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Look, I sorta like the story of Doc taking money from each player in the begining of the season and stuffing it in the lakers locker room ceiling. Then t them they could only get it back if they made the finals, but come on a hondo only means something to Scal. For every other player that’s comparative to me handing Doc a quarter. Not much insentive to get it back. They should have cut under the Staples Center court and dropped a couple mill like the drug dealer in Training Day. Doc may be a great Coach, but he’s no business man as he could have got a way better return if he had Vegas sportbook hold that for him.

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Tough no decision last week for Roy in Colorado which led to an extra innings loss for the degenerates. He was pitching out of jams all game and gave up the lead in the 7th. One of those games I wish I had the first five innings. Today Roy is back at home where he is undefeated with 1.13 era. Halladay faces Zack Duke and the Pirates who he is 1-0 with a .60 era in 15 innings. Jimmy rollins is returning for the Phills and these stats and a healthy lineup are noticed by Vegas. -360 is the largest line I can recall this year. I’m going with a small play on the money line for some free money and a larger play on the run line -155 for a better payout.

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It’s that time of the week again as the World Series bound Phillies head to to Colorado with their ace on the mound. This line is a steal at -185. No need to worry about altitude bothering Doc as he is a Denver naitive and will looking to show off in front of his home town. Sure Giambi has solid numbers againts Roy, but Giambino can’t possibly have his head in the game with Seth constantly wooing him to his birthday party. Dollar play on Doc

Also note it’s seths Happy Vazquez (blows) day. I have not even looked at this over, but I like it up to twelve. Vazquez and Porcello are not good pitchers against two solid offenses.

I’m also making a dollar play on Cliff Lee -165. He is pitching well and is due for a win. Baltimore is that team who will give it to him.

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I’m no beauty myself, but if your making a career of showing your face on TV… What’s worse. The neck or teeth?
I did like the commentary with the clevland news reporter, but hope the clevland guy isn’t right about clevland winning in 6 as I jumped on the c’s adjusted money line prior to tonights game. C’s plus 600.
Rondo is the shit…

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Woke up this morning with an eggplant pizza in the fridge? I don’t even like egg plants, (the fruit/veg or the people) I am told I was to drunk to speak at cafe pompie late night and just pointed to a pizza. Sounds about right… Seth was right on about the c’s last night. They blow on Friday nights and I still took them. Should have offset when he reminded me. And pissed I missed the suns big rip.
Lot of action today. Let’s talk about baseball 3 team run lines. I used to hate run lines. Hoping for a walk of two run homer by the home team blows, although it is one of the biggest highs for a degenerate when it hits. Well I don’t have to worry about that today as my 2 of my 3 teamer are on the road. More about 3 team run line parlays… Bigrips.wordpress soon to be bigrips.com reader and comentator sloppy who is one of my dudes from college and who I got an account is destroying our book this week. Kids up close to 5k this week last I checked. He has been killing these 3 team run line MLB parlays. I don’t know if he came up with this gambling strategy or if he ripped it off his co-worker with a funny last name that sounds like jack bower, but regardless these kids are up thousands this week and I want in. My guy actually called me yesterday because he saw they were butt plugging him. I tried one of these 3 teams out last Sunday while on a bachelor party in Baltimore and hit a dollar parlay to win over 7 bills (I bet against becket and the sox; bet with your wallet not as a fan). Sloppy hit two that day too which led to great comeback weeks to win a bunch of loot. By the way if you go to Baltimore make sure to see Penny Lane at Hustler Club. That bitch is a ten, a fucking ten. And if you need VIP passes I brought 50 of them home, so hit me up.
Anyways today’s 3 team run line parlay is:
Marlins -1.5 runs. Johnson is solid and I will bet against anyone named Chico any day regardless if it’s a sport or him getting a 9-5 job.
Mets -1.5 runs. Santana is not the same Santana on the twins, but he is still good and the mets are healthier and playing well. 8 straight wins at home.
St Lou -1.5. Pitt had a nice couple wins before st Lou came to town, but don’t forget they are the team who lost 20-0 against the brews. Garcia is pitching well and st lous offense is too much for Pitt.
This dollar parlay pays out 740.
Im off to peel eggplants off a perfectly good pizza.

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The Giants coaching staff. Fire them all. Lincecum gave up one run through 9 and 1/3 and is up 4-1. He gives up one walk so there is a man on first and they take him out. You can guess what happens there. Philly gets a few singles, doubles, and gets 3 runs to tie it up. Phillies go on to win it in extra innings. Nothing pisses me off more than taking a great pitcher and then shitty coaching snatching your winnings right out of your pocket.
Oh there is one other thing. Giants outfielder Valez who gave up the two extra inning runs on a makeable catch and then pop up error. That makes me just as mad.

