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Ok, so sometimes I give the very little thought to the picture or video I use in my golf blog.  For the most part I Google Image the course or tournament and take the most scenic pic.  Or if I’m feeling creative and I’m betting on a golfer who has a smoking wife I’ll Google Image – Matt Kuchar hot wife – and I’ll use the best candid I can find of her.   For the British Open you are pretty limited to picturesque shots of the courses unless you are into that – rolling dune, grayscale, Northern Europe almost like something out of Braveheart – look.  No very scenic if you ask me.   Give me a shot of waves crashing against the coast near Pebble Beach or a view of hole #7 at the TPC Sawgrass and it’s like golf porn.  Wide open courses with dead grass and rough straight out of a Children of the Corn movie is like watching two dudes make out.  No thanks.  So with all that being said I was thinking about what I was going to use for my image/video for this blog and I immediately think of three things when it comes to the British.  Austin Powers, Paul Revere and British Chicks with huge tits.  I sided with hot British chicks, they are all the rage right now.  It seems like each day there is a new pseudo Brit celebrity with huge breasts, popping up (no pun intended).  One of my favorite is Gavin Rossdale’s (lead singer of Bush) love child Daisy Lowe who just confirmed this week she is doing Playboy.  So to celebrate her Playboy pictorial I’m using her in my British Open golf blog. Enjoy the video of her and my bets, gonna roll with these guys.

Luke Donald +700 

Phil +1200

Matteo Manassero +3500

Ross Fisher +3100

Paul Casey +3500

Ernie Els +4500

Good luck this weekend,



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Ok, I’ve been getting a lot of emails, texts and tweets about Big Rips being slow.  Well it’s the summer and I’ve been busy working on my golf game (it still sucks) and doing summer stuff like going to the North End pool (And if I believed in Heaven it would be how I picture it) and hanging in hip summer destinations like Hartford CT and Atlanta GA.  Plus, my air-conditioner has been on the fritz so it’s been a balmy 78 degrees at the Big Rips HQ, too hot to blog.  The other thing is that the summer is naturally the slowest season for sports betting, coincidentally today is the only day when there isn’t a professional sports game on (chicks soccer doesn’t count).  I hate this day, it’s scary that it could be like this in the Fall/Winter if the NBA and NFL stay locked out.

So I’m not keeping up with baseball enough to bet on it daily, but wish I had picked one pitcher to ride the first half like I say I’m going to every year.  Factoid for all you sports bettors out there.  Doc Halladay was the most profitable starting pitcher in the first half of the MLB season to bet on.  If you bet $100 per each of his 19 starts you’d be up about $1200 on your Book.  So the $64K question who is the Doc Halladay of the second half going to be?  My two horses I’m eyeing are David Price and John Lester.  I will be honest and say that I feel terrible about not posting my regular golf picks so after I hit the publish button I will get straight to work on the BRITISH Open.  I type BRITISH Open in caps because the Redcoats hate when you call it the British Open, they prefer it to be called the Open.  Well, there is only one Open and that is the one that takes place on US soil…I will be posting my British Open bets shortly.


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Happy 4th of July weekend.  Remember that this weekend is to celebrate our Independence from the Brits.  So be sure to flex your freedom by betting on the Nathan’s Hot Dog eating contest or another traditional sporting event.

Have a great month.


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