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What’s in the fucking water today, cause everyone has been going a little nuts. We’ve Big Mick coming out of retirement to hammer Pitt for a Nickle, then another Big Dawg Hammer “I only bet $500 per game” is going large on the over of the Phillies – Giants over 5 1/2 runs tonight (which I love) and Duceman is putting his life savings on The Ohio State and 281 is doing his best Erin Andrews impersonation and watching from the sidelines.

For me this afternoon I am in love with the Texas Ranger over team total 4 1/2 runs.  If you recall I took this bet exactly one week ago on my Over Saturday.  Phil Hughes pitched lights out against the Twinkies, but he won’t repeat, the Rangers can rake.   Don’t let the ESPN Bottom line fool you (it’s running that Phil Hughes hasn’t allowed an ER in 15 1/3 innings in Arlington).  Take the over 4 1/2 Hughes and the bullpen blow up.

Good luck



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I’m sorry but I have had a shit load of coffee and I have some things to add. I’m adding a 30 unit play:

Lucas Glover(3-ball +135) over Robert Allenby **30 unit play. Also please note Hawks are +3.

Also,  has anyone been following what happened to the Market on Saturday? The SEC just cancelled 12,466 trades that were made when stocks got all fucked up. Sam Adams for instance opened the day at 63 bucks a share and for a couple of minutes was trading for .01. Same thing happened with Proctor and Gamble. Everyone is pointing the finger at each other. NASDAQ(all electronic) is getting hammered. President of the NYSE is saying it was NASDAQ’s fault etc.

Anyway, It’s an interesting story and personally I think it was the first Major Cyber Terrorist Attack. I have read both Richard Clarke’s books and he has warned that something like this from terrorists was only a matter of time. It hasn’t even been mentioned by the mainstream media. Well, they can’t fool Duce. There is no doubt about it. Some hacker figured out how to bring down the mostly computerized stock market. The stocks that were hit the most were pure symbols of Americana(Sam Adams, Proctor and Gamble, ETC). I’m telling you. Big Rips has now officially broke this story. Even though I have no factual evidence to back this up. I’m right. I’m always right. Just ask my wife.

You heard from Duce first. The media is always 24-48 hours behind me.

Carry on.

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Dudes, I’m back. I know you have missed me. The last time you saw me, I was delivering another 30 unit winner. I will do that today. I’m little hung over after going to the Sox game last night. First thing I do when I’m hung over is check the lines. I like whats going on today boys. It’s a good day. Fuck the rain man.

I really wish you could gamble on Xbox live. I could make a killing. Taking lines on Call of Duty games would be great. Especially in Capture the Flag. It’s the only think I think about as I’m flying around with my Tactical Knife like Rambo. Getting noob tubed by bitches.  Anyway, I digress. Here’s what we got today…

Tigers(Verlander) -157 over Indians(Masterson)(30 unit Play)- I like Masterson just as much as the next dude but I watched him get spanked in a couple starts this year. I love the Tigers, Maglio,Miggy,Jackson and my boy Brandon Inge ? Way to much for the tribe.

Devil Rays(Wade Davis) -150 over Oakland(Sheets)- 30 unit play – Ben Sheets sucks some serious cock. He got my fantasy team -24 points last week. He’s the ultimate pussy. The Rays are going to mop the floor with him and then shit on his chin. Easy play.

Hawks +2.5 over Magic- I like the Hawks at home tonight. They are going to win this game out right. They are going to come back in this series and make it interesting. You heard it from Duce first.

The Players Championship:

To Win:

My Boy Lee and his largest breasted spouse. Love Lee in the Players..

Westwood 3-2– Big Wager on Lee.  He’s damn good.

Franisco Molinari- 9-1– Keep an eye on this kid. He can flat-out play.

Lucas Glover-12-1 I would love to drink beers with Lucas. The guy has won a major in the past and he fired a 65 yesterday. He must be bet on.

Record: 199-148

30 unit play record: 66-40

NCAA Tourney 30 unit play record: 19-11

College football bowl record: 17-10

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