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We love the award ceremonies at the Big Rips HQ and we are looking to rebound from a less than stellar Grammy’s showing after we cleaned house at the Golden Globes. Who knew Esperzana Spalding (+1750) had pictures of the some of Grammy voters blowing Justin Bieber.  Anne Hathaway, who looks pretty funny in the promos, is hosting.  She likes to take her clothes often, so this show should be a huge upgrade from the Grammy’s.  How did she not win best Actress for her gripping role in Havoc? Any chance she walks on stage minus her clothes?

For the past few weeks the talk has been all about the King’s Speech, which I haven’t seen so I can’t give any opinion on it.  One of Big Rips resident movie buffs, Big Mick,  said it was “very good”, I trust his judgement.  Most of the major categories are solidified. Best Actress Natalie Portman -1400, in Black Swan, is a lock.  Best Supporting Actor Christian Bale -1400, in the Figher, lock. Best Actor Colin Firth -5000, Roger Ebert said it’s the “biggest guarantee of his lifetime”.  Best Picture, The Kings Speech -700, will win.  This year I am picking categories with a chance for an upset, rather than risk way more money than I have to win a small amount.  And the free money goes to…

Best Director

David Fincher  for The Social Network is the big favorite at -500. I feel like every year a foreign film wins this award, because 1) they are foreign and 2) more artistic. I mean, I saw the Social Network, which was a great movie, but how does that director get nominated? If he was a good director he would have directed Justin Timberlake to hook up with the blonde secretary in the drug scene, then it would have been a lock to win.  Instead, I’m going with Tom Hooper who was a career TV director before The Kings Speech.  Bet Tom Hooper, The Kings Speech in a slight upset -105.

Best Supporting Actress

Melissa Leo won the Golden Globe and the Screen Actors Guild Award for her role in the Fighter.  Looking back on it, I should have put a lot more money on her at just -105 at the Globes.  Leo has been cleaning up at all the award shows and glad handing with plenty of people in the Academy.  She may have just screwed herself out of an Oscar by putting out a trade of herself.  The Ad is pretty simple is just says ‘Consider’ paid for by Leo in all the Hollywood movie trade mags and media.  Basically it caused a shit-storm with some Academy voters, it was leaked that one said he would not vote for Leo.  This opened the door for Hailee Steinfeld +110 (True Grit) and Helen Bonham Carter +400 (The Kings Speech).  The Oscars have a history of making the Supporting Actress an upset category.  Bet Hailee +110

Good luck,



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What a week this has been, I think the PGA should seriously consider adding at least one or two more match play events each year.  The players are a lot more aggressive and there is way more intensity  on a Friday or Saturday than an event in late June like the Travelers Championship in Hartford. I also think the causal fan, who normally doesn’t give a shit about golf unless it’s the Masters or if Tiger is winning, would  rather watch an event like this.  Think about all the housewives, girlfriends, dorks in the corner office and random people who know nothing about College Basketball, but end up filling out a bracket because their alma mater like Providence College or Cornell made the tourney.  It would be easy for the PGA to market match play to the casual fan, because people tend to want to like/ hate an individual.  Why do you think the WWE has some many fans.

This afternoon #1 seed and newly crowned #1 World Ranked player Martin Kaymer (and his scarf) goes up against #3 Luke Donald in the finals and #5 Bubba Watson vs #3 Matt Kuchar play the consolation match. Nick Faldo tweeted a picture of the course in Scottsdale this morning and apparently they got some snow overnight, which should I assume could affect the conditions a bit.  Today I will roll with these guys…

Consolation Match

#5 Bubba Watson vs #3 Match Kuchar – I wasn’t going to bet this match, but I really like watching Bubba play.  He is the closest we’ll see to someone with a Happy Gilmore swing. I am putting a small play on Bubba – 115 over Matt Kuchar.


