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Is this like the most boring/ drawn out milestone achievement ever?  When is my guy gonna start giving odds on this ARod thing to make me even give a shit (this is coming from a lifelong Yankee fan).  I am sure there have been plenty of other milestones for like 3,000 hits, 500 and 600 home runs that have taken longer to reach.  But this Alex Rodriguez thing is dumb.  If you think about it he admited to using steriods from 2001-2003.  If you eliminate his home runs from those 3 seasons, he’d be sitting on #443 . So ESPN is cutting into to show you ARods 444th career round tripper, which will keep him at 35th on the career list, just surpassing Dave Kingman and a few behind Jeff Bagwell (another guy on the sauce)…historic.


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This just in, Joe Lima, 37 died of a massive heart attack last night at his Los Angeles home. Lima was a flamboyant pitcher known for wearing flip-flops around the dugout during off days, getting sued for giving a chick herpes in 2004, coining the phrase ‘Lima Time’ and for his excessive celebration after striking out an opposing batter.

R.I.P. Joe Lima and Lima Time, I am fairly certain you cost me money at least six times throughout your career.


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Tough no decision last week for Roy in Colorado which led to an extra innings loss for the degenerates. He was pitching out of jams all game and gave up the lead in the 7th. One of those games I wish I had the first five innings. Today Roy is back at home where he is undefeated with 1.13 era. Halladay faces Zack Duke and the Pirates who he is 1-0 with a .60 era in 15 innings. Jimmy rollins is returning for the Phills and these stats and a healthy lineup are noticed by Vegas. -360 is the largest line I can recall this year. I’m going with a small play on the money line for some free money and a larger play on the run line -155 for a better payout.

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An incredible back and forth game tonight in the feeble Red Sox – Yankees rivalry.  The games ends at the usual four hour mark with Marcus Thames sitting on a Jonathan Papelbon fastball and hitting a walk off home run. The whole thing is ruined when ARod doesn’t celebrate with the team and acts like a complete weirdo because he knows the camera will be on home plate.  I can’t stand this guy.  If I was Brian Cashman I would trade ARod to the Rockies for Jason Giambi straight up and eat ARods $30 mil a year salary.

oh, and somehow Javier Vazquez got the win by throwing 4 pitches, amazing


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Woke up this morning with an eggplant pizza in the fridge? I don’t even like egg plants, (the fruit/veg or the people) I am told I was to drunk to speak at cafe pompie late night and just pointed to a pizza. Sounds about right… Seth was right on about the c’s last night. They blow on Friday nights and I still took them. Should have offset when he reminded me. And pissed I missed the suns big rip.
Lot of action today. Let’s talk about baseball 3 team run lines. I used to hate run lines. Hoping for a walk of two run homer by the home team blows, although it is one of the biggest highs for a degenerate when it hits. Well I don’t have to worry about that today as my 2 of my 3 teamer are on the road. More about 3 team run line parlays… Bigrips.wordpress soon to be bigrips.com reader and comentator sloppy who is one of my dudes from college and who I got an account is destroying our book this week. Kids up close to 5k this week last I checked. He has been killing these 3 team run line MLB parlays. I don’t know if he came up with this gambling strategy or if he ripped it off his co-worker with a funny last name that sounds like jack bower, but regardless these kids are up thousands this week and I want in. My guy actually called me yesterday because he saw they were butt plugging him. I tried one of these 3 teams out last Sunday while on a bachelor party in Baltimore and hit a dollar parlay to win over 7 bills (I bet against becket and the sox; bet with your wallet not as a fan). Sloppy hit two that day too which led to great comeback weeks to win a bunch of loot. By the way if you go to Baltimore make sure to see Penny Lane at Hustler Club. That bitch is a ten, a fucking ten. And if you need VIP passes I brought 50 of them home, so hit me up.
Anyways today’s 3 team run line parlay is:
Marlins -1.5 runs. Johnson is solid and I will bet against anyone named Chico any day regardless if it’s a sport or him getting a 9-5 job.
Mets -1.5 runs. Santana is not the same Santana on the twins, but he is still good and the mets are healthier and playing well. 8 straight wins at home.
St Lou -1.5. Pitt had a nice couple wins before st Lou came to town, but don’t forget they are the team who lost 20-0 against the brews. Garcia is pitching well and st lous offense is too much for Pitt.
This dollar parlay pays out 740.
Im off to peel eggplants off a perfectly good pizza.

