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Tough day yesterday for team Big Rips.  Base, Hammer and I tried Big Ripping Purdue who were down 37-11 in the first half.  11 points for the 5th ranked team in the country, are you kidding me?  I know they don’t have Robbie Hummel, but I’ll take my chances of a  top ten team only needing to lose by 18 for the game, any day of the week.   The 2nd half was worst then the first, we never had a shot.  I’d still take this bet again in a heartbeat.  And by the looks of it Duceman had a rough day yesterday with his usually stellar 30 unit plays.  I smell a bounce back day for all… 

Before I post my free money pick for Sunday, I want to say that I had chance to call into the Sports Hub Sunday afternoon show and got on air with Chris Gasper & fellow Umass alum Marc Bertrand.  We talked about the Welker story and I agreed to send them two free Big Rips t-shirts, they should arrive in 7-10 business days.  Great show guys.

As for today the Celtics (+7.5) heads to Cleveland.  Unfortunately I think this game is a deal breaker for their season.  If the C’s win or at least play them tough, then it’s a good sign for our playoff hopes.  But, right now I have no confidence in our Celtics, Pierce had his annual ‘moment’ when he bitched about the fans booing during Memphis lost earlier this week.  Dude, it’s Memphis they suck and most of the fans are probably still pissed from the Nets loss, it was well deserved Paul.  And KG looks like he’s not doing well at all, making me very nervous.  Love the guy, but he is a shell of himself.  With that said I am still going to roll with the +7.5 points on sheer pride, I haven’t been on the right side of the Celtics all year.  Going with my gut, I don’t care about the money, all pride.

Also like Ray Allen -1/2 points vs Antawn Jamison, Ray goes off today and Jamison is banged up and possibly questionable for the game.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day Parade, Good luck

Seth Davis

CEO+Founder/ Email Bigrips1@gmail.com


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Our story…

Finally I have a chance to post and announce the presence of BigRips.wordpress.com (soon to be just BigRips.com) to the Interweb world. The concept of Big Rips was developed back in 2005 or 2006, by three roommates during College basketball season now more commonly referred to as ‘Big Rip Season’;the genius behind the theory came from a man known as Big F (his post name is Building up That Base) who had realized there was high win rate on 2nd half College Basketball bets if you took teams favored by 10 or more points, who were losing at halftime. He even linked the concept that stock traders, in the movie Boiler Room, used to scam their clients – which was a favorite movie of me and my two roommates, Building up That Base and Big R.

We all then went on an epic streak…well two of the three – cause if i recall Building up That Base was addicted to the online Blackjack casino at the time – and took down our now infamous bookie Romo. This site will be dedicated to spreading the word about Big Rips and our other various gambling theories, lingo, and ideas like: No Points 3rd, Guaranteed winners, A triple A/R, A Najeh Davenport special, etc.

It will be a forum to share past stories of your best wins and most demoralizing losses, with regular contributors and hopefully a celebrity podcast if i can mend my relationship with Romo. It won’t be limited to just betting as I hope to follow in the footsteps of BarstoolSports.com who started off as gambling sports rag/blog site which has transformed into a well-rounded, “smut peddling” site that gets thousands of unique visits a day, I have a lot of respect for the Stool and EP.

I hope this is the beginning of something special and that it grows into a world dominating blog or maybe just a site for my 10 idiot friends to post dumb shit on.

– SD

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