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Nice 30 unit winner on Uruguay yesterday. My main site for the Cup has been Bodog. For some reason their lines are only based on 90 minutes + injury time.  Making the draw back in play in the knockout stage. it’s a bit ihis of course made the US PICK a push. Man, that game was heart breaking to watch. I watched it with a bunch of buddies and it was much more fun and exciting than a Superbowl party(unless the Pats are in it). Just a great all around sporting event. Difficult to watch the loss. the first goal in the first 5 minutes was simply awful and inexcusable. They got heart though, they fought back as usual. Tough loss.

As promised, we are having a damn  good World cup. Been killing it on 30 unit plays and built a nice bank roll.  Denmark loss was a stinger but I accept it and I promise I will take a shit in Copenhagen. Some of these lines are high and a couple of losses in a row could change everything. However, that doesn’t happen to the Duceman. I’m just to smart and too good-looking for these books. Next few days are going to be huge.

World War 3: England Vs Germany: I can’t believe these two are playing each other. The local pubs have been ordered to stay open and to serve beer as long as possible to keep the English fans happy. There is going to be riot police on hand. I can’t wait. This is going to be a really good game. England is a slight favorite, that shocked me. But, I have read everything I can get my hands on this morning about this game. I got two little dudes crawling all over me and I’m watching this stupid little fucking Monkey called Curious George. But, I’m enthralled by this game. These two countries have caused over 5 million deaths to each other in the last 100 years. A knockout game in the world Cup is priceless. Germany is the 2nd youngest team in the tourney(behind Ghana) and they are fast as shit. Klose is back and he will be marked by Garrard. I can’t wait to see that. England is good and experienced, remember they should have beat the US and manhandled Slovenia. Really should have won the group. I expect Rooney to show up today. This is going to be a great game.

England PICK(-135) over Germany– I like the pick line. I’m taking England, I’m taking the experience and they are going to come up big today. Wayne Rooney is going to get a goal. You heard it here first.

England to Win game(-120)** 30 unit play** includes OT and PK’s. England has a bad history of losing to Germany in PK’s. BUT, in 2010 England is the best penalty kicking team in the world.  Big part of my decision to pound the snot out of England today.

Argentina -175/draw over Mexico*** 30 unit play**– Argentina is one of the best teams in the tourney and they will go deep. They are going to stomp on the Mexicans today. Lata Mexico. See ya in Cancun bitches. Make no mistake about it, Im crushing the Argentines today. Messi has proven to be the best player in the world and the best player in this tournament. He’s amazing to watch and he’s going to make the Mexicans looks like they just drank 40 shots of Pepe Lopez. Love this game.

Argentina -1 (+110) over Mexico- Love the goal line too.

On a side note putting a little coin on Wayne Rooney to score first goal at 5-1.

good luck gentlemen.

World Cup record: 14-11-10 ** 30 unit plays**: 11-3-6

Overall Record: 216-161

30 unit play record: 82-47


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When I turned my phone on this morning I recieved the below email and print screen from a rather excitable Base.  Of course he was.  He was about to get burned by the hometown Red Sox who were two outs away from taking his money on Happy Ubaldo Jimenez Day, but he was saved by none other than Jason Giambi.  Giambino hit a TOWERING 2 run walk- off home run to beat the Nation in the ninth and during the process removing two of Jonathan Papelbon’s fingers.  Forgot the US World Cup win, Wimbledon Marathon Match or the US Open this has to be the best sporting moment this Month if not the year.

This puts Jason 2 behind Darrel Evans for 43rd on the all time home run list and  350 HRs behind Barry Bonds.  The chase continues.

“Party like a rock star, hammer like a porn star, rake like an all-star.” JG

from Base
to Seth
date Wed, Jun 23, 2010 at 11:41 PM
Saved Rockies pick. Pap gave up two fingers in the 9th

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I vote that the USGA makes Pebble the permanent tour stop for the Open, fuck the World Cup, this is the best sporting event this month.  No ties or made putts taken away for no reason.  WC Question for the experts why didn’t the US protest that game?  FIFA has even acknowledged their ref made a colossal mistake.

