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First off before you call the local authorities and put a APB out for Duceman, he was away this weekend tee’ing it up. Ok now you can now exhale. He didn’t play anything Saturday so there wasn’t any picks for me to post on his behalf. Last word from Duce is that he will be back today with picks, so you can all rest easy.

I had a solid day yesterday would have been great if A&M didn’t choke away a 20-3 lead. I’m looking to build on up my base for the 4pms, I like several games later on, plus the Patriot are on on at 1pm so I definitely have a tough time focusing on the other games. The theme today is how wrong the experts always are. In the past I’ve blogged and drawn the comparison between NFL ‘experts’ and ‘analysts’ and weatherman. And what perfect weekend to compare both. All we heard from people around Boston and New England that this weekend was going to be a wash out. Well, for the past two days I’ve had my AC cranked up and minus a few passing showers it’s been like an early August weekend. Humid as all hell, muggy and clear skies. This time of the year the NFL experts on ESPN, FOX and CBS do their segments on sexy teams and hot players. It gets people all fired for one public team come crashing down. I never watch pre-game show anymore, ever. These guys can’t even pick straight up winners. By no means am I an expert, but Mike Ditka, Chris Berman and Co. are not either. I’d rather lose going with my gut. Here are my picks as you enjoy your coffee and Pizzelle on this fine NFL Sunday morning…

Miami -1 @ Cleveland  – Miami has played a much tougher schedule early this year, losing to the Pats and Texans. For some reason they are a better team on the road. As much as Pats fans would not agree with me Miami was a play or two from staying close in that game. Be the Fins +1

Giants +9 1/2 @ Philadephia – I bet on Aaron Rodgers last year after his concussion game. He was not the same. I watched the presser with the Eagles trainer about Vick and he made some good points to sway me.Vick is completely out of his routine, spent more time with the training staff then team per NFL post-concussion rules and was very frustrated during the week. Bet the Gmen getting +9 1/2

J’Ville +3 1/2 @ Carolina – The Jags actually have a really good defense and secondary, no one knows this. Jack Del Rio loves to run, almost to a fault. I hate betting on rookie QBs but if Gabbert is going to play well this is it, Carolina ranks at the bottom on all pass defense catorgies. Don’t get caught up in the Cam I Am hype just yet, bet the Jags +3 1/2.

Houston +4 1/2 @ New Orleans – The Saints cannot run the ball and everyone still thinks the Texans have a shit defense. I think the Saints are way over rated, been saying it all year. Foster is out, but Ben Tate can carry the ball. I love the Texans +4 1/2 watch out for the upset.

As always be sure to pace yourselves my degenerate friends it’s a long weekend



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I’m a little tardy this morning after a terrible night sleep. I pulled a Step Brothers and I must of slept walk last night, cause I woke up on my couch with my bath mat on the coffee table, coffee maker unpluged on the stove and my fridge door open. Weird.

I have two plays for now, I actually love a lot at 3:30 today. Here is want I am going to roll with on this fine College Football Saturday morning. As

12:05 UNC Tar Heels +7 / O/U 58 @ Georgia Tech – I don’t think Ga Tech stopped scoring  until Monday after they rolled Kansas 66-24 and put up about 800 total yards. Even though UNC is a much better team I still believe Ga Tech will put up a lot of points. I have a much longer write up, but I’m pressed for time. Call me to discuss if you want. The O/U is off by about 2 TDS. This goes over in the first half. The total has moved 2 points this mornign I still LOVE the OVER 58 and UNC to cover the +7.

12:05 Michigan State  OVER 35 1/2 points team total – Betting the over Mich State QB Kirk Cousins is smashing Spartan records each week. They come back strong after a bad beat to ND last weekend. Bet the OVER 35 1/2

Good luck,


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A good day yesterday, finished up in the Black so I’m happy any time I can do that. Did a quick scan of the picks and looks as though Big Rips delivered a significant amount of winners. Yesterday was also a special day too, because if you recall I posted my long term baseball locks before the season started. Ryan Braun hit his 31st home run. Winner. More importantly I bet Braun at +2250 to win the NL MVP. It was his 3rd HR in two nights, he also had a walk off last week and he joined the 30/30 club. The Brew Crew are rolling and Braun seems poised to win the NL MVP. I’m really excited. On to the NFL Week 2 plays…

All the talk this week has been about offense, points, yards and touchdowns, because last week NFL teams scored a shit ton of points.

