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A sad day in Hollywood.  According to the LA Times Dennis Hopper has passed away at age 74 from complications from prostate cancer.  Hopper was an icon, Gary Coleman was a joke.  I just ran through my all time favorite Hopper flicks in my head and the first one that came to mind was True Romance, one of the most underrated movies of all time.  True Romance also has one of the best scenes ever in a movie which features Christopher Walken and Dennis Hopper at their finest. Please pour a bit ouf your 40oz out this weekend for him

“If that’s a fact, tell me, am I lying? ‘Cause you, you’re part eggplant.”

RIP Dennis Hopper 1936-2010


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I think Celtics fans are still trying to get over that abominable game 5 and fear the series is slipping away via David Stern’s order of his clansmen, lead by Eddie Rusch and Joe Crawford.  The other terrible thing that the Celtics have working against them is the Friday night home curse, which I blogged about during the Cleveland series.  The Celtics blow more on Friday nights than a Freshman chick at The Umass.  The Celtics ended up losing that game by 73 points to the Cavs.  So I am fearful for tonight’s game and for their championship hopes. Tonight, is Game 7 for the Celtics win or stay home.  Like I’ve said many of times I have been on the wrong side the Celtics all year, do not take to my advice.

So rather give a boldface prediction I am going with a trusted resource. Today a producer from WEEI called famed cheater, Tim Donaghy offline to ask him what his thoughts were on the officiating crew for game 6.  Donaghy who was critical of the refs the day before on the D & C show, hinted that the Magic should “dust off their golf clubs.” Who knew the exiled referee would continue to have an affect how people bet on the NBA.  The counter argument that people will make is what if that crew heard Donaghy’s comments and make sure the C’s get jobbed again.  I am not buying that at all. Donaghy is to the NBA what Joe Canseco is to MLB.  Jose called out the entire league and named names,guys like ARod, Manny and David Ortiz, who were already cheating and continued to cheat after the fact.  In addition the ‘experts’ on ESPN, NBA Live, PTI, TNT, WEEI etc are all handjobbing the Magic and making Bruins comparisons.  Keep ’em coming. Anytime a collective  group of experts and ex-players side with one team, go the other way.  I love C’s tonight, thank you Tim Donaghy, you’re the closest I’ll ever come to getting my hands on Biff’s Almanac .

Taking the C’s -2.5 vs the Magic

Good luck,


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I need to set a player alert for Jason Giambi to my BlackBerry, because on Sunday he hit his second dinger of the season in Kansas City, that’s two in the month of May.  He is now 44th on the Career Home Run Leaders list, just 3 behind Darrell Evans for 43rd position, but more importantly 351 Home Runs behind Barry Bonds.  It’s marathon not a sprint.

“Party like a rock start, hammer like a porn star and hit like an all star” J.G.


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It is really difficult to do anything when the Celtics are getting absolutely jobbed by David Stern and his Association cronies, lead by Joe Crawford. Fucking unbelievable.  Perk get’s tossed, Rondo get’s T’d up by a Joe Crawford, but he wasn’t even arguing with him, Jameer Nelson makes another prayer three pointer…I could go on and on.  Writing my golf blog takes time and focus and now I have the attention span of a 13 year old special needs student riding the short bus.   Does Dwight Howard have more incidental contact after shots than any other player in the NBA?  He always seems to have a hand or elbow (that’s not intentional) in the face or body of a Celtics player, he’s sent Rondo to the floor at least 3 times this game and has just knocked Big Baby out with a concussion. Onto golf…

This week the Tour stops in Forth Worth Texas for the Crowne Plaza Invitational.  Has the PGA played in Texas every other week this year? Yep, just checked this will be the third straight week in a row.  Too bad Anthony Kim is hurt from falling down drunk, I would have loved to bet on him during this stretch. Last years Crowne Plaza Invitational winner Steve Stricker along with an all star field (minus Tiger) will be present in the balmy 95 degree heat this weekend. This week it’s a birdie theme  because of the low scoring at the Colonial, going with these guys.

Phil Mickelson +700, The 00′ and 08′ winner was the runner up.  Phil is 1st on the money list and 2nd on the FedEx Cup Standings.  Phil Birdies or does better on 58% of the Par 5’s holes he’s played this year.

Steve Marino +3500, Marino has 6 top Twenty finishes this year and two of them are in the top 5.  A couple golf blogs and PGA beat writers keep suggesting he’ll win one this year.  I am listening.  Finished 2nd last year in a playoff.  Has no good birdie stats, he sucks

Y.E. Yang +3500, Y.E. has two top ten finishes and was a duck hook away from winning at the Phoenix Open.  He is 8th for the average number of birdies per round, he can go low.  Averages 4 per round.

Bo Van Pelt +4500, leads in league in Birdies, has 204 of them this year. Also Van Pelt has finished in the top 5 in 3 out of the last 4 tournaments at Verizon, Quail Hallow and The Players.  That is a 3rd, 5th and a 4th respectively.