So how does DJ only have three career wins?  The dude is a freak, he is 6’4″, hit’s it a ton…he’s outdriving every other player this week by 30 yards from the tee box and I would have splashed more cash on him if I knew that he had a Pebble Beach savant on the bag.  Bobby Brown is Dustin Johnson’s caddie who has caddied for him at both Pebble Beach wins.  Brown was also a club caddie for 5 years, and knows every inch of the course.  The USA Today actually interviewed Brown for their US Open hole by hole preview. Fascinating stuff.  A great leaderboard for Sunday at Pebble with Els, Phil and Tiger, but I expect Johnson to hold off the old guard, take him in match up today if your Guy offers it.

Good luck

“Fuck You Tiger Woods”


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Manute Bol passed away this morning from kidney failure, he was 47.  It’s not known to many but Bol could stroke the three, he once went 6-12 in a Sixers game, we could have used him instead of Ray in game 7.  He was also really tall, illustrated in the above picutre.  Or was Muggsy just really short?

R.I.P Manute


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Great win on Mexico.

The US tomorrow is a 30 unit play. I hammered the pick line at -200. get it in early as the line will steadily go up. Lock it in boys.

US PICK (-200)over Slovenia ** 30 unit play**/Draw.  as I said last week, the US is under rated. They can hang with anyone in the world. They have to win this game tomorrow and they will come out gunning. The US will win this game. Remember to bet the draw gentelemen.  will stop saying it.

US over Slovenia-(EVEN) **30 unit play**– also burying them to win Straight up at even.

Germany -167 over Serbia/Draw- Love the Germans. Right now, the Germans and Argentina are looking like the best teams in the field. I like the Germans tomorrow. No way they will lose.

England(-500) over Algeria/draw– too big a line for 30 units but I’m still betting on England. They should mop the floor with the Algerians tomorrow.


Rondo over 14.5 points..

C’s have to pull this out tonight. Nice 4 putt for Dustin Johnson. Dumb ass.

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Been on the road. little late on pick. Sorry.

What a monster win on Uruguay. One of the biggest bets of the year and it  was an easy winner. Love Uruguay, I have vowed to pay them back. I will be visiting their country and I will get shit faced in Montevideo. 3.5M people live in the country. Thats about the population of NH,ME and VT. I loved that they made the South Africans look like a bunch of butt fucks. God, it was a great day.

Mexico PICK(+160)/** 3o unit play** I love this line. Mexico is under rated and French has sucked some serious dick in International Competition in the last few years. They just aren’t that good any more. Mexico is going to either win or draw this game. I will gladly take the inflated PICK line at +160. Hitting it good. I’ll throw a little on a draw but I love the PICK line.


Tiger Woods: 7-1 – I love this value. You won’t see Tiger Woods with this low of a line in a major for the next 5 years. I’m biting. I’m foaming at the mouth. He knows Pebble. He loves Pebble. He’s fucking Tiger Woods. He’s won a US Open by 15 strokes. Yeah, I’m hammering Tiger.

Dustin Johnson- 33-1 I loved him, even before Seth’s excellent piece. That was just the nail in the coffin.

Lee Westwood: 10-1– He’s in every tournament he plays in. He’s due. He will be there on Sunday.

Ricky Barnes: 100-1 – dude is under rated. He’s playing well and he did damn well last year. I’ll bite.

Tom Watson: 200-1– This guy is fucking awesome. Should have won the British and was in contention at Augusta. He OWNS Pebble.

Ian Poulter: 66-1– I love Poulter. He’s been playing like shit, but he’ a top 10 player.

Charlie Schwartzel: 100-1 I love this kid.


Baby over 7.5 points(-130) *** 30 unit play**– Is this line fucked up? I just maxed it out on Bodog. Baby is going to go fucking crazy tonight. Love this line, love this prop.

Celtics +7– It’s going to be a damn good game.

World Cup record: 7-3-4 ** 30 unit plays**: 3-0-2

Overall Record: 211-156

30 unit play record: 74-43

NCAA Tourney record: 19-11

College football bowl record: 17-10

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Fuck You Tiger Woods! Fuck You T-DUB! Fuck You Tiger Woods!