#1 Martin Kaymer vs #3 Luke Donald – Martin Kaymer walked off of the course yesterday as the #1 World Ranked player, that’s gotta be a pretty cool feeling.  I imagine  Martin (and his scarf) went straight to a gay a bar last night partied all night and took home some dude.  While Luke Donald had a couple of cups of tea, banged his hot wife then went to bed and dreamt about beating Kaymer (and his scarf) today 7 & 6.  I made a mistake by taking Ryan Moore yesterday, Donald is by far playing better than any other player on the course.  Kaymer has the talent to win on an off day and I have a slight apprehension because if it goes late in the round Kaymer will have the advantage, Donald has only played the 17th hole once and has yet to play 18.  Still I’m keeping with Luke -125.

Good luck, I’ll be back later with my Oscar bets


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Holy shit JB Homes should have been fined for playing that slow.  I eeked out a win with Bubba over JB Homes, Bubba came back from being 5 holes down.  Nice win Bubba

The next half of the final four round is about start, 3:10 pm.   Tough not to take Bubba, but I just watched him hit it in the desert a bunch and miss some crucial putts.  His high fade won’t bode well in the windy conditions.  I’m betting #1 Martin Kaymer  (who is wearing a scarf)-160 over #5 Bubba Watson, I hate the scarf, but love the game.

Good luck,


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I failed to post a blog last night and didn’t get my bets in because I had some technical problems last night and this morning.  My technology issue stemmed from getting drunk too being hungover.  I know it’s easy to say now since he advanced, but I liked #1 Kaymer today against #5 Hunter Mahan.  Kaymer is rolling, but the odds for him tomorrow in the final 8 are too high against his former Ryder Cup captain, Miguel Jimezez. There is some cold weather projected for the weekend so they are getting an early start tomorrow and they will play the semi-finals Saturday afternoon. Gonna roll with these guys…

Sam Snead Bracket

Bubba Watson (-145) vs J.B. Homes – The two biggest hitters are bombing it all over this course.  I mentioned in my post the other day that the Ritz-Carlton Resort is the longest event this year, 7,800 yards.  Bubba won at Torrey Pines this year because he kept it some simple, Driver then wedge or 9 iron into the green.  He doesn’t care if he hits it into the rough because his length off the tee puts him in a position to just have to chip on and putt.  Bubba worked on his putting from just 10 feet in during the offseason and it show.  He hit some back-breaking putts in the final road at Torrey.  In round 1 Bubba hit a 400+ drive, he’s a fun player to watch, I like Bubba -145.

Bobby Jones Bracket

Ryan Moore (+120) vs Luke Donald – #12 Moore is the highest seed still alive and is repping the Bobby Jones Bracket well. I have a little apprehension here as Donald is one of the most consistent players this week and last year an Englishman (Poulter) won.  Moore won today on the 19th hole and beat Nick Watney who was a sexy pick to win the event, his win is more impressive victory than Donalds over Matteo Manassero.  I still like Moore +120 and will bet him and his tie tomorrow.

Good luck and I’ll be back for the Final Four tomorrow afternoon,


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Raise your hand if you like free money.

Ok now put it down and pick up your phone and call your book or go to your online site and bet the freest of free money bets.  If you recall Building Up that Base and a few other Big Rips followers last year bet the over of 20.5 wins for ANY pitcher in Major League Baseball.  Just to refresh everyones memory there has been like 3 seasons (not including strike years) that a pitcher hasn’t won 20 games over the last 30 years.  Once again My Guy has decided to give away thousands of dollars this year and put up the same prop.  We had to sweat it out a bit, even though the bet was marked in July when Ubaldo Jimenez had 15 wins at the All Star break. But in the end we prevailed as C.C. Sabathia and Doc Halladay both came through with 21 wins each.  Now that Cliff Lee in the Philly, CC has kicked his box of Captain Crunch a day habit (he dropped 25 lbs), John Lester and David Price are emerging as Aces, I’ve got a real good feeling this will hit again. It’s nice to pencil in free rent in October.  Bet the over of 20.5 wins for any pitch in 2011 baseball season.