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Dudes, I’m back. I know you have missed me. The last time you saw me, I was delivering another 30 unit winner. I will do that today. I’m little hung over after going to the Sox game last night. First thing I do when I’m hung over is check the lines. I like whats going on today boys. It’s a good day. Fuck the rain man.

I really wish you could gamble on Xbox live. I could make a killing. Taking lines on Call of Duty games would be great. Especially in Capture the Flag. It’s the only think I think about as I’m flying around with my Tactical Knife like Rambo. Getting noob tubed by bitches.  Anyway, I digress. Here’s what we got today…

Tigers(Verlander) -157 over Indians(Masterson)(30 unit Play)- I like Masterson just as much as the next dude but I watched him get spanked in a couple starts this year. I love the Tigers, Maglio,Miggy,Jackson and my boy Brandon Inge ? Way to much for the tribe.

Devil Rays(Wade Davis) -150 over Oakland(Sheets)- 30 unit play – Ben Sheets sucks some serious cock. He got my fantasy team -24 points last week. He’s the ultimate pussy. The Rays are going to mop the floor with him and then shit on his chin. Easy play.

Hawks +2.5 over Magic- I like the Hawks at home tonight. They are going to win this game out right. They are going to come back in this series and make it interesting. You heard it from Duce first.

The Players Championship:

To Win:

My Boy Lee and his largest breasted spouse. Love Lee in the Players..

Westwood 3-2– Big Wager on Lee.  He’s damn good.

Franisco Molinari- 9-1– Keep an eye on this kid. He can flat-out play.

Lucas Glover-12-1 I would love to drink beers with Lucas. The guy has won a major in the past and he fired a 65 yesterday. He must be bet on.

Record: 199-148

30 unit play record: 66-40

NCAA Tourney 30 unit play record: 19-11

College football bowl record: 17-10

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This is getting comical.  I just got up and I feel like I drank 11 Miller Hi Life’s and took shots of tequila, oh wait I did.  So I b-lined for the faucet for a glass of water and slugged back 4 Advil to rid myself of a splitting headache.  I am obviously oblivious to anything that happened after 9:45 last night, so I forgot that the Celtics lost, that I didn’t get my Floyd Mayweather bet in and that Boston has shit in the water.  So I went to Boston.com to read if there was an update and how long it would be before I turned into a Zombie, from drinking the tap water.  I came across this Q&A which was very informative. I’ve highlighted my favorite questions below, as well as todays free money picks.

Q. What are the risks if I drink the tap water?

A. For most people, minor gastrointestinal illness. The biggest concerns are for those with compromised immune systems, such as people with HIV or who are undergoing chemotherapy.

Q. Can Magic Johnson drink the water since he has just traces of HIV?

A. Magic will be fine he gets away with everything, but if you did than you’ll needed a big bottle of  Imodium AD

Q. What about my pets?

A. Use the same precautions for pets as for people.

Q What about when I take a piss in a urnial and the water spashes back on my skin?

A.  You’ll have to squirt Purell on your skin immediately so that you do not turn into a flesh easting Zombie

Q. Is it OK to shower?

A. Certainly, but you should avoid swallowing water while doing so.


Taking the following…

Marlins Run Line (Jason Johnson) +105 vs Wasinghton Nationals (John Lannan)

Phil Mickelson -150 vs Rory Mcilory at Quail Hollow.  Rory’s girlfriend is a YWB pic HERE

The Bucks +525 over the Atlanta Hawks, I am on the Fear the Deer bandwagon

Good Luck


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My loyal followers, I have some good news. I’m happy to introduce a College buddy of mine to Big Rips. Without question he is a gambling expert in all sports, but has a solid Expertise in Horse racing. Something Big Rips needs. We will be in the presence of greatness, I promise you. He comes to us with his own following. This is a blessing.

College was a long time ago, But Dags was an excellent baseball player but an even better drinker/partier and Beirut player. I’m psyched he’s on board.