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I’m in such a great mood. Finishing my btchs Sunday funday wine grepnade and her friends bud light.
St Lou who fcked me in last weeks Sunday night game came back and saved my week total. I did a few action reverses with the cards and the cards run line with the over 7.5 to try to offset my c’s season total loss. I wasn’t to thrilled through seven and pujols leaving 5 guys on. I marked my plays a loss with a tie 3-3 about to go into the 9th and after a mets pitching change with two outs Ludwig hit that two run dinger. I love that homey.
So tomorrow the sox have a 11am start. Which means an 8am drinking start for the DIDT and myself because we are going to the game. (still waiting on my shirt).
The sox can’t get a win lately. They are always good in April. Tomm they get back on track. Going big on the sox with lackey. I’ll provide the amount and prop plays tomm.

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-235 vs Oswalt. Now that’s more like it. Oswalts a good pitcher, but Roy has the bats to back him up. Win number 2 of the season for some free money. I am eying Santana too, but need to look into further. Every time I dig into the Mets it seems they have there 3 best players on the DL.

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C’s lost again last night to another bad team. Does this happen every Friday night home game? I don’t even think our mush friend went to the game. C’s are going nowhere this post season unless I bet the series against them.
Which brings me to the point of this blog. Did the Celtics cut a deal with Vegas or my bookie this season? The Celtics never cover and lose against bad teams like the Nets and Wiz. Then you think they are bad and bet against them vs Clevland or LA they cover. They have been killing me all year. Next week I’m starting the week off -500 as they couldn’t get 58.5 wins and the season ends. Im pissed.
Anyhow last night I had one of my top 5 back door covers. I knew better to bet on the C’s -10.5 for the game, but was suckered into taking them second half down 21 to the fcking Wiz at The Garden. Second half -10.5 they could still lose by ten and cover. I went big and was extremely pissed about being down 750 when they were losing by 17 with two mins left. Then it happend. They brought in my boy Nate Robinson. I love this guy. Cue the video…

All that was missing was Nate doing the Reggie Miller strangle hold and starring into the TV screen at my bookie.
The game ended up covering by the hook despite dopey Big Baby intentionally fouling down 9 with 8 second left (I really can’t comprehend that move). It was almost the biggest ball tickler ever if they hit both foul shots, but thankfully one was missed and I ended in the black for the day.
Just another day in the life of a degenerate.

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I am pretty sure most of Big Rips readers are only into reading Stats or game previews, but if Big Rips were to start a book club Richard Roepers new book ‘Bet the House’ would be this months book. Richard was on Stern promoting this morning and talked about how he was inspired by the Super Size me documentary and took that idea and geared it torwards gambling as it has always fascinated him. For 30 days he bet a minimum af a dime a day on anything from sports, horses, poker, to slots etc. He thought the book could show the negative sides to gambling, but on the contrary he caught fire and started winning a ton of money. By day 5 he was up $4980, he was winning 3k on one pull of a slot. In baseball he put 10k on a game and in horses he put 600 on a 35-1 longshot and hit for 21k. I rememer when Roeper was going through this a while back and called the Stern show and made a dime bet with Artie Lang on college hoops and let Artie pick the team. Artie chose the team Richard liked and lost.
I have not read this book, but plan too as it sounds like a truly inspirational story for all those degenerates out there.

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I told myself I wasn’t going to start betting on baseball this year, but how can I resist when I they throw this free money in my face.
Baseball is where I started my gambling career. It was love at first sight. I went on an unbelievable streak that was something like 28-5 and up 8k. I am downplaying that if anything. I remember my current bookies dad telling me “It’s just a loan” and I would give it all back. Well that’s true as other years were nearly not as kind to me. Some of the best gambling advice i have ever had. The dollar a/r’s on big money lines can kick your ass on a loser.
Anyhow I’m jumped on board with Seth for the pitcher total season wins of 20.5. Reason being Roy Halladay. This guy is going to kill the national league the same way Cc did when he went to the brews. Obama is taking time out of his busy schedule of shooting hoops to come down and watch Roy throw a no hitter against the Nats. The Nats are Horrible and Philly should be the best National League team this year. He is going to win me so much money this year. The line is a steal at -200 only because it’s so early in the season. This is a -400 line in august. EVERY Monday I want to kill myself due to the Sunday Funday withdrawals, but tomorrow might not be so bad refreshing my gamecast for the 1pm start and watching myself win money. I would think this line will spike up, but who knows since it’s early in the season.
This game will be an easy mid day start to build up that base on my acct for the night game national championship.
Duceman, duke? 7 is a lot, but I am s sucker for the favorite.

