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What’s in the fucking water today, cause everyone has been going a little nuts. We’ve Big Mick coming out of retirement to hammer Pitt for a Nickle, then another Big Dawg Hammer “I only bet $500 per game” is going large on the over of the Phillies – Giants over 5 1/2 runs tonight (which I love) and Duceman is putting his life savings on The Ohio State and 281 is doing his best Erin Andrews impersonation and watching from the sidelines.

For me this afternoon I am in love with the Texas Ranger over team total 4 1/2 runs.  If you recall I took this bet exactly one week ago on my Over Saturday.  Phil Hughes pitched lights out against the Twinkies, but he won’t repeat, the Rangers can rake.   Don’t let the ESPN Bottom line fool you (it’s running that Phil Hughes hasn’t allowed an ER in 15 1/3 innings in Arlington).  Take the over 4 1/2 Hughes and the bullpen blow up.

Good luck



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Big Rips at Harpoonfest

I was among the thousands of people who attended Harpoonfest in Southie yesterday.  Seth has been calling me everday asking me about my new bigrips t-shirt and he should be happy to know that I wore in yesterday.  I think bigrips.wordpress.com became the talk of the day.  People were stopping me all day just to take pictures with Romo.  I spread the good word about Duceman, Seth, and Base.  It was a glorious day for bigrips and expect today to go down in the history books.

I have been betting strictly big rips for the last two months but there is one game on the board today that I need to take straight up.  NC St -2 at home vs the Superfans.

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