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We love the award ceremonies at the Big Rips HQ and we are looking to rebound from a less than stellar Grammy’s showing after we cleaned house at the Golden Globes. Who knew Esperzana Spalding (+1750) had pictures of the some of Grammy voters blowing Justin Bieber.  Anne Hathaway, who looks pretty funny in the promos, is hosting.  She likes to take her clothes often, so this show should be a huge upgrade from the Grammy’s.  How did she not win best Actress for her gripping role in Havoc? Any chance she walks on stage minus her clothes?

For the past few weeks the talk has been all about the King’s Speech, which I haven’t seen so I can’t give any opinion on it.  One of Big Rips resident movie buffs, Big Mick,  said it was “very good”, I trust his judgement.  Most of the major categories are solidified. Best Actress Natalie Portman -1400, in Black Swan, is a lock.  Best Supporting Actor Christian Bale -1400, in the Figher, lock. Best Actor Colin Firth -5000, Roger Ebert said it’s the “biggest guarantee of his lifetime”.  Best Picture, The Kings Speech -700, will win.  This year I am picking categories with a chance for an upset, rather than risk way more money than I have to win a small amount.  And the free money goes to…

Best Director

David Fincher  for The Social Network is the big favorite at -500. I feel like every year a foreign film wins this award, because 1) they are foreign and 2) more artistic. I mean, I saw the Social Network, which was a great movie, but how does that director get nominated? If he was a good director he would have directed Justin Timberlake to hook up with the blonde secretary in the drug scene, then it would have been a lock to win.  Instead, I’m going with Tom Hooper who was a career TV director before The Kings Speech.  Bet Tom Hooper, The Kings Speech in a slight upset -105.

Best Supporting Actress

Melissa Leo won the Golden Globe and the Screen Actors Guild Award for her role in the Fighter.  Looking back on it, I should have put a lot more money on her at just -105 at the Globes.  Leo has been cleaning up at all the award shows and glad handing with plenty of people in the Academy.  She may have just screwed herself out of an Oscar by putting out a trade of herself.  The Ad is pretty simple is just says ‘Consider’ paid for by Leo in all the Hollywood movie trade mags and media.  Basically it caused a shit-storm with some Academy voters, it was leaked that one said he would not vote for Leo.  This opened the door for Hailee Steinfeld +110 (True Grit) and Helen Bonham Carter +400 (The Kings Speech).  The Oscars have a history of making the Supporting Actress an upset category.  Bet Hailee +110

Good luck,



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It’s time to ball up.  There is plenty to bet on and with pages upon pages of props, overs and point spreads, to make money. My advice for the next 4 hours is to shut the ESPN, FOX and NFL Network coverage off, don’t bother polling your friends, just go with your gut.  I feel like today the regular season and playoffs doesn’t matter.  It’s  one game season and all of the ‘matchups’, back stories and bullshit is just fodder for the analysts to talk about for two weeks.

Today marks the 5th year anniversary of when the Pittsburgh Steelers beat the Seattle Seahawks in Super Bowl XL.  It was a glorious day at the old Big Rips HQ.  I clearly remember the victory because our good friend Hammer was a tossing a 20lb dumbbell around our apartment onto our hardwood floors once the game ended.  No he didn’t have the Seachchickens, he was doing this out of joy as well all won a significant amount of money on the Steelers.  The rest of us joined him in celebrating by doing a few shot-put tosses ourselves.  I’m sure our antics that night contributed our neighbors moving out shortly after.  Hey it’s the Super Bowl, put the women and children to bed and lets go make some money.

How long will it take for Christina Aguilera to sing the National Anthem, bet the OVER of 1 minute 56 seconds (-200)

How long will Christina Aguilera hold the word Brave during the National Anthem, bet the OVER of 6 seconds

Heath Miller o/u 38 1/2 receiving yards, bet the OVER

First punt o/u 44 1/2 yards, bet the UNDER

Donald Driver vs Hines Ward more receiving yards, Bet Driver -1 yard

Two Team Teaser, bet Pitt +9 / over 39.5

Hopefully we are all tossing weights around in celebration later tonight,

Good luck


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It’s the first of the month, have a strong month


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Nips and scratchies

Last year you might remember me and my fellow umass alum went to the umass – memphis game and I lost money betting against umass, again. We’ll tonight we’re attending the BC – Umass game at the garden, umass is +7 and looking like shit. I’m waiting to big rip the 2nd half, maybe THE Umass can close the gap.

Also there was is monty mack sighting, dudes back from europe to support the minutemen. Love the dedication. And Senator Scott Browns daughter, Ayla Brown opened with a great rendition of the National Anthem (she’s a smoke show)

Great atmosphere, gonna be tought to bet on BC 2nd half.

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First night of the second round of the MLB playoffs, the start of the ALCS.  The Evil fucking Empire versus the Texas Rangers, I’m stoked.  As a diehard Yankee fan (since 1985) I am one of about a dozen people who are actually gives a shit about this series, unless you have money on the series. So I am here to help make everyone New York City Yankee fans for the next 2 weeks, jump on my back and I’ll show you to the promise land.

I wrote a blog about how 281 sends me a text before every series ‘what do you think about the Yankees?’  a couple weeks back. Well here is your answer to the one you’ll probably send me 15 minutes before the first pitch tonight.

