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Nice 30 unit winner on Uruguay yesterday. My main site for the Cup has been Bodog. For some reason their lines are only based on 90 minutes + injury time.  Making the draw back in play in the knockout stage. it’s a bit ihis of course made the US PICK a push. Man, that game was heart breaking to watch. I watched it with a bunch of buddies and it was much more fun and exciting than a Superbowl party(unless the Pats are in it). Just a great all around sporting event. Difficult to watch the loss. the first goal in the first 5 minutes was simply awful and inexcusable. They got heart though, they fought back as usual. Tough loss.

As promised, we are having a damn  good World cup. Been killing it on 30 unit plays and built a nice bank roll.  Denmark loss was a stinger but I accept it and I promise I will take a shit in Copenhagen. Some of these lines are high and a couple of losses in a row could change everything. However, that doesn’t happen to the Duceman. I’m just to smart and too good-looking for these books. Next few days are going to be huge.

World War 3: England Vs Germany: I can’t believe these two are playing each other. The local pubs have been ordered to stay open and to serve beer as long as possible to keep the English fans happy. There is going to be riot police on hand. I can’t wait. This is going to be a really good game. England is a slight favorite, that shocked me. But, I have read everything I can get my hands on this morning about this game. I got two little dudes crawling all over me and I’m watching this stupid little fucking Monkey called Curious George. But, I’m enthralled by this game. These two countries have caused over 5 million deaths to each other in the last 100 years. A knockout game in the world Cup is priceless. Germany is the 2nd youngest team in the tourney(behind Ghana) and they are fast as shit. Klose is back and he will be marked by Garrard. I can’t wait to see that. England is good and experienced, remember they should have beat the US and manhandled Slovenia. Really should have won the group. I expect Rooney to show up today. This is going to be a great game.

England PICK(-135) over Germany– I like the pick line. I’m taking England, I’m taking the experience and they are going to come up big today. Wayne Rooney is going to get a goal. You heard it here first.

England to Win game(-120)** 30 unit play** includes OT and PK’s. England has a bad history of losing to Germany in PK’s. BUT, in 2010 England is the best penalty kicking team in the world.  Big part of my decision to pound the snot out of England today.

Argentina -175/draw over Mexico*** 30 unit play**– Argentina is one of the best teams in the tourney and they will go deep. They are going to stomp on the Mexicans today. Lata Mexico. See ya in Cancun bitches. Make no mistake about it, Im crushing the Argentines today. Messi has proven to be the best player in the world and the best player in this tournament. He’s amazing to watch and he’s going to make the Mexicans looks like they just drank 40 shots of Pepe Lopez. Love this game.

Argentina -1 (+110) over Mexico- Love the goal line too.

On a side note putting a little coin on Wayne Rooney to score first goal at 5-1.

good luck gentlemen.

World Cup record: 14-11-10 ** 30 unit plays**: 11-3-6

Overall Record: 216-161

30 unit play record: 82-47

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Great win on Mexico.

The US tomorrow is a 30 unit play. I hammered the pick line at -200. get it in early as the line will steadily go up. Lock it in boys.

US PICK (-200)over Slovenia ** 30 unit play**/Draw.  as I said last week, the US is under rated. They can hang with anyone in the world. They have to win this game tomorrow and they will come out gunning. The US will win this game. Remember to bet the draw gentelemen.  will stop saying it.

US over Slovenia-(EVEN) **30 unit play**– also burying them to win Straight up at even.

Germany -167 over Serbia/Draw- Love the Germans. Right now, the Germans and Argentina are looking like the best teams in the field. I like the Germans tomorrow. No way they will lose.

England(-500) over Algeria/draw– too big a line for 30 units but I’m still betting on England. They should mop the floor with the Algerians tomorrow.


Rondo over 14.5 points..

C’s have to pull this out tonight. Nice 4 putt for Dustin Johnson. Dumb ass.

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Been on the road. little late on pick. Sorry.

What a monster win on Uruguay. One of the biggest bets of the year and it  was an easy winner. Love Uruguay, I have vowed to pay them back. I will be visiting their country and I will get shit faced in Montevideo. 3.5M people live in the country. Thats about the population of NH,ME and VT. I loved that they made the South Africans look like a bunch of butt fucks. God, it was a great day.

Mexico PICK(+160)/** 3o unit play** I love this line. Mexico is under rated and French has sucked some serious dick in International Competition in the last few years. They just aren’t that good any more. Mexico is going to either win or draw this game. I will gladly take the inflated PICK line at +160. Hitting it good. I’ll throw a little on a draw but I love the PICK line.


Tiger Woods: 7-1 – I love this value. You won’t see Tiger Woods with this low of a line in a major for the next 5 years. I’m biting. I’m foaming at the mouth. He knows Pebble. He loves Pebble. He’s fucking Tiger Woods. He’s won a US Open by 15 strokes. Yeah, I’m hammering Tiger.

Dustin Johnson- 33-1 I loved him, even before Seth’s excellent piece. That was just the nail in the coffin.

Lee Westwood: 10-1– He’s in every tournament he plays in. He’s due. He will be there on Sunday.

Ricky Barnes: 100-1 – dude is under rated. He’s playing well and he did damn well last year. I’ll bite.

Tom Watson: 200-1– This guy is fucking awesome. Should have won the British and was in contention at Augusta. He OWNS Pebble.

Ian Poulter: 66-1– I love Poulter. He’s been playing like shit, but he’ a top 10 player.

Charlie Schwartzel: 100-1 I love this kid.


Baby over 7.5 points(-130) *** 30 unit play**– Is this line fucked up? I just maxed it out on Bodog. Baby is going to go fucking crazy tonight. Love this line, love this prop.

Celtics +7– It’s going to be a damn good game.

World Cup record: 7-3-4 ** 30 unit plays**: 3-0-2

Overall Record: 211-156

30 unit play record: 74-43

NCAA Tourney record: 19-11

College football bowl record: 17-10

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Javier Vazquez has been demoted to the New York Yankees bullpen, too bad I loved winning money when this guy pitched every 5 days.  Javier Vazquez (blows) day was short lived, but it was inevitable for a pitcher who started out 1-4 with an 8.10 ERA and who has always sucked in the American League.

R.I.P Javier Vazquez (blows) day we’ll miss you, but I have feeling you’ll be back soon


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My loyal followers, I have some good news. I’m happy to introduce a College buddy of mine to Big Rips. Without question he is a gambling expert in all sports, but has a solid Expertise in Horse racing. Something Big Rips needs. We will be in the presence of greatness, I promise you. He comes to us with his own following. This is a blessing.

College was a long time ago, But Dags was an excellent baseball player but an even better drinker/partier and Beirut player. I’m psyched he’s on board.

It’s been awhile. I’m in my off season, but every now and then I see  something I like.  Taking a big bet tonight

Cardinals -150 over Braves(Kenshin Kawakami) ** 30 unit play** Kenshin will be a Sushi chef at Bamboo before the season is out. I promise you. Pujols might hit 5 homers off the dude.

Record: 198-148

30 unit play record: 65-40

NCAA Tourney 30 unit play record: 19-11

College football bowl record: 17-10

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Ok so last night I posted my one way Twitter banter that I had Jose Canseco which you can read here.  As promised I emailed his yahoo address inquiring about Spending a Day with Jose.  I just received a reply back and for only $1100 you can hang out with Jose for 5/hrs, bilking, bowling and going to the beach. Oh, and my favorite, boxing…awesome.  Hