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I’m calling bullshit that Mormons don’t drink.  Cause I just read all over the Twitter wire that Jermaine O’Neal is leaning towards Boston.  This means Danny is either wasted from 4th of July weekend or is letting the office chimp run the business while every Free Agent from Dwayne Wade to Boozer, to even fucking Darko ,who I would rather have over Jermaine O’Neal, gets scooped up.

I won’t be terribly surprised when this happens if Perk gets crippled drunk drives to Danny’s house and assaults him, Doc resigns and the Big Three play a year pro-bona for the Heat.

O’Neal’s Stats versus the Celtics in the 1st round this year

2010 Playoffs

Games 5 MIN 23.2 FG 9-44 FG % 20.4% PTS 4.2 REB 5.6 TO 1.4


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Dudes, I’m back. I know you have missed me. The last time you saw me, I was delivering another 30 unit winner. I will do that today. I’m little hung over after going to the Sox game last night. First thing I do when I’m hung over is check the lines. I like whats going on today boys. It’s a good day. Fuck the rain man.

I really wish you could gamble on Xbox live. I could make a killing. Taking lines on Call of Duty games would be great. Especially in Capture the Flag. It’s the only think I think about as I’m flying around with my Tactical Knife like Rambo. Getting noob tubed by bitches.  Anyway, I digress. Here’s what we got today…

Tigers(Verlander) -157 over Indians(Masterson)(30 unit Play)- I like Masterson just as much as the next dude but I watched him get spanked in a couple starts this year. I love the Tigers, Maglio,Miggy,Jackson and my boy Brandon Inge ? Way to much for the tribe.

Devil Rays(Wade Davis) -150 over Oakland(Sheets)- 30 unit play – Ben Sheets sucks some serious cock. He got my fantasy team -24 points last week. He’s the ultimate pussy. The Rays are going to mop the floor with him and then shit on his chin. Easy play.

Hawks +2.5 over Magic- I like the Hawks at home tonight. They are going to win this game out right. They are going to come back in this series and make it interesting. You heard it from Duce first.

The Players Championship:

To Win:

My Boy Lee and his largest breasted spouse. Love Lee in the Players..

Westwood 3-2– Big Wager on Lee.  He’s damn good.

Franisco Molinari- 9-1– Keep an eye on this kid. He can flat-out play.

Lucas Glover-12-1 I would love to drink beers with Lucas. The guy has won a major in the past and he fired a 65 yesterday. He must be bet on.

Record: 199-148

30 unit play record: 66-40

NCAA Tourney 30 unit play record: 19-11

College football bowl record: 17-10

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C’s lost again last night to another bad team. Does this happen every Friday night home game? I don’t even think our mush friend went to the game. C’s are going nowhere this post season unless I bet the series against them.
Which brings me to the point of this blog. Did the Celtics cut a deal with Vegas or my bookie this season? The Celtics never cover and lose against bad teams like the Nets and Wiz. Then you think they are bad and bet against them vs Clevland or LA they cover. They have been killing me all year. Next week I’m starting the week off -500 as they couldn’t get 58.5 wins and the season ends. Im pissed.
Anyhow last night I had one of my top 5 back door covers. I knew better to bet on the C’s -10.5 for the game, but was suckered into taking them second half down 21 to the fcking Wiz at The Garden. Second half -10.5 they could still lose by ten and cover. I went big and was extremely pissed about being down 750 when they were losing by 17 with two mins left. Then it happend. They brought in my boy Nate Robinson. I love this guy. Cue the video…

All that was missing was Nate doing the Reggie Miller strangle hold and starring into the TV screen at my bookie.
The game ended up covering by the hook despite dopey Big Baby intentionally fouling down 9 with 8 second left (I really can’t comprehend that move). It was almost the biggest ball tickler ever if they hit both foul shots, but thankfully one was missed and I ended in the black for the day.
Just another day in the life of a degenerate.

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Duceman’s NCAA Championship

The tourney is finally coming to an end. It was a profitable one as promised.

