster.  Tony Parker broke his hand having sex with Eva Longoria and has been replaced by George Hill (I made the sex part up) in the starting rotation, making it a favorable match up for the C’s with Rondo.  But the important pieces to the C’s success has been their health, the bench has been solidified with Robinson and Michael Finley additions, and they are playing defense like it’s 2007/2008.  I am trying to keep my excitement in check, but it feels like they might have enough in the tank to make a push in the playoffs.  As for tonight, they will roll the Spurs by double digits.  I love this match up, my only concern is that Perk could be out, but the Spurs do not have an over powering front court.  Plus this is Michael Finley’s ex-squad  and he wants blood this was his quote during practice this week “Although we’re friends, I want to destroy them”

So take your free money from the 30 unit winners put it on the C’s and watch them destroy San Antonio.

Good Luck


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Duceman’s NCAA Sunday

I’m back. What a great day yesterday. Sweeping the games. We needed that. Was able to cash in a monster money line parlay with WV and Butler.

What did we learn yesterday? Jacob Pullen is a douchebag, ball hog just like Evan Turner. While, Butler is the best coached team that I have ever seen. They are rock solid. I can’t wait to root for these guys. They are playing in their home town(Indianapolis). First time a Final Four team has played at home since 1972. Without a doubt, these guys can beat anyone. Going to be great to watch next weekend.

The Kentucky, WV game was awful. Personally, it was painful to watch the end of that game. WV was trying hard to give it away. It was like watching a HS girls team after Mazolla fouled out. They couldn’t even cross half court with the ball. Baylor or Duke is going to pressure them the entire game. Either one of those teams is going to smoke WV. Just my opinion, but that’s all in the future. Two great games today.

Tenn -1.5 over MSU**30 unit play** I’m a little concerned that 78% of the public is on the Vols in this game. I like being on the other side. I’m biting on this line. Lets face it, the Spahtans are on borrowed time. They should have lost to MD and NI, if they didn’t have the biggest choke job of the tourney. The Vols were impressive against OSU and I like them today.

Baylor +5 over Duke** 30 unit play** I love this game. I really thought the line would have dropped by now. I’m shocked by this line. The game is in Houston for Christs sake. Baylor wrecked St.Mary’s. They are fast and athletic as hell and this is going to be a great game. I love the Bears and I think they win. I will be hitting the money line hard in this as well.

Good luck today dudes.

Tourney 30 unit play record: 16-9

Tourney overall record: 27-21-1

Record: 192-144

30 unit play record: 62-39

College Football bowl record: 17-10

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Sunday-30 units-get it in now

Baylor is currently +5 with my book. I just pounded it. It will be a 30 unit play and the line will definetely drop. It will probably drop to at least 3 by tip.

This is a steal of a line for a game thats in Houston. Get it now boys.

Nice 30 unit win on Butler. Best coached team I have ever seen.


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