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Is anyone else watching this season? This Tyson guy may be the dumbest survivor of all time. Even worse than that kid who gave pavarti his immunity necklace and got voted out. I even liked this pompous Tyson guy as he is sorta funny. If you don’t watch the show you probably stopped reading already or shouldn’t bother continuing. This guy had a sure fire way to save himself and his alliance with vote and he changed it last minute because, well he is stupid. He even said it was ok because “he was awesome” in his send off. No dude, are a retard.
I don’t know why I’m so fired up about this. I liked Russel last season and thought it was shit he didn’t win, but I’ll be damned if he gets the best of Boston Rob.
Can the tourney start back up so I can scream at dumb basketball players instaed of reality tv? NBA matchups have blown this week.

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Nova sucks. They are not going to be a good tourney team with no big man. St marys is going to have their way with them next game. Their big man is sick and they can shoot the three.

Let’s try this again. Gtown is getting crushed by Ohio. I can’t see another 3-14 upset in the same day. I’m taking Gtown second half -12. They should win this game. Ohio won’t shoot that well from behind the arc second half. Big rip Gtown.

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Big Rip Nova

2 seed down 6 to a 15 seed. Nova second half -11.5. Nice to start the tourney off with a Big Rip layup.

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The Howard Stern Tiger Woods Mistress Beauty Pageant just finished up with Jamie Jungers taking home 75k edging out Jamie Grub and Loredana Jolie coming in third. Highlights from the interview are as follows:

Tiger meets all the girls at the clubs.
He has his VIP host or a bodygard approach the girls for him. Loredana was met through a match making service (sounded like high end escort service 15k).
Brian Bill his assistant did the legwork for getting getting the girls out to him after.
He was banging both jamies for over a year with no ruber. Pull and pray.
All three girls said he is 8-9 inches and a good bang. Tried to get anal, but no luck.
Loredana who claims to have banged MJ and Bruce Willis said Tiger was better.
Jamie Jungers said he was cheap when they went out. Didn’t tip and expected things for free. She was once in a living situation problem and needed help after banging him over a year and he said he couldn’t help her.
And Loredana claims he was into watching some orgy type shit where he would dress in a suit and watch a friend bang some of the chicks and may have been masturbating.
Listening to the contest the majority of the judges said Loredana was the best looking, but because she didn’t have a relationship where she had feelings for Woods she was dismissed. Jamie grubb also lost points for not knowing Tiger was married until a year into the relationship. The panel felt Jungers was the true mistress sob story because she knew he was married, but still fell in love. Upon winning Jungers cried and gave an Oscar like acceptance speech where she even thanked god.

Jamie Jungers

<a ”
Jamie Grub

Loredana Jolie

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Duceman, you want it you got it. I have been hiding under a rock the past month. I got all superstitious and shit about posting my plays as the picks i was posting had a few bad beats. Somehow i told myself it was due to my posts. Anyhow I’m on a new free money scheme and its been 5 straight winning weeks.
NBA big money lines. Cavs at home vs the knicks -900 (was up 50 points at one point). Orlando at nets -750 (no brainer). Basically any NBA spread over 10 points is guaranteed to hit it the money line (home team more guaranteed). A free 50 or hondo to your week total always helps. With that said I am not taking the c’s money line tonight. They are day and night to bet on. I somehow missed the money line last week when they lost to the nets at home and was very happy about it, despite getting smacked on a loser big rip. I still have these ludacris pipe dreams of dreams of the C’s wining 20 of there next 23 to cover my 58.5 season wins.

On to the Oscars. I hate that bitch Monique, but love her for winning best supporting actress. She has cleaned up every award except some LA film festival where Mariah Carey stole it. Mariah must not have been expecting it as she was shitfaced to accept the award and was acting as her bat shit crazy self. Monique is everything wrong with modern bitches. I thought this hairy leg thing was a joke until stern played clips this week of her on Operah or some show talking about how after the first time she shaved her legs it hurt so bad and she never did it again. No doubt her husband loves the cock.


So she is a lock for best supporting. Only problem is when the lines reposted today the line jumped from -1500 to -2200. Well thats not a good enough pay day for me so I took some better odds.