Butler +7.5 ** 30 unit play** 99% of america pulling for the Bulldogs and I’m one of them. Going to be a great game, I think Duke wins by 3.

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Duceman’s Sunday

Man, I will take 2-0-1 as Duke was easy money. The Butler/MSU game was a yawner to watch. I just can’t believe the Spahtans couldn’t pull that out. Butler didn’t make a FG in 10 mins for christs sake.

I was satisfied with the push. The 30 unit under was a nice bet.  2-0-1 is not bad at all.  One thing is for certain, I promised a winning tournament.  We delivered.  Base, I was looking ahead to Monday’s game too and I had the game going at Duke -6. I see it at 7 at some places. Obviously, much more on this tomorrow.

Today’s card:

Sox -115 over Yankees- I’m not a homer and if the Yankees were + money, I would probably take them. Opening night, in Boston, slight edge to the Sox.


Vaughn Taylor PK over Joe Ogilvie** 30 unit play** Joe O is a pussy. It’s that simple. He had the lead for 30 seconds yesterday. During those 30 seconds , he immediately hit two shanks for a double bogey. It was amazing. Vaughn Taylor is great with the blade and has Ryder Cup pressure experience. he crushes Joey and I think he comes back to win this tourney.

Vaughn Taylor to win Shell Houston 11-1

Bryce Molder to win 3.5 -1

Cleveland Cavs -1.5 over Celtics- The C’s are no where near as good as the Cavs.

Tourney 30 unit play record: 18-11

Tourney overall record: 29-23-2

Record: 194-146

30 unit play record: 62-39

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Duceman’s NCAA saturday

Alright dudes, I’m back. I played some early golf, I was cocked by the time most of you woke up. I shot a 96 which was nothing short of embarrassing. I redeemed myself by chugging scotch but it wasn’t enough. It was the first time out and I seriously contemplated killing myself three times. I broke a club(unintentional) and 3 putted a record 12 times. I don’t think I’m going to play golf again this year. This leaves me more time to gamble.

My partner and I managed to win 4 bucks today. Why do people play golf for so little money? I love my dad, love playing golf with him. He insists on playing 1 dollar Nassau’s. It’s retarded. Like I care if I miss a two foot putt for two bucks.? When I suggest, maybe a 5 dollar Nassau, everyone stops and states at me like I’m the biggest degenerate gambler in the world. Which, I ‘am and that’s fine but it’s very odd.It’s the 8th wonder of the world. I can’t figure it out.

Golf is a great game and I can’t wait to wager a shitload of money on the Masters last week. Won a shitload of money last year on my man Angel. it was really amazing and I wish I was on Big rips then. It was the stuff of legend. Angel, 80-1 and was the lock of the tourney. This is true boys.

Ok, I’m cocked and I need a nap before tip.

Mich St +2** 30 unit play** I locked this in, when you pussies were sleeping. I think I made a post but I can’t remember. I really want to bet on Butler. I love Butler. I’m mad at myself. To quote Cyndi Lauper in Celebrity Apprentice(which is a great show). Money walks, bull shit talks. I’m betting on Izzo. It’s the smart bet.

Mich State/Butler under 126.5** 30 unit play**– this game is going to be like 57-49 Mich State. no way this goes over.

Duke -2(.5) over WV** 30 unit play**. I hate Duke. I really do. I don’t want to bet on them. It seems the trendy pick is WV. I can’t figure it out. This is WV who couldn’t even score a 2 point FG in the first half against Kentucky. A team that looked like Shawsheen Tech when a cunt hair of pressure was applied by the Cats. It’s amazing to me. I really think Duke rolls in this game. Say what you want about Duke, but these kids play hard and they are going to smoke some dooby on the Offensive Glass. Love Duke in this game. Which just feels weird to say. I have never said this before in my life. I’m hammering the dukies and they are the play of the day. They are more like a 50 unit play.

Good luck homies.

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Duceman’s early pick..