Why the Yankees will win this series:

1) No Cliff Lee in game one or two. Huge blow for the Rangers…thank you Tampa Bay.  This CJ Wilson kid is a nice story, but someone with one playoff series of experience against the best American League pitcher, has no shot. Rangers need to be in position to split in Texas before going to New York and now the odds are stacked against them to even win on game in Texas.

2) Curtis Granderson -he tweaked his swing mid summer and went from platoon player to the weapon we traded our best prospect for.   Tore it up against the Twinkies .445 avg/ 1.227 ops and some clutch hitting.

3) Andy Pettitte – My favorite Yankee after Don Mattingly and Jason Giambi, most people argue that Mo Rivera is our key, but who gets him the ball? Andy does.  He won three clinching series games last year and has most post season wins in MLB History.

Why Texas will not win the ALCS

1) Experience – I hate using the ‘experience excuse’ but  this team doesn’t have it and neither does their Hall of Fame president Nolan Ryan.  The Ryan express pitched in only 9 games during his 27 year career.

2) Vlad Guerrero –  I love seeing Vlad bat against the Yankees.  He swings at shit, makes bad base running mistakes and no longer is a threat in the field which was his best attribute against us.  He’s an automatic out, Girardi and the Yankees staff have him game planned.  Ron Washington will stick with him too long and he’ll end up killing the Rangers in a key At Bat.

3) Daryl Strawberry – Dude, we’re the fucking Evil Empire of course we have a plan B.  The Yankees Brass have this covered off,  if this series goes 6 or 7 they are gonna launch an attack at the Rangers top dog.  Josh Hamilton, who is a sniff of O’Douls from going on a bender that would make Hunter S. Thompson and Scott Weiland vomit from sheer disgust, is a sitting duck.  The Yankees will send Darrryl to wherever Hamilton goes after game five to congratulate him on his performance, a handshake later and that rapist wit will lead those two down a dark path that will end somewhere in Reno around 9:30am the next day. Trust me this has been discussed thoroughly. Mike Bloomberg even probably signed off on it.

Sorry but I got to wrap this up, game 1 is about to start.  Go Yankees take them -185

Good luck


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But it’s the 1st so I’m getting my hustle on


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Nice 30 unit winner on Uruguay yesterday. My main site for the Cup has been Bodog. For some reason their lines are only based on 90 minutes + injury time.  Making the draw back in play in the knockout stage. it’s a bit ihis of course made the US PICK a push. Man, that game was heart breaking to watch. I watched it with a bunch of buddies and it was much more fun and exciting than a Superbowl party(unless the Pats are in it). Just a great all around sporting event. Difficult to watch the loss. the first goal in the first 5 minutes was simply awful and inexcusable. They got heart though, they fought back as usual. Tough loss.

As promised, we are having a damn  good World cup. Been killing it on 30 unit plays and built a nice bank roll.  Denmark loss was a stinger but I accept it and I promise I will take a shit in Copenhagen. Some of these lines are high and a couple of losses in a row could change everything. However, that doesn’t happen to the Duceman. I’m just to smart and too good-looking for these books. Next few days are going to be huge.

World War 3: England Vs Germany: I can’t believe these two are playing each other. The local pubs have been ordered to stay open and to serve beer as long as possible to keep the English fans happy. There is going to be riot police on hand. I can’t wait. This is going to be a really good game. England is a slight favorite, that shocked me. But, I have read everything I can get my hands on this morning about this game. I got two little dudes crawling all over me and I’m watching this stupid little fucking Monkey called Curious George. But, I’m enthralled by this game. These two countries have caused over 5 million deaths to each other in the last 100 years. A knockout game in the world Cup is priceless. Germany is the 2nd youngest team in the tourney(behind Ghana) and they are fast as shit. Klose is back and he will be marked by Garrard. I can’t wait to see that. England is good and experienced, remember they should have beat the US and manhandled Slovenia. Really should have won the group. I expect Rooney to show up today. This is going to be a great game.

England PICK(-135) over Germany– I like the pick line. I’m taking England, I’m taking the experience and they are going to come up big today. Wayne Rooney is going to get a goal. You heard it here first.

England to Win game(-120)** 30 unit play** includes OT and PK’s. England has a bad history of losing to Germany in PK’s. BUT, in 2010 England is the best penalty kicking team in the world.  Big part of my decision to pound the snot out of England today.

Argentina -175/draw over Mexico*** 30 unit play**– Argentina is one of the best teams in the tourney and they will go deep. They are going to stomp on the Mexicans today. Lata Mexico. See ya in Cancun bitches. Make no mistake about it, Im crushing the Argentines today. Messi has proven to be the best player in the world and the best player in this tournament. He’s amazing to watch and he’s going to make the Mexicans looks like they just drank 40 shots of Pepe Lopez. Love this game.

Argentina -1 (+110) over Mexico- Love the goal line too.

On a side note putting a little coin on Wayne Rooney to score first goal at 5-1.

good luck gentlemen.

World Cup record: 14-11-10 ** 30 unit plays**: 11-3-6

Overall Record: 216-161

30 unit play record: 82-47

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