With some help from big Mick I found a better pay out. ‘Weary kind’ to win best song -500. I have no seen Crazy Hart, or heard this song, but Big Mich has and loves the play. On top of that he researched it and said it was a lock, but is still not taking it. He has never lost a play that he did not take. I still may make a joke to win 25 on monique, but am risking my bank role one this song.

before i’m done, did anyone see ron artest today. What a joke. Is he retarded or just a rodman wanabee.


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I found out through some research last night the company information for HugeDomains.com who are the bastards who are holding my domain name hostage.

While I was having my morning cereal and coffee I put a call into their office to tell them that I was taking back my domain name Bigrips.com

Here is how it went down…

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I don’t get it. Kiss Camera? Are tv execs under the impression chicks are watching hoops on valentines day? We don’t want to see that shit.

And what’s with the pocket rocket costing 34$ when it clearly costs $3 bucks to make. Condom worlds +1000 mark up is a joke. Good for them.

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RIP Mavs

Half a box o franzia and Looking for some more free cash. Any of you have sirius/xm you love scotty ferell. Chheecckk it ouuut. His NBA play of the night was mavs -5 at GS. They are down ten at the half. Second half -5 for one fifty.

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Huge rip Magic

Why does it seem that every rip I post loses, but the non post rips I take seem to hit. Who knows… Regardless I am hammering the magic favored by 10.5 for the game down -15 at half. They are minus 10 second half for 3 bills. This win will put me up 250 on the week.

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West Virginia is one of those team that blows cock the first half, but kills it second half. I have been ripping them all year and can’t remember a game they burned me. Tonight they are playing a tough game verses vilanova who may be better team than them. I thought the original line of -6 was too high and I was hoping for the typical west Virginia start. Well I got one. WV is down ten at the half and will play better second half at home. If they don’t the mountaineers fans will take out villanova players with batteries to ensure the win. Huggy bear fixes this slow start and WV covers -6 second half for a dollar fifty.

Also making a dollar play on butler -13 second half. They were favored by 21 and are down two at the half. They run away with this second half.

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Good pick with Collie Seth, you are the Man

Good pick with Collie Seth you are the man

My ADD is kicking in pretty hard right now I have about 30 pages of prop bets to mine through and I can’t get past Donald Brown O/U 20 rushing yards .  Thank god I have one guaranteed winner, Austin Collie (+1200) to score the games first TD.  I hedged my bet by taking Jeremy Shockey, just in case New Orléans gets the ball first.  The thing that happens every year is I load up on like 10 props and they all seem like free money at the time, then I go like 1-9, thank god for Austin Collie, I may go put more on him.

Here is what else I am taking.

Teasing Colts (+1) and the Over (51), yep I am sucker

Saints 1st Half Team Total (13)

Colts Team rushing yards Over 100 1/2 yards

I am alway setting my own prop bet it’s match up between Base and I.

Who will have more Budweiser Bottles during the game

Base – 6 vs Seth

Two Super Bowls ago when the Pats lost to the Giants Big Mick and I played shot glass baseball after the Pats lost, there is no reason to me bringing this up except that it was really funny.  We were pitching shot glasses to each other is Joe Mush’s kitchen and trying to hit them with a spatula, good stuff.

Hopefully everyone wins a ton of money tonight celebrates with an inning or two of shot glass baseball.

Good Luck

-Seth Davis

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Hank Goldberg has been all over the place this week covering this game, but today he locked in his final plays. He likes the points and loves the over. Recent SuperBowl Underdogs are 6-3-1 ats

Saints 31 Indy 34

He is taking some Props too:

Reggie Bush to score first 8-1
Dallas Clark over 65.5 yards
Under 8 punts
4-1 on the game going into overtime

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Lets go C’s

As you know I love free money. This is better than the Awards shows. C’s money line -1200 against the 4 wins nets. What a joke.
Free handle and a half of svedka..

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Holy shit I’m hard. Syracuse favored by 15 is down 13 with under 4 mins left in the first half to 8-12 Depaul? I’m putting a nickel on second half Syracuse. More to come…,

Well it wasn’t as great as I expected as Syracuse cut it to 4 and the second half line was going to be 10 to 11 regardless of what Syracuse was down, but I still love it. Syracuse -10.5 will break away and win this game by 7. 400 dollar play for me. Biggest of the year.