Dudes, I’m posting this at 650am in case I can’t post later. I will have a write up on both games when I get back.

Michigan St +2(.5) **30 unit play**. After reading shit all week, there is no way I’m betting against the best tournament coach of all time. Izzo for life.

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Duceman’s NCAA Sunday

I’m back. What a great day yesterday. Sweeping the games. We needed that. Was able to cash in a monster money line parlay with WV and Butler.

What did we learn yesterday? Jacob Pullen is a douchebag, ball hog just like Evan Turner. While, Butler is the best coached team that I have ever seen. They are rock solid. I can’t wait to root for these guys. They are playing in their home town(Indianapolis). First time a Final Four team has played at home since 1972. Without a doubt, these guys can beat anyone. Going to be great to watch next weekend.

The Kentucky, WV game was awful. Personally, it was painful to watch the end of that game. WV was trying hard to give it away. It was like watching a HS girls team after Mazolla fouled out. They couldn’t even cross half court with the ball. Baylor or Duke is going to pressure them the entire game. Either one of those teams is going to smoke WV. Just my opinion, but that’s all in the future. Two great games today.

Tenn -1.5 over MSU**30 unit play** I’m a little concerned that 78% of the public is on the Vols in this game. I like being on the other side. I’m biting on this line. Lets face it, the Spahtans are on borrowed time. They should have lost to MD and NI, if they didn’t have the biggest choke job of the tourney. The Vols were impressive against OSU and I like them today.

Baylor +5 over Duke** 30 unit play** I love this game. I really thought the line would have dropped by now. I’m shocked by this line. The game is in Houston for Christs sake. Baylor wrecked St.Mary’s. They are fast and athletic as hell and this is going to be a great game. I love the Bears and I think they win. I will be hitting the money line hard in this as well.

Good luck today dudes.

Tourney 30 unit play record: 16-9

Tourney overall record: 27-21-1

Record: 192-144

30 unit play record: 62-39

College Football bowl record: 17-10

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Sunday-30 units-get it in now

Baylor is currently +5 with my book. I just pounded it. It will be a 30 unit play and the line will definetely drop. It will probably drop to at least 3 by tip.

This is a steal of a line for a game thats in Houston. Get it now boys.

Nice 30 unit win on Butler. Best coached team I have ever seen.


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Duceman’s Saturday

Shocked. Stunned. Sad. I can’t believe what happened last night. I can’t believe that Norther Iowa didn’t score a single FG in the last 10mins and 30 seconds. They had that game. It was the right side to be on. Yes, being on the right side and losing is possible and it happened last night.

St. Mary’s was absolutely putrid and embarrassing and I loved Evan Turned until last night. What a fucking Douche bag he is. He blew the game down the stretch, didn’t pass the ball once in the last 3 minutes. It was painful to watch. You could see it coming. It was a killer. I was sad and depressed. I was shocked. I have tried to move on with my life. I couldn’t sleep. Thank god for the Dukies.


Butler +4.5 over Kansas State** 30 unit play**- This is going to be a good game. K-state HAS to be a little gassed after their epic win against Xavier. Butler is so disciplined, so veteran and so well coached, it’s hard to pass on the points here. I think Butler can really win this game, win i think like that, I always take the points and pound it.

West Virginia +5 over Kentucky** 30 unit play** no one seems to be giving WV much of shot in this game. I think it’s going to be a great game. I will take the points.


I bet 100 bucks on Davis Love to win at Bay Hill. He was 16-1 this morning, which is ridiculous. He’s tied for the lead and he needs the win. I advise a play on him ASAP.

Good luck you bucket heads.

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2-1-1 last night. Really tough push on Xavier. Pissed I didn’t buy it to 5.5. I had thought long and hard about it. Honestly, the push is better than a loss and was well worth the price of admission. That was, without question, one of the best basketball games that I have ever seen. I couldn’t believe that Jordan Crawford was launching those deep 3’s and draining them. Unreal.

Tonight is a great night. I just picked up a 12er of some IPA I never heard of and I’m planning on enjoying myself. The picks..