  • 13 of the 16 games went over.
  • There were 14 Quarterbacks that tossed for more than 300 yards.
  • 13 Quarterbacks had a better than 100% QB rating.
  • 20 Quarterbacks completed 60% of their passes.

Factoid for you: Of the 13 games that went over last week the average amount they went over by was 7 points. Two of the games went under by less than 3 points. The  Tennessee  vs Jacksonville game was the only game that you would have lost if you teased it down (in a 2 team tease, but not 3 teamer). Mind blowing. Like I’ve said many times this year, my philosophy early on is simple. No OTAs, short training camp, no mini-camp = out of shape players. Less in shape players on offense running downfield have an advantage over defensive players not in shape, running sideways or backwards. Couple it with the fact that it’s a QB – WO, pro Fantasy Football league and you have recipe for Arena Football-esque scores. Here are my picks as you enjoy your coffee and Pizzelle on this fine NFL Sunday morning…

1:00 pm 3 Team Teaser: Jets Pick ‘Em, Baltimore & Tennessee OVER 29 1/2 & Detroit & Chiefs OVER 36: We saw plenty of Offensive from Baltimore, Jets host a terrible J’Ville squad and the Chiefs best defensive player is out for the season. Matt Stafford is a stud and should move it all day.  Love the numbers here and needing just a win from the Jets. Bet the 3 teamer 

1:00 pm Choke-land @ Buff-Nasty -3: I commented last night when I was drunk that 75% of teams that win/cover on Monday night lose on Sunday. I’m not sure if that number is exactly accurate, but if you believe a lie is true than it becomes the truth. Seriously, I read one time that teams that win on MNF lose at a high clip on Sunday. Fact. I like this too because Oakland wins a big one in Mile High, jaunts up to Oakland then has to criss cross to Upstate New York. Lots travel and a short week for an un-disciplined team. Sign me up. Bet Buffalo -3

Still waiting for some Team Totals to post on my site…be back in a few…please don’t forget to pace yourselves it’s a long day…

Good luck,


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Duce’s wicked hungover Sat

Holy shit. I woke up this morning and didn’t know where I was. I was wrecked. Burping up Patron. My lovely wife greeted me with coffee and ” you were an idiot”. Apparently, I was trying to ride my buddies dog around his house. I highly question this and am waiting for confirmation. There are a number of my colleagues who woke this morning to work emails from yours truly that sound like they are from a 4th grader. I was even posting on Big Rips. I sent a Facebook message to my 5th grade girlfriend. Oh shit, while writing this I decided I better check my text message outbox. Fuck.  Looks like I was trying to get a 4some for 8am this morning at 1245 last night.  Wow dude, solid performance. I’m celebrating by taking my homies(fired staff) to the best place on earth. Fun World.

Well, anyway. We have been doing well and the last thing I want to do is jinx it. I been looking at shit since about 8am. I had to fire my staff cause they were giving me a large headache, which is the reason for the light card. I will be back for the 330’s.

Iowa -3 over Pitt-6 units ***  Play of the day.Some day Pitt is going to be good with their new run and gun, spread offense. It’s not about to start this week in Iowa. Lets not forget that this Iowa team, really should have won on the road at State. I’m shocked that this line is at 3. Pitt barely beat Maine last weekend at home. What’s even more amazing is that they gave up 29 points to Maine. This defense is a shell of it’s former self. Now, they go on the road into a Big 10 power? People are over valuing Ray Grahm. Yes, he leads the nation in rushing. The only 1-A team they have played is Buffalor for Christs sake. I think Iowa bounces back in a big way and this win this game by 10+. Looking for Sunseri to carve up that D.

Auburn +3.5 over Big Mick’s Clemson-3 units- Sorry Mick, I’m rolling with the Tigers today. The hook is simply too much to pass up. I can see this going either way. I was really impressed with the Auburn O-line against Miss. They averaged over 6 yards per carry. They can pound all day and they will easily be able to run the ball on Clemson. The Tigers gave up over 5 yards per carry too Wofford AND Troy. This is a classic built SEC offense. Once they are able to run, the passing game will open up for Trotter. Too young teams, with young Qb’s. I will glady take the points.