It’s been awhile. I’m in my off season, but every now and then I see  something I like.  Taking a big bet tonight

Cardinals -150 over Braves(Kenshin Kawakami) ** 30 unit play** Kenshin will be a Sushi chef at Bamboo before the season is out. I promise you. Pujols might hit 5 homers off the dude.

Record: 198-148

30 unit play record: 65-40

NCAA Tourney 30 unit play record: 19-11

College football bowl record: 17-10

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The Giants coaching staff. Fire them all. Lincecum gave up one run through 9 and 1/3 and is up 4-1. He gives up one walk so there is a man on first and they take him out. You can guess what happens there. Philly gets a few singles, doubles, and gets 3 runs to tie it up. Phillies go on to win it in extra innings. Nothing pisses me off more than taking a great pitcher and then shitty coaching snatching your winnings right out of your pocket.
Oh there is one other thing. Giants outfielder Valez who gave up the two extra inning runs on a makeable catch and then pop up error. That makes me just as mad.

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I’m in such a great mood. Finishing my btchs Sunday funday wine grepnade and her friends bud light.
St Lou who fcked me in last weeks Sunday night game came back and saved my week total. I did a few action reverses with the cards and the cards run line with the over 7.5 to try to offset my c’s season total loss. I wasn’t to thrilled through seven and pujols leaving 5 guys on. I marked my plays a loss with a tie 3-3 about to go into the 9th and after a mets pitching change with two outs Ludwig hit that two run dinger. I love that homey.
So tomorrow the sox have a 11am start. Which means an 8am drinking start for the DIDT and myself because we are going to the game. (still waiting on my shirt).
The sox can’t get a win lately. They are always good in April. Tomm they get back on track. Going big on the sox with lackey. I’ll provide the amount and prop plays tomm.

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Duceman’s friday night


Sorry been busy lately. I’m back for baseball season fellas. Few games I’m pounding tonight. tonight.

Royals(+120) over Minny(baker)**30 unit play**– How the fuck is Grienke +120? I will take that all day long.

Giants(Todd Wellemyer) over Dodgers(Padilla)**30 unit play** +142. I can’t believe Vincente Padilla is this big of a favorite. Especially in such a big rivalry game. Giants are a great value tonight. Hitting it hard.

Brewers -150(Yovoni) over Nationals(Lannan)- Love the Brew Crew tonight.

Blue Jays +104 (Marcum) over Angels(Weaver)- I have a man crush on Marcum. Dudes a stud and he’s won the Duceman a pile of money over the years.

Good luck dudes.

Record: 199-149

30 unit play record: 66-41

NCAA Tourney 30 unit play record: 19-11

College football bowl record: 17-10

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-235 vs Oswalt. Now that’s more like it. Oswalts a good pitcher, but Roy has the bats to back him up. Win number 2 of the season for some free money. I am eying Santana too, but need to look into further. Every time I dig into the Mets it seems they have there 3 best players on the DL.

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“Party like a rock star, hammer like a porn star, and hit like an All-Star.”

Jason Giambi came up with this quote back in the day when he was with the Oakland A’s, that is why I am inviting him to my birthday party.  I was talking to Big Mick about doing a blow out party for myself and inviting Axl Rose, the coolest human on the planet.  Since Axl is a recluse, there is no way in hell he’d come and if he did I would have to probably pay a couple million dollar appearance fee.  So, an even better idea is to invite the great Giambino.  The former MVP is one of my all time favorite Yankees, I’d invite Don Mattingly (who is my favorite player) but he won’t party like Jason.  Giambi is a down to earth, easy-going guy who loves his fans and partying, I think he would actually show up.  As you can see in the YouTube clip, he’s just hanging out with his fans, swarmed by hot chicks and loving every minute of it.  I read an article that he owns  a private plane so I won’t have to fly him out, I’ll just have to put him up at a local hotel.  I think this could happen, actually I am like 99% sure this going to happen.  I will have to be persistent, but I think this plan is nuts enough and Giambi is cool enough that it can. I have a few months to arrange this and I plan on getting the ball rolling soon by sending him an invitation.  I’ll keep everyone posted when I hear back from him.

P.S. My party is going to be just like this, if you don’t think this looks fun then you are a loser


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