Good luck,



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Seth’s WGC-Match Play Round 2 bets

Ok, so I’m totally convinced Tiger was on HGH or roids and kicked them when all the heat came down from him banging whores. If you didn’t know #1 seeded Tiger Woods Y’all was one and done today against #16 Thomas Bjorn. If this was baseball and the Nationwide tour was Triple A, Tiger would be on the first bus to Pawtucket. Taking these guys tomorrow…

#12 Ryan Moore -120 over #13 Kj Choi – I think Moore can win the whole thing.

#1 Martin Kaymer -150 over #9 Justin Rose – Kaymer won 7 and 6 today, if you don’t know what that means, I’ll translate. It would be like having a drinking contest and the guy you are going against drinks 6 beers to your 24 and he pukes. Not sure if this make any sense, just bet Kaymer

Good luck, be back tomorrow night

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Golf bets that is.  The Tour starts a day early this week with their equivalent of the NCAA Men’s basketball tournament with the WGC-Accenture Match Play Championship at The Ritz-Carlton Golf Club.  It’s a Jack Nicklaus course that is almost 8,000 yards, the defending champion is Ian Poulter, Ogilvy won in ’09.  The knock out style tournament starts Wednesday and features the World Golf Rankings top 64 players.   It’s almost the identical format as the NCAA tourney, but is a lot more unpredictable.  In the Men’s basketball tourney a 16 seed has never beat a 1 seed.  The very opposite happened at this event in 2002 when Kevin Sutherland was a 16 seed (and the 62nd ranked in the world) won.  Tiger has been eliminated by Tim Clark 6 times and three players that were ranked higher than 50th have won.  I love this event, because it’s 5 days long and each new day you can bet a new match up.  I’m filling out my bracket as I type, don’t bet the  high seeds or obvious player, there will be plenty of us saying “Who’s that dude that just beat Phil?”.  For now I am taking four players, one from each bracket to win the event and will bet match ups at the end of each day.  Here is a link to the bracket if you want to play along.  For now gonna roll with these guys.

Bobby Jones: Doesn’t the #12 seed always beats the #5 seed right?  #5 Francesco Molinari, one half of the Molinari brothers, is matched up against #12 Ryan Moore. My gut was to take one of the Molinari brothers, because one of them is really good.  I think if he can get past Moore he’ll have a good shot. Moore who idolizes Bobby Jones, I don’t think he owns a slave and is a racist, but dresses like him (he wears ties) is a nice bet too.  My Guy isn’t offering odds for him, so I’m betting Francesco Molinari +4500.

Ben Hogan: This is a really good bracket with the defending champ Poulter (18-7 match play record) and Stewat Cink (21-11).  I like Cink but he’s playing Poulter in round 1.  Ross Fisher is a sleeper in this bracket but I’ve got field odds (+125) for him.  The obvious pick, but not ‘Tiger obvious” is Graeme McDowell who worked Hunter Mahan in match play at the Ryder Cup and Tiger in a playoff at the Chevron World Challenge after being down 4 strokes on Sunday.  He’s unflappable and cocky, bet McDowell at +2000, I think he is playing the best in the world.

Gary Player: I consulted with a fellow golf fan Big Killa about this one and he likes Rory Mcilroy, I would have leaned #1 Kaymer or #10 Crane, but I am going with Rory.  He got some much needed experience at the Ryder Cup and will let all of the attention be on Kaymer.  Bet Mcilrory +1400.

Sam Snead: Will probably be renamed one day to Tiger Woods, but for now he’s just playing in it and is ranked #1.  He’s won this event 3x and the only player to win back to back years, but that was when it was played at La Costa Resort Club.  He has a 32-7 career match play record, but he should be weary of Bjorn in round 1.  You have to like #8 Ogilvy (18-3 career match play record) but the way the season is going I like a longer shot.  The PGA events this year have been won by players on the brink of winning the previous weeks like Mark Wilson, Jhonattan Vegas, Bubba Watson and Aaron Baddeley.  All were playing well and were due to win.  This week it’s Billy Haas’s turn. He has 3 top 15 finishes and has shot in the 60s in 16 of the 21 rounds he’s played.  The other 5 day tournament is the Bob Hope, he finished 2nd there.  I need to bet at least one American, take Billy Haas +3500.

Good luck be back tommorow night with my Round 2 picks,


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