Ohio State money line over Tenn(-210)**30 unit play** personally, I think this line is a steal. No way Evan Turner is going to lose to the Vols. I think OSU rolls, but I’m making the value play here.  To be fair, I will give myself two 30 point losses if I lose this game.

Northern Iowa +1 over MSU**30 unit play** I love the Panthers tonight. No Lucas for the Spahtans and the Panthers can flat-out play. They out played Kansas and they have the style that they will be in every game. I can really see this team going to the final four.

Duke -8.5 over Purdue- Dukies are going to turn these guys into sausage.  Spread to high for 30 units though, Kramer scares me a bit on D. I think the Devils roll.

St.Mary’s +5 over Baylor- You all know i love the Gaels. The Gaels have treated us very well and they can flat-out play. They are going to win this game. I got Baylor in the final four in all my brackets, but fuck my brackets. We could very well be looking at #10 seed final four team. I think this game goes to the wire and I love Omar. Omar said it best when he said ” God is a Gael.” The only thing keeping this from being a 30 unit play is that it’s in Houston.

Good luck gentlemen.

Tourney 30 unit play record: 14-6

Tourney overall record: 24-18-1

Record: 189-141

30 unit play record: 60-36

College Football bowl record: 17-10

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Duceman’s NCCA Thursday..

We are finally here. Had a decent Sunday going 2-1 on 30 unit plays and almost running the table but AM choked something fierce.

Here are tonights picks:

Cornell +8.5 over Kentucky**30 unit play** Love these guys. I’m going to ride the hot hand. These guys have the style and lights out shooting to hang with anyone. I will gladly take the points here.

Xavier +5 over Kansas St**30 unit play**- yes, I know that K state already throttled Xavier earlier in the year. That was in Manhattan and Xavier has way to good of a back court to pass up the points tonight. I think this will be a damn good game.

West Virginia -4.5 over Washington– yes, I know WV lost their point guard by they are still going to win this game.

Butler +7 over Cuse – tough one and a small wager but I will take the points here.

Tourney 30 unit play record: 14-6

Tourney overall record: 22-17

Record: 187-140

30 unit play record: 60-35

College Football bowl record: 17-10

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Duceman’s Tourney Sunday


I’m in shock about New Mexico. It was painful. I have never seen a more over rated tourney team in my life. They were awful. Out coached, flat as balls and it was gross. It was putrid.  With that miserable game done, we still managed to go 3-1 on 30 unit plays for the day. Another winning day for Duce and his followers. Been a moderately successful tourney so far. I would be lying if I said I was satisfied. I’m disappointed in the take so far. It should be more. We have tallied an impressive 12-5 record on tourney 30 unit plays. going. That’s an impressive. I guaranteed a winning tournament. We are delivering on that promise.

I have a feeling that today is a monster day. The picks..

Xavier PK over Pitt** 30 unit play** Xavier is a rock solid team. Pitt is inconsistent. Love the Xavier guards and they are going to win this game by 5+.

Texas AM -2 0ver Purdue-**30 unit play** I love AM. They are extremely under rated and Purdue without Hummel, simply can’t hang. AM should win this game easily.

Cornell +5 over Wisconsin** 30 unit play** LETS GO BIG RED- they can’t hang with anyone. They looked great against Temple and I’m going to ride them. Best game of the day to watch.

Duke -6 over Cal– can’t understand this line. Duke is going to walk away with this one. I really want to bet on Cal, but I can’t. Stay tuned to comments section. I might make this a 30 unit play closer to tip-off.

Mizzou +6 over WV- WV is clearly the better team but I think Mizzou, with their pressure, keeps this close.

Ohio ST -6 over GT– Evan Turner goes off today.

Gonzaga +7 over Cuse- only because Cuse is missing Anouaku. I will take the veteran team here. Considering making this a 30 unit play. Staying just short of that status for now.