Florida International +6 over Central Florida-3 units** remember our boy TY? Dude is sick. He’s going to smoke Central and be right in the middle of the Heisman race. Been watching this line all week and it’s at 6 and I simply have to lock it in. Probably end up playing the money line as well. Game is at 6pm.

College: 18-8 +33.2 units

NFL: 17 -7  +19.6 Units

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Last weekend it was a million. Are we thinking 5 million is that too much to win this weekend? To be honest I’m somewhat nervous. You know how old schools books use to break knees and thumbs to get paid. Well I think since we are hammering all the books and online sites they may come after Big Rips to break our extremities to get us to stop posting winners. It’s the risk you take being a sports betting blog conglomerate.  Yo, hugedomains.com we’re coming after just BigRips.com. Here are some winners as you enjoy your coffee and Pizzelle on this fine College Football Saturday morning…

12:00 pm #21 Auburn @ Clemson -3 – Auburn has had a horse shoe up their ass the first two weeks. They sneaked by Utah State and held off Mississippi, both games should have been loses.  But they weren’t and Aurburn might be the team that everyone keeps betting against “because they suck” and they continue to win.  I’ll take the risk and bet the home ACC team. Clemson finds a way to fuck me at least 2-3 times a year and they have played less than stellar competition in Troy and Wofford.  Still I like Tajh Boyd against a weak Auburn defense.  Bet Big Mick’s Tigers -3.

3:30 pm Tennessee +10/ +290 @ #16 Florida – This isn’t your Phillip Fulmer/ Lane Kiffin Volunteers.  The Vols have dropped a shocking 10 straight at the Swamp, if you bet/ watched the Bearcats (had Cinnci +4) Tennessee game last weekend you would know that the Vols can chuck it. Florida statistically has the #1 defense in the country, allowing just 1 1/2 points per game, 3 for the year. Something has to give as that was against a couple bottom feeders Florida Atlantic and UAB. Justin Hunter and Da’Rick Rogers are Monsters, they can’t be stopped. I’m on the Vols +10 and the money line +290.

7:00 Idaho @ Texas A&M -35 – Forget all the SEC distraction bull for A&M.  I love this team this year. They could turn into my 2nd Whisky. They have an NFL coach, Mike Sherman, who runs a Pro-Style offense.  They rolled the sexy pick SMU team in week one by 32 and now face a hopeless Vandals football team who gave up almost 500 yards to Bowling Green. This could get out of hand quick so bet the first half -21 and lay the -35 for the game.

10:45 #6 Stanford @ Arizona – Don’t let the #6 in front of Stanford and Andrew Luck sway you. I see bedlam around 11ish pm in Tuscon. Secure the goal posts. Bet the Wildcats +9

Good luck for now and as always don’t forget to pace yourself my degenerate friends…


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An important part of sports betting is building up your base for the weekend so you have plenty of ‘House Money’ to play with. Building your base is vital and if you are attentive during the week you can pick off some easy winners. Like a Tuesday night MAC Football game when the O/U is 21 points off or a day baseball game at Wrigley with an O/U of 9. Since the Patriots are on MNF we’d all like to have a nice base so we can got nuts. Today’s winner is trickier than a Tuesday CFB game, but still one that can make us some free money while we slave away at work.  Getting paid by the man while winning sport bets on the job is like double dipping Hilton Honors Points and American Airline miles, there is nothing better.

4:00 US Open Men’s Finals Novak Djokovic (-175) vs Rafael Nadal – Listen I am not going to try to wow anyone with any professional tennis knowledge. I’m pretty much a layman when it comes to the ATP tour.  I am very aware that Novak Djokovic is having a historic year and he’s also defeated Nadal in 5 straight matches. By Nadal’s own admission he has “doubt” about his ability against Djokovic, which is highlighted in this SI article . Djokovic even has P Diddy on his side so the Greater New York City crowd should play favorites to Novak. I’m going with the hot hand and betting Djokovic -175 to help build my base for the Patriots – Dolphins MNF game.

Good luck,


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Probably my most lasting positive memory.  President Bush bypassing the temporary rubber in the front of the mound to toe the MLB rubber.

Flinging a dart from  60′ 6″ at Yankees Stadium during the World Series with 55,000+ Americans going berserk, is our way of saying Fuck You Al Qaeda…oh and all the bombs we dropped on you guys and killing Bin Laden was a nice touch too.


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