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So one of the big stories yesterday on the interweb was that China is putting a ban on movies, television and books about time travel because the Government says it lacks “positive thoughts and meaning” and time travel can “casually make up myths…and weird plots.”

Today this video was released showing two kids hacking down a couple a cigs on the T.  In a normal society there are two obvious things wrong with this.  People can still smoke butts on public transportation. And this country allows toddlers to smoke.  I’m thrilled that China is disallowing people to even think about time travel.  If I had to bet, the Chinese would be the favorite to invent time travel.  Now that the Governemnet is discouraging it, I think it gives the US a slight edge – US -150 to China +300.  Once we pop this whole time travel thing I will be on the first Delorean back to 1955 and will pick up my copy of Biff’s Almanac.  I’ll then time travel forward to 2015 and win billions of dollars betting on sports.  I’ll take my winnings and invest heavily in a China based cigarette company and hire closet cigarette smoker Miley Cyrus as my spokesperson.  The youth of China will be riddled with emphysema in no time and the US will get back to world domination.


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