– Tourney 30 unit play record: 12-5

Tourney overall record: 18-14

Record: 183-137

30 unit play record: 58-34

College Football bowl record: 17-10

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Nice little day yesterday. Could have been huge if Oklahoma St didn’t suck some serious cock down the stretch. I’m still in shock that Tech went 24-25 from the free throw line. Gross. Very Profitable day though. My top 4 picks all came through yesterday in Xavier, Wofford, Texas AM and Cal. I love a couple games today. Here are the picks..

New Mexico +3(.5) over Washington** 30 unit play** Lock of the tourney I can’t believe th Lobos are at 2.5 and available at 3. I would re-mortgage my house if I could on the Lobos. This line makes no sense. Lobos are going to win by 10. Pound this game. This would be a 60 unit play..

St Mary’s +5 over Nova** 30 unit play**– great game, Everyone knows I love the Gaels. They are going to win outright and I took the money line as well.

Kansas St -4.5 over BYU** 3o unit play** I love Jimmer but the Cats are solid.

Tenn -8.5 over Ohio ** 30 unit play** Tenn is going to beat the shit out of  Ohio. I can’t get over the losing record in the MAC.

Butler -5 over Murray st- good game here and I think Butler squeaks it out but I will take the points.

Wake forest +9.5 over Kentucky good game here, I will take the points.

Northern Iowa +12 over Kansas– too many points here.

Baylor 4.5 over OD- I think Baylor rolls.

Record: 178-134

30 unit play record: 55-33

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Duce’s night time picks

Xavier and Wofford were gigantic. Hit a monster parlay. A great day so far today and if AM can come through, we are sitting pretty boys.

Here are tonight’s picks..

Cal PK over Louisville**30 unit play*** I love CAL in this game. We have seen that the Big East is over rated and Cal can play. They only have one bad loss on the year and that was to Oregon State. Louisville is so inconsistent.  Cal should be -3 in this game.

Oklahoma St -1 over GT-**30 unit play**I love the Cowboys here. GT is young and the Cowboys launch 3’s. They can hang with anyone in the country. They get a double-digit win here.

Gonzaga +1.5 over FSU**30 unit play** this is going to be a great game. The Zags are too experienced and they get the win.

New mexico St +12.5 over Michigan St- the Spartans are good but this is a high line. They don’t have the style to blow out a solid tournament team. They don’t hit 3’s. I will take the points.

Houston +10 over MD– This is going to be a good game. Houston is the best ball handling team in the country.

Cuse -15.5 over Vermont- Not this time.

Good luck dudes.

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Duceman is pissed after going .500

My loyal readers, we went a dismal 6-6 yesterday and split down on the middle on 30 unit play’s. Some of those games were painful to watch. I actually turned a small profit, thanks to my monster bet on the Gaels and a nice hit on Wake Forest Money line. Still disappointed but, I really like the card today. I feel better about today’s lineup than yesterday. Here are the picks for the early games..

Xavier -1 over Minny** 3o unit play** my play of the day. I can’t understand this line at all. I’m hammering the snot out of it. If there were a 60 unit play, this would be it. Minny shouldn’t even be here. They have an RPI in the mid 60’s. The RPI don’t lie. Xavier is a rock solid, under rated 6 seed. two losses in OT and all 8 losses to solid teams. They hammer Minny today.

Temple -3.5 over Cornell- everyone loves Cornell, Temple is sick. They pull away late and win by 12+.

Wofford +10 over Wisconsion**30 unit play** probably my second biggest play of the day. I have waited for this game. Wofford has won about 16 straight, they can flat-out play. They are going to win this game and you heard it here first.

Texas AM -2.5 over Utah St** 30 unit play**- Everyone is on Utah St here. I can’t figure it out. AM is rock solid. AM’s last 3 losses were to Kansas twice, and @Baylor(by 4). These guys are under rated. They have all solid losses and never get blown out. I think AM Vs Duke is going to be a good game and if they make it to the sweet 16? Look out, they will be playing in Houston.They are playing in the Big Easy and they are going to Steam roll Utah St.