Matchup Hunter Mahan -105 over Ben Crane

Good luck


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Guys (and one girl) I’ve been trying to keep up with Big Rips as of late, I wish I could say that I have been sitting by the Mirabella Pool in the North End or teeing it up each day, but I’ve been caught up in the grind.  Bottom line it sucks.  I think I might pull a stunt like set up a PayPal account to raise money for myself so I can quit my job and dedicate 100% of my time to bigrips.wordpress.com (soon to be just bigrips.com).  I’ve surrounded myself with really good people like 281, Duceman, Base and Dagz, but it’s the summer and we are in the middle of a sports betting lull.

Back to the PayPal thing, I am really thinking about pulling this stunt.  I figure I purchase some Google keywords and whore myself all over the interweb and use twitter as a vehicle.  To start I have started up a blog dedicated to opening up bigrips.com click HERE. You can easily make a donation at the bottom via PayPal.

To break it down…

To purchase bigrips.com I need $1695 so I would need 6,700 people to donate 25 Cents (Feel free to dontate more if you are having a good week).  I am sure that My Guy will kick in a few bucks since I have been dontating to his fund all year.

So go to http://soontobejustbigrips.blogspot.com make a donation and write it off your 2010 taxes.

P.S. I will be sending to this the people at the Wasserman Media Group to see if Giambino will make a donation.  I mean $1695 is nothing to a guy who has netted $130 million in his career

Thanks for the support

Seth Davis

CEO + Founder, Bigrips.wordpress.com


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Green 18…

Obviously, I’m picking Green here but my bias is not completely blind and I’ve got some reasoning here…

First, the Western Conference plays absolutely zero defense.  It’s all run and gun, finesse offense and nobody plays D.  Seth and I were talking about this last week when he was in town…think Dallas, PHX, LAL, OKC, Denver…all teams that put up points but couldn’t cover our over weight friend Red in his backyard.  The only team in the West that actually does play D is San Antonio and that’s why they have 3 Rings and upset Dallas (heavy pick to come out of West after the Caron Butler trade) earlier.

If you watch Suns-LA, anyone in yellow gets wide open looks all day.  Sure, with wide open looks, they look good and are avging 126 pts against Los Suns.  They’re NBA pros, any pro can and is supposed to hit open shots.  But how many open looks you see Orl or Cle getting against Boston?  None…everything gets contested, every 3 gets run at, there’s a hand in your face every shot.  The Cs never had to double team Dwight or Shaq…we bottled up DWade and bottled up LeBron.  You don’t think they can bottle up Kobe and smack down Gasol/Bynum?

D Wins Championships and it doesn’t just sound good off the tongue, it’s true.

Celts absolutely destroyed the favorite Lakers two years ago.  They set two records in that beat down: largest 2nd half comeback and a 39pt win to clinch the title.  And I said this to start the year, but this Celts team is even better than the ’07-’08 team.  Big 3 knows each other’s games now.  They were technically “getting used to each other” in ’07, as scary as that sounds.  Now each one of them know exactly where the other is gonna be and what the other is thinking.  Rondo is 10 X’s the player he was in ’07 and Perk is 5 X’s the player he was in ’07.  And remember, Doc almost cost them the whole thing because he’d always finish the game with Cassell over Rondo who he would sit.  Now Rondo’s at 45mpg and rolling.  Baby and Tony Allen already have rings and both have been strong assets off the bench the entire postseason.  Sheed and Finley both have rings off the bench.  It’s just as formidable as the PJ Brown, Posey and Eddie bench.

Lastly, Derek Fisher.  What are they going to do with this guy?  He can’t guard Rondo.  Couldn’t dream to even in his prime.  Rondo will do his magic to the point that Kobe will have to guard him.  Well that means Ray or Paul will be on Fisher which is mismatch heaven.  They’re PG is going to be rendered useless this entire season.  He can’t get by Rondo, not even off a screen to start offense and they have no backup.  They’re going to have to adjust on the fly so good luck with that.

Gasol’s still a bitch.  Vujacic’s a bitch.  Bynum’s a big softie who Perk’s gonna eat up after he just pwned Dwight and Shaq.

Odom’s on steroids.  He cowherd against the Cs last time.  Artest is an ‘x’ factor but if I’m LA, I don’t want to count on him.  Cs still have too many weapons.

C’s D will take LA right out of their cute little “triangle offense” finesse game.  Panic sets in, they force shots, Kobe starts throwing teammates under the bus, Phil breaks out the bong on the sideline….We’ve all seen it before.

Green 18!

-From AboveTheRim

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This just in, Joe Lima, 37 died of a massive heart attack last night at his Los Angeles home. Lima was a flamboyant pitcher known for wearing flip-flops around the dugout during off days, getting sued for giving a chick herpes in 2004, coining the phrase ‘Lima Time’ and for his excessive celebration after striking out an opposing batter.

R.I.P. Joe Lima and Lima Time, I am fairly certain you cost me money at least six times throughout your career.


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