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Can you believe it’s been 217 days since Super Bowel 46? 2012 marks the 11th anniversary of me betting on Football (I forgot to celebrate my 10th anniversary last year). I guess celebrating my 10 year would have been nostalgic, unfortunately it’s a bittersweet memory. Remember the story of my first college bookie, Julian, who stiffed me $981 during my Umass winter break? Here’s the post if you need a refresher. So this year is all about celebrating my Undecennial betting season.

Betting football is a funny thing. When I think about 11 years of NFL betting, I start to think if I found another hobby 11 years ago such as writing, playing tennis, computer programming, reading, cooking, playing the guitar, biking, hiking, woodworking, running, sailing or maybe geocaching. I met my maker when I was introduced to Julian and got that infamous 413 phone number. My fate was sealed that first NFL September weekend in Amherst when I won my first NFL bet. I remember that day like my first day of Kindergarten. The windows open at my North Pleasant Street digs on a breezy, sunny Sunday afternoon. I was probably betting the Peyton Manning led Colts who rolled Vinny Testarverde and the Jets 45-24, while I enjoyed a cold, leftover Buffer Zone from D.P. Dough.

It’s remarkable thing that during this time it’s still a challenge to beat the man. You would think that if you spent the 11 years working on a hobby, you’d become an expert, or at the very least better than average.  Maybe I should have spent the last 11 years learning to sail around the world or becoming a world-class cook. I’d have a lot more money, far fewer depressing Sunday nights and ten toes still. There is one thing that we all know. No sailer has ever felt the rush you get when you hit a back door cover with no time on the clock. No Foodie has ever felt the adrenaline pump through your body when a Dollar AR hits on the Sunday Night Football game to get to back to even on the week. And NO Google Code writer has experienced the thrill you get when you high-five your Bros after you all hit the OVER of the Monday NIght Football game.

I love football.

For your reading pleasure my Week 1 picks as you enjoy your coffee and Pizzelle on this glorious September Boston morning.

1pm Buffalo @ NY Jets -2.5 – You can thank ESPN for this line dropping from 7 to 2.5. The story all offseason has been what will Rex Ryan do with Mark Sanchez and Tim Tebow and how the Jets can’t put the ball in the end zone. The fact of the matter is that Mark Sanchez is the starting QB and Tim Tebow will step on the field for the pre-game warmups, when he runs off during halftime and at the end of the game for the post game prayer/celebration. Like many of you I hate betting on Mark Sanchez, but would you rather put money on Ryan Fitzpatrick on the road who is 1-5 against the Jets? I feel a lot more confident betting on a really good Jets D against a shaky Fitzpatrick. Bet the Jets -2.5

1pm Miami @ Houston -12.5 – Don’t fear the big line, embrace it. This should be the biggest thumping in Week 1. Miami has a Rookie QB, new coach and no weapons. I’ll take side action that Matt Moore replaces Ryan Tannehill by the 4th quater. Why I love this. Even with Mario Williams leaving, Houston still has top ranked defense. Plus, Matt Schaub, Arian Foster, J.J. Watt, Andrew Johnson all have a chip on their shoulder after last year when they were in perfect position to make it to the SB before Schaub was injured. The Texans were still able to make it to the 2nd round in the playoffs behind TJ Yates. I don’t usually predict scores, but here is one Texans 38 – Miami 6. 

1pm Rams +9 @ Detroit – The Public loves betting the team that puts up the big numbers, but watch out here for a possible upset.  For me Sam Bradford is on a short  betting leash, if he’s going to do well it’s today, the Lions just made their starting Safety and CB inactive.  They Rams will also be better coached with Jeff Fisher and one thing to note, Fisher is one of the best NFL coaches ATS . Take the points 

Seth’s Free Money Three Team Tease Bears -1, Eagles -1 & Texans/ Dolphins Total 32.5 

I’ll be back for the 4pms, which kickoff this year at 4:25pm. Good luck and as always be sure to pace yourselves my degenerate friends.



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My OVERs Saturday was a hit, went 2-3 and should have hit Hughes, but Delmon Young choked 2x.  I’ve never worked for a company that has given me a Columbus Day off, I need to move to the Bahamas stat.  So I decided this morning to retire, by purchasing a scratch ticket from the local convenience store.  $25 and 5 Monopoly scratchy’s later I am still not in a position to quit my job (anyone want a winner go to the White Hen in the North End, the Monopoly ticket is due).  So with no holiday tomorrow and pile of loser tickets I turn the next sure thing.  NFL week 5 Teasers!
But I’m feeling real nice this morning and I guess you could say I am a lot like Christopher Columbus.  I’m a simple Italian voyager taking a risk on an NFL Sunday with a bunch of teasers.  Which is similar to Columbus’s trip across the Atlantic to find the West when everyone said he was dumb.  He ended up landing in the Bahamas and hooking up with a bunch of hot Native American Bahama chicks.  So call my teasers dumb and risky, but if you want to find the promise land in week 5, jump on board the The Seth Maria