Clemson -1.5 over Mizzou- Game looks  close on paper and I don’t like Clemson’s tourney history or the way they ended the season. However, Mizzou is over rated and they are only good at home. I will take Clemson and the ACC here.

Siena+4.5 over Purdue- anyone who watched Purdue( post Hummell) would be pounding Siena. I would probably bet on Shawsheen Tech to beat these douche bags.

Be back for the late games. Good luck dudes.

Record: 171-129

30 unit play record: 51-31

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Nova sucks. They are not going to be a good tourney team with no big man. St marys is going to have their way with them next game. Their big man is sick and they can shoot the three.

Let’s try this again. Gtown is getting crushed by Ohio. I can’t see another 3-14 upset in the same day. I’m taking Gtown second half -12. They should win this game. Ohio won’t shoot that well from behind the arc second half. Big rip Gtown.

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Duce’s night time picks

Luke Harongody absolutely sucks cock. What an absolute loser. No way they should have lost that game.  Vandy was atrocious at the free throw line. They should have won and Covered. Nice win on my binky in St.Mary’s. I love the Gaels and they were my biggest bet of the day. BuTLAAA is looking good with a 20-4 run to start the second half.

Night time picks:

Northern Iowa +1** 30 unit play** Panthers too much down load for the Rebs.

New Mexico -8.5** 30 unit play** Love the Lobos.

SDSU +3- going to be a good game. I will take the points.

Wake Forest +5.5-** 30 unit play** spread is too high. Everyone is on the Horns which I can’t figure out. Especially with Vandy looking like shit. I’m hitting the Deacons hard.

Marquette +1– another good game. I will take the Big East team. I do like Cal tomorrow though.

Georgetown -12.5 over Ohio– Watch out for the Hoyas.

Good luck Gentlemen.

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Nice hit on St.Johns last night. We ride into the tourney on a 4 game 30 unit win streak. We are back to an impressive 20 games over .500.

This is without question, one of the best 4 days of the sports year. I love it. I got tomorrow off and I’m going to hammered tonight watching these games. My loyal followers have access to my NCAA hoops package. This is no charge. I guarantee a winning tournament. I have logged many hours studying lines, experts, history and each teams season. I’m confident in my picks. Check my comments section for additional picks. I don’t want to hog the front page, especially if Seth has breaking news again.  Here are my day 1 picks so far..

St.Mary’s +2** 30 unit play** You people know I love the Gaels.  I’m reading that Providence is going to be jam packed with Richmond fans? No way.  St.Mary’s travels very well. They have 5 losses on the season. Two were to the Zags and one was on the road In Portland(who’s good) in OT. They played Vandy and lost by 2 at the buzzer. While Richmond loses to W&M,South Carolina and VCU. The Gaels are very under rated and I love them today.

ND -2 over Old Dominion** 30 unit play**- I think OD can play but ND is rock solid.

Vandy -3.5 over Murray St** 30 unit play**-Vandy is going to kill these jerk offs. Everyone seems to like Murray St and I can’t figure out why. They have played No One. Look at their schedule, they haven’t played shit. It’s embarrassing. Vandy is going to turn them into sausage.

Northern Iowa +1 over UNLV- The Panthers can play and are too good down low for the Rebs.

Butler -2.5 over UTEP** 30 unit play** I like the miners, I really do , but after watching them lose to Houston, no way I’m betting on these jerk offs. Butler is a seasoned, veteran tourney team and they will come out out hot. Really like this line.

New Mexico -9 over Montana the Lobos are good and Montana is not. They should have lost to Weber st in their tourney and Weber St, looked god awful against Cinci. Cinci would get smoked by the Lobos. This isn’t rocket science.

BYU -5 over Florida- two words, Jimmy Fredette is god.

Record: 165-123

30 unit play record: 47-27

Good luck

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30 unit Wed with Duceman

Nice .5 point cover last night with W&M. 3 straight 30 unit plays. There is a game I love tonight. Get it in early.

