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Get up Jimmy you're gonna miss your tee time

When the Tour started the FedExCup Playoff back in 2007, my first reaction was “that’s dumb”.  I didn’t like it because it’s a very similar system to what Nascar does. The whole ‘point system’ to make a playoff was foreign to me, but now it’s in the fourth year and I love it.  If you need a crash course or want to understand what the FedExCup rules and playoff is all about click HERE. One big reason the playoff systems works is that is gets the high profile golfers like Tiger, Phil, Ernie Els and Steve Stricker (if they are ranked in the top 125) to play tournaments at the end of the golf season, ones they usually take off.  It’s extra cool too because the one PGA event in Massachusetts, the Deutsche Bank Championship, is part of the  Playoff.  Oh and by the way the Champion of the FedExCup gets $10 million.  Which is a nice segue to Jim Furyk, who is was third in the standings.

Imagine you had a chance to win $10 million dollars and all you had to do was wake up and play golf?  Well, Jimmy wasted it away by over sleeping for the Barclays qualifier which is the first leg of the playoff this week, getting him disqualified from the event.  I’d have to be out partying to the edge of death with Axl Rose, Jason Giambi and Sasha Grey until 7:30 am to fuck this up.  Furyk, blamed it on a dead cell battery.  Dude, get a wake up call to your hotel room, I do it all the time cause my battery blows.  Anyway, I’m psyched for the playoffs and will be picking each week.

On to the picks, this weeks event is The Barclays at Ridgewood Country Club, the defending champion is Heath Slocum, gonna go with these guys.

Phil +950, I became a fan this year, thanks Big Mick for the persuation,  4th in the FedEx Standings.

Padraig Harrington +2500, came in 2nd last year at this event by one stroke, 53rd in the FedEx standings.

Matt Kuchar +2750, great showing at The PGA Championship, 9th in the FedEx standings.

Justin Rose +3500, Two wins this year, AT&T Championship and the Memorial, 5th in the FedEx standings.

Camilio Villegas +3500, Was on fire earlier this year, but cooled off after a wrist  injury.  Villegas put himself on the map when he won two of the 4 four FedEx events in 2008, and had a 3rd place. Ranked 15th in the FedEx standings

Jeff Overton +4000, coin flip between him and Van Pelt, either guy will win a playoff event.  I’ll switch off each week.  Overton is 6th in the FedEx standings.


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I’ve taken a hiatus from the PGA and haven’t been keeping up with the Tour until last week when naturally my binky, Hunter Mahan, wins at Bridgestone, fuck me. What a tournament Bridgestone was, Phil was in position going into Sunday to win and capture the World #1 ranking, but I think his tofu burger gave him the runs and he played worse than I do when I’m hungover without any Parliament lights or coffee. Tiger who has won at Bridgestone 7 times in his career, blew like one of his Hooter Girls.  I argue that he got lucky at the Masters, go back and watch the tape, that top 5 is an aberration.

The 2010 PGA Championship is being played at Whistling Straits in Wisconsin. The course is owned by the Kohler family, yep the toilet company.  It’s very fitting that a toilet company is based in Wisconsin.  The designer of the course is Peter Dye, who also designed TPC Sawgrass, now the permanent home of the THE PLAYERS Championship.  It’s a monster so you better be long, The Straits is playing at 7,600 yards, 2nd longest for a major ever.  As always I pick several players who I hope to give you a shot to win some money, or at least keep your attention on Sunday, I’m gonna roll with these guys…

We’ve won this year…

Phil +800 – ’10 Masters winner also finished 2nd at the TPC Sawgrass in 2009 (Dyer course) and finished 8th when the Championship was at the Straits in ’04. Phil has been up and down all year and now he’s on a diet, yep Phil Mickelson is going vegetarian, I am sure Five Guys is thrilled.  I personally think he plays and looks better with man tits.

Hunter Mahan +2250 – Winner at the Phoenix Open and last weeks Bridgestone Invitational, I am back for a week so I might as well be a huge homer. Hunter is also 4th on the money list, I like his momentum.

Tim Clark +5000 – Cha-ching…Tim Clark won for the first time in his career at The Players Championship at Sawgrass and now bids for win #2 at  another Peter Dye course.  I can relate I once shot a 96 at Shaker Hills Country Club and 99 at Old Marsh in Wells Maine, both Brian Silva designed Courses.

We’re dangerously overdue…

Jeff Overton +3000 – 2nd on the money list, 6th in the FedEx standings,  9 top 15 finishes, consistently on the first 2 pages of the leader board.  He has 282 birdies in 21 events this year, trust me that’s a shit ton.

Bo Van Pelt +3500 – It’s gonna be Van Pelt or Overton one week, he’s on the same level as Overton with 6 top tens this year.

Matt Kuchar +5000 – Probably the best golfer to have not won yet this year, but he’s on the cusp.  I wouldn’t be shocked if Matt’s lifting the Wanamaker Trophy on Sunday. 10 top ten finishes with 2 3rds, 1 2nd place finish and a really hot wife.

No I’m not dead…

KJ Choi +5000 – Has fallen way off this year, finished  only 2 back  of Vijay in 2004 in Kohler WI.

Sergio Garcia +7000 – It’s not that far-fetched to think that Sergio Garcia could win a Major, he’s dropped so much that we will all be rooting for him if he is in contention, so wouldn’t it be nice to win some money while watching.  Throw ten bucks on him, can’t hurt.  If he misses the cut, I’ll redeem your $10.

I have a couple other guys that I might make on play on, I’ll post them in the comments in a bit.

All the best this weekend

– Seth

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Is this like the most boring/ drawn out milestone achievement ever?  When is my guy gonna start giving odds on this ARod thing to make me even give a shit (this is coming from a lifelong Yankee fan).  I am sure there have been plenty of other milestones for like 3,000 hits, 500 and 600 home runs that have taken longer to reach.  But this Alex Rodriguez thing is dumb.  If you think about it he admited to using steriods from 2001-2003.  If you eliminate his home runs from those 3 seasons, he’d be sitting on #443 . So ESPN is cutting into to show you ARods 444th career round tripper, which will keep him at 35th on the career list, just surpassing Dave Kingman and a few behind Jeff Bagwell (another guy on the sauce)…historic.


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The summer is moving by, Football season is right around the corner.

Be sure to cash your checks and get that money.


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