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Broke even on the Colts game. Lost first half, but big ripped them second half for a loss of juice. As I posted earlier I have a good record on the week, but am down 4 bills due to poor wager amount decisions.
Well here is my break even bet on the week. I love action reverses. Quick way to win more than your risking. I’m doing a dollar a/r on the saints -3 and the over 54. If it hits I’ll be even on the week and very happy. My only concern is that hank got the colts game right and he has been splitting games every week. He picked the saints.

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Hanks Hammer Locks

Indy -8. Indy 24 Jets 13
Don’t be scared of the points. Jets 3rd straight road game. No road team with 11 wins has got past this game since 1993 and are 1-4 against the spread. Colts also have a good run d which can stop the jets only form of offense.

NO -3.5. NO 40 Minn 24
Minna defense on the road has not been good. They will have trouble covering bush. NO has 26 interceptions and should get a few off Favre.

That’s an over play if I ever saw one.

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Gambling sucks. My record this week is 14 wins 9 losses, but I’m down 400 bucks. I can’t figure out which games to make the big play.

Anyhow As you know Big Mick is a Clemson alumn. He tells me to go big on duke -2. I’m riding it.

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Do the Vols only play 4 players in the first half? They are always down at the half and then make a second half run to win the game.
Today #8 ranked vols are in Georgia favored by 6.5 for the game. Tenn is down 15 at the half. Second half line is tenn -7. They can still lose the game by 8.

And what the fuck happend in this Texas game. They were up 10. Then I flick back to the Chanel a few mins later and they are down 13?

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Welcome Back Kevin

It’s about fcking time Garnett came back. His absence was taking a toll on my Celtics over 58.5 season wins.
The Celtics will be fired up for his return tonight at home. The blazers are also without Roy. This game has blowout all over it. I am hammering the shit of this game. I took c’s -3 first quater, c’s second quarter -3, and C’s first half -6. I almost hope they don’t hit so I can make a Huge second half Big Rip.

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Who do I need to get a hold of to make this happen? Our guy is offering Bolt at a steal for -500. After some research other sites have him at -1000. This would be easier free money than the Golden Globes.

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Great day yesterday. Split on my point totals, but no points third was a layup and although big rips didn’t come easy the home teams pulled it out in OT’s for the covers. Today I’m factoring in being up a dollar thanks to the golden globes.

On to Hank picks….

Dallas +2.5. Dallas 24. Minn 20
Teams with 11 wins who won the wild card are 10-1 in the division round.

Chargers -7. Chargers 28 Jets 10
Jets have had 3 straight intentional walks with Indy pulling the starters and cincy was averaging 10 points a game. San Diego scores at least 23 a game at home while the jets are the lowest scoring team in the playoffs.

I love the chargers -7. They could have set this line at 10.5 and I would still take it. The Jets are not good and Rex is a douche who thought he was eliminated from the playoffs. Chargers made me some money down the stretch and will continue to be my cash cow.

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No Points 3rd

Without that last second Td this is a very low scoring game. I have been burned way too many times by Peyton manning managing the clock second half when they have the lead and I had the over. He will do the same thing tonight. I took the under 9.5 for the 3rd quarter for a dollar (it really pisses me off our guy doesn’t let us buy the hook).

And Shanon Sharpes valoure smoking jacket makes me want to punch him in the face 10 times more than I normally do. I hate that GUY.

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I love free money. These award show bets are a joke if you have some balls. My friends and I first started looking at these back in the day when Tony D was our bookie/collector. Finding Nemo was up for best animation -2200 going against nobody. We didn’t have the sack then and for a long time after the running gambling reference for free money was the ‘finding nemo bet’.
Well we learned our lesson and started cashing in on the guaranteed winners. I won on the American idol winner last year being a male, stadium arcadium best rock alblum a few years ago and a slew of recent others I can’t remember. Big Mick and Seth were risking 2k on forest whittecker best actor or supporting for Last King of Scotland a few years back, but unforunetly offset last minute.
Just take the biggest favorite, don’t bother watching the award show and be happy your acct is up more the next day.
I just locked in a free 100 bucks on best supporting actor for the Golden Globes tomm night. I have not seen Ungloious Bastards yet or heard of this guy and to be honest I can’t remeber Christophers last name since I started writing this. Regardless I’m happy to win 100 risking 600.

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Pre cum is dripping down my leg right now boys. The number one team in the country at home is down 9 at the half against TexasA&M where they were favored by 14.5. Second half line is 11. They basically just have to win the game and they will. Big Rips on the home teams have a high hit percentage. 250 play for this guy.

And Hightower just fcked up my Cards over 24.5 with that fumble on the 5/10 yard line. What an asshole. Rackers sucks too. At least NO over hit in the first half.

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