St.Johns +6.5 over Memphis** 30 unit play**

Record: 164-123

30 unit play record: 46-27

Good luck

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Tuesday night NCAA-30 unit play


A couple quick ones tonight. Starting off the tourney. Nice 30 unit sweep on Sunday.

William and Mary +8.5 over UNC-**30 unit play**- Big play

Winthrop -3.5 over ARKPB

South Florida -3.5 over NC State

Northeastern +7.5 over Uconn

Western Carolina +11 over Marshall

Record: 161-121

30 unit play record: 45-27

Good luck

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Duceman’s new 30 unit play

Xavier -3 over Richmond**30 unit play**

Also hitting Cal -2 over Washington pretty hard.

Purdue -2.5 over Minny.

Good luck dudes.

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Ok first things first we had the breaking news on the Wes Welker rotator cuff injury yesterday.  Naturally I contacted the local media and some national media outlets, and many cited bigrips.wordpress.com (soon to be just Bigrips.com) as the original source. Most notably Ian Rapoport of the Bostonherald.com and  Mike Reiss of ESPN both blogged and tweeted about about our story. Other local media such as Tom Curren of CSN plugged me as the initially reporter (but couldn’t get the name of our blog right). WEEI.comNBC Sports Pro Football Talk, Scout.com thanks Jon Scott, Boston.com all did as well.  And you know when you’ve made it big when the Milford Daily News reports on your story.

On to Saturday, I have Robert Allenby who is still alive in 2nd place at the Blue Monster (+3000 for the weekend) he had a 245 yard hole in one yesterday, I am confident that he can ride that momentum into the weekend and make it 3 golf winners in four weeks for me.  I am starting to already spend my Allenby winnings and I may go out and buy the domain name bigrips.com, which is still $1695, and a Julian Edelman jersey.

I also will be throwing some of those winnings on the Pacquaio-Clottey fight.  I actually like Joshua Clottey over Manny Pacquiao, boxing is fixed and there might even be a Last Boyscout moment tonight at Cowboys Stadium. I am getting Clottey at almost +600, putting money on this would actually make me interested in the fight.

More to come later, Good Luck

-Seth Davis

CEO + Founder / Email bigrips1@gmail.com

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Duceman’s Saturday

Tough split on the 30’s yesterday. I just can’t believe that Miss went 12-26 from the free throw line. Disgusts me. Lots of hoops left this weekend and here are today’s picks..

URI +4 over Temple– This is going to be a damn good game. The Rams are playing hard and I think they get this win. They win and they are definitely in.

GT- 3.5 over NC State ACC is tough to bet on, I’m taking the Jackets today.

Vandy -2 over Miss State**30 unit play**- Vandy is way better than the Dogs. I love this line.

SD State +5 over UNLV** 30 unit play**- Damn good game. I will gladly take the 5 points.

Purdue-3 over Minny- Still like Purdue here.

Georgetown +2 over WV- Hoyas win this one and take the crown.

Record: 157-113

30 unit play record: 42-24

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Duceman’s night time plays

nice hit on the Cavs. Here are some additional games..

Miss +3 over Tenn ** 30 unit play**

Gtown -3 over Marquette*** 30 unit play**– get this in as soon as possible, probably be 5 a tip.

Mich State -3 over Minny-** 30 unit play** get it in early.

ND +5 over WV- ok, I’m biting now.

New Mexico -2 over SD state- love this game

Kansas state -2 over Baylor

Vandy -7.5 over Georgia

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Duceman’s Madness Friday


Duceman when he calls the book. The Books is terrified of me.

I would like to apologize for losing 2 straight 30 unit plays. Over the past couple days, I have managed a 6-4 record, but the 30 unit play losses are simply unacceptable.

I haven’t been at one with the Gambling gods. I knew something wasn’t right when I brought out the recycling bins on the wrong week. Easily the 4th time in 2 months that I have done that. In the gambling gods honor, I have sacrificed a colony of ants. I have systematically wrecked the bastards in my garage. Burning them like an 11 year old boy and loving it. They can kiss my ass. Anyway, I digress..