Indy -2 / New Orleans -1 – Indy is coming off a lose to Jacksonville, I don’t think they are as good as most people think, but an easy home win by at least 5+ points today.  Wish I got this at -1, but 2 is fine.  Then on the back-end take New Orleans on the road over Arizona.  The Cardinals are starting a 25 year old rookie Max Hall, I had some hesitation cause the Saints looked like shit last weekend and their offense has yet to bust out.  Week 5 will be the week as the Cardinals are towards the bottom us passing yards allowed per game.
Jaguars team total 0/u 20 points – Also love a hired powered offense with MJD, Garrard and Sims-Walker going off against the worst defense (Bills) who allow 31+ points per game.  Take another over
Good luck

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O Canada! Our home and Native land…

I’m heading up north for the weekend to dominate St. Catherine’s street, Casino De Montreal all the frenchys better be on notice.

While I am gone a couple things will happen this weekend,

US +160 vs Europe – The Ryder Cup will return to the states (sorry Duce you fucking Commie).  The US and Tiger play well

Bungles -4 @ the Browns – Huge trap game, everyone I will be with this weekend will love the Bungles blowing out Delhomme and company.  This screams trap game as the general public will get crushed here.  Not falling for it, my favorite game of the week. Take Cleveland.

Seth vs Le Casino da Montreal +500, yep I am calling my winnings. This place has treated me well in the past I anticipate winning at least $500 if not more.

I hope my Guy offers curling lines when we are there this weekend, can’t wait

Good luck this weekend,


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Love the first two or three weeks of NFL betting, best time of the year to win on 3 team teasers 4 team parlays. Week is four is when you should start to call or text your 5 best friends to see who they like then bet the opposite, it’s a proven fact.

My bets for now…

The Pats (- 5.5) vs Bengals – line has gone from 6.5 down to 4.5 not it’s back to 5.5 on my guys site.  I always agree with Duceman’s point that it is business, I’d even bet against my mother to win money, but I am gonna put a small play on the Pats this week.  Bengals are supposedly sick and the Patriots defense is young and thin, but the last time I checked we have the coach and QB with three Super Bowl rings and they’ve got two actresses who have a show on the E! Channel together. Pats -5, buying the 1/2

Packers (-3) at Eagles – Kevin Kolb is a nice QB to fall back on when your starter for the last decade leaves for Division rival, but the Eagles offense will have little time on the field today.  The Packers are legit and have the best run D in the league.  This line would 7 – 9 if they played later this year.  Packers by 2 TDs

Ryan Moore (-120) vs Charlie Wi – Golf on NFL Sunday, why not.  Wi has never won on the tour and it won’t happen today.  Watched the 2nd round yesterday and his Stack and Tilt swing just isn’t what it’s suppose to be. Ryan Moore has a great game and a one shot lead, watch for Wi to fall back a few strokes and Moore to win at Cog Hill.

Good luck today


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I was giddy when I wrote a blog back on draft day when Dez Bryant was selected by the Dallas Cowboys, knew this kid was gonna be great for team chemistry.  I am sure that all of you have heard this rather trivial story about Dez not thinking he needs to carry Roy Williams shoulder pads, which is part of Rookie hazing.  This is when I wish guys like Luther Shark (played by LT) from Any Given Sunday existed in real life.  Go to the 2:45 mark in the YouTube above (sorry I could only find the Spanish version).  When prima donna’s like Dez act like pussies, their SUV should be severed in half by a crazed, coked up, linebacker. Unfortunately,  I don’t think Roy Williams has the balls to do anything more than fill Dez’s locker with shaving cream.

Also, don’t you wish there were more Shark’s roaming around the real world to combat people in everyday situations.  Like say you are golfing with a someone who has a magic memory and isn’t counting his golf strokes, Shark then chainsaws their driver in half.  Wouldn’t Shark’s be nice to have around for when you are playing Blackjack and someone doesn’t hit on 16, you could chainsaw his chips.  And if Shark existed and some dbag banged your sister or girlfriend, you could…well use your imagination.


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This is old news to most, but I wanted to pay homage to the biggest NFL bust of all time.  Earlier this week JaMarcus Russell was cut by the Oakland Raiders, a special piece of my gambling heart dies with JaMarcus being released.  If you didn’t already know Big Rips invented a betting system called No Points Third.

Definition: No Points Third: ( point-s thûrd) – verb, to monetarily prosper by taking the under of the 3rd quarter of a NFL football game which features teams that are defensive stalwarts or who have shitty quarterbacks who can’t move the ball and throws a lot of picks. Example) I am taking no points third in the Raiders game, JaMarcus Russell blows.

To breakdown how bad (or good depending on if you bet No Points Third) in the Raiders 16 games in 09′-10′ they totaled  just 55 points in 16 third quarters.  That is the total bewteen Oakland AND their opponent, an average of just 3.4 points per Third Quarter.   Pretty much a guarantee to win some free money if you took this bet each week.  I pray a NFL team makes a mistake and signs the ex-first round pick
R.I.P No Points Third, we’ll miss you

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