The Aziz Ansari R Kelly skit at the MTV Movie Awards cracked me up, the best part is at the 1:30 mark what he shouts “Fuck You BP!”  It’s kinda how I feel about Tiger Woods (-650).  I said a few weeks back that I wasn’t even going to mention Tiger in a blog until he actually won something, I lied.  Tiger look dude you suck at golf, besides the Masters you’ve been playing more like Ty Webb at a Bushwood Country Club member guest tourney.  You won’t sniff the leaderboard, but I still love ya brother and if you need a wingman during the Deutsche Bank in Boston text me.

Big Mick and I were talking the other night about the start times for the Open and how great it will be watch Friday night golf.  The last group tee’s off at 5:42 EST, this time of the year the PGA hosts events in like Ohio, Connecticut and the Carolina’s so it’s rare we get a west coast swing.  Also, it’s the Open at Pebble Beach, glorious.

The defending Open Champion is Lucas Glover who won last year at Bethpage Black, he is playing well this year, but it’s difficult to repeat at the US Open because it’s a rotating event.  The last back to back winner was Curtis Strange ’88 – ’89 before that a guy named Ben Hogan did it in the early 50s.  The host course always redo’s the layout of the course to make it extra long and narrow.  It’s imperative that you hit the greens in regulation and to be great with the flat stick, but you need some balls too.

It’s a USGA event not a PGA, and the USGA usually get blasted by 2 or 3 golfers each year because of difficult conditions, the intention is to make it difficult for the pro’s to shoot under par.  You might recall when John Daly famously hit his ball that was rolling back to him after his third attempt to putt it up a slope and hold it on top of a mound in a near impossible pin placement Here.  He went on to say that the ‘USGA loves to embarrass guys’. Ok John, nice pants.  That’s why Tiger’s 2000 15 stroke Open victory (at Pebble) was an anomaly, coincidentally Barry Bonds hit 73 home runs the next year, just thought I’d point that out.

Ok, so I’ve broken my golfers down into three tiers, favorites, value picks and long shots.  Going with these guys.  Fuck You Tiger Woods!


Phil +650, Can someone get me a KPMG hat please?  Yeah it took me a decade, but I’m on the Phil bandwagon.  What’s better than watching Phil take aim at blind pins, at Pebble while drinking beer on a Friday night?  Maybe if his Elin Woods was blowing me while I was watching this, that would be a better.

Lee Westwood +900, too much hype from last weeks Memorial win in Memphis, and the Brits are having a tough month i.e. BP and the UK World Cup team. Factoid: golfers winning the week before never win at the Open. Though it’s tough to ignore a guy who has finished 2nd or 3rd in the last three majors

Value play

Dustin Johnson +2500, read my post about him HERE. I’m excited for DJ

Jim Furyk +2500, One of the best putters in the league 5 top five finishes at the US Open.  Smart golfer, but has finished 47th (Players) and MC at the Masters, his two biggest events this year.

Steve Stricker +3000, Has been a ghost this year with one victory, and 3 top fives.  A sexy pick to replace Tiger as the tours top golfer, not sure what’s gone wrong.  Scores well, 5th is scoring average and 12th in putting.

Zach Johnson +4000, past major winners are enticing, won recently and is 9th in driving accuracy and 36th in putting

Geoff Oglivy +4000, intriguing pick.  The Aussie has made 9 cuts in 11 events won 1 event,  SBS Championship and was 26th at the Masters.

Long Shots

Hunter Mahan +4000, Of course I had to pick him

K.J. Choi +4500, has never won a major and is due but at 40 years old his time is running out, they said the same thing about Phil in ’04.

Martin Kaymer +5000, A European hasn’t won at the US Open in forty years. Weird, doesn’t an American win their pussy British Open like every year?

Bo Van Pelt +5000, Bo knows birdies he’s first in total birdies (240), 3rd in Greens in Reg and 5th in driving distance, dangerous combo. And he has finished in the top 10 in 5 out of the last 6 events, he always shoots himself into the leaderboard by Sunday.

Charl Schwartzel +8000, If you take a So African, bet Charl over Ernie. 2nd at the WGC, 3rd at the Shell Open and 30th at the Masters.

Good luck


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