A big day of gambling today. A legendary week ahead of us.  I feel like William Wallace and my book is Edward the Longshanks (Edward I)

Anyway, I have had about 5 cups of coffee this morning, been up since 450 and it’s on today boys.  I love the card today. Haven’t felt this good in a while. The Confidence is oozing.

The picks:

St.Louis +3.5 over URI- one of the best games of the day. Both on the bubble, both need the win. I will take the points.

Virginia +17 over Duke ** 30 unit play** this line is outrageous for an ACC tourney game. There was a time where UVA was playing like a tournament team and I consider the 17 points a gift. I got this game capped at 12.5 or 13 tops. Love this game. Love the Cavs. FU Duke.

Ole Miss +2 over Tenn**30 unit play***- Tenn is good but Bruce Pearl is a moron. Miss needs this win bad. They win and they are in the tourney. Tenn doesn’t have much to play for. I will take the points here.

VA Tech -3.5 over Miami Watch out for the Hokies. They can play. They win this game by double digits.

Illini +8.5 over Wisconsin I will take this gift of a line. I got it capped at 5.5

Kentucky -10 over Bama- The Cats roll.

Ohio State -9 over Michigan – The Bucks deserve a #1 seed with a win.

I will be back for the night games. But lock this one in early, Georgetown -3 over Marquette **30 unit play.

Record: 151-106

30 unit play record: 40-22

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Ducemans Thursday night

Sorry dudes,

A little pressed for time. The picks..

Pitt -2 over Irish *30 unit play**

Kansas -5 over OK state

Baylor +1 over Texas

Oregon +11 over CAL

GT 3.5 over UNC

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I wasn’t even going to post this but anyone that calls themselves Mr. Basketball and their name isn’t Jordan, Bird, or James must be a big deal.  I just got a call from a guy who goes by Mr. Basketball, he was very kind and not pushy like the Wise Guy (by the way who hasn’t called me since he went 0-3 last week).  Our conversation went like this

Mr. Basketball: If I go 4-4 or 5-5  in College Basketball will you give me a chance?

Seth Davis: Dude, like a date? I am not gay

Mr. Basketball: No, will you try my package

Seth Davis: Die

Mr. Basketball: I meant my NCAA package it’s $300 for ten games after I go 4-4 or 5-5

Seth Davis: Oooo, ok, sure.  If you give me 5 straight winners I’ll buy your NCAA game pack (crossing my fingers)

Mr. Basketball: Ok, first winner is Arizona +1 vs UCLA, starts at 3:00pm

Seth Davis: Thanks I’ll go blog about it

Mr. Basketball likes Arizona Wildcats +1 vs UCLA today.  Good Luck


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Nice little double  hit last night. Raking in the cash on The Gaels SU for 30 and hitting the money line. Conference tourney is great but real March Madness starts tomorrow with the ACC tourney and round 2 of the Big East. Tonights picks

Northern Col +2 over Montana ** 30 unit Play**: Can’t figure out this line. 6:30 start time.

Butler -7 over Wright State

Rutgers +8 over Cinci

The Hall -6 over Providence

UNCC -9 over Umass

Good luck dudes..

Record: 145-102

30 unit play record: 40-20

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I would like to apologize for my rare, dismal day yesterday. Bouncing back tonight with a large ass play on the Gaels.

St.Marys +5 over Zags**30 unit Play***

The Gaels never beat the Zags, but this year, they are for real. You will see them in the sweet 16 as an 11 or 12 seed. 2 of their 5 losses were to the Zags, 1 to Portland in OT and another to a very tough Vandy team by 2. They will cover the spread tonight. I also think they win out right and making a play on the ML for +175.

Wofford -4 over App State- Wofford is pretty damn good. I will give them that. They made my Binky Western Carolina look like rotten Bologna last night.

Good luck dudes.

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2 more 30 unit plays

Western Carolina +4

Avatar-Best Picture- currently 20/21

Good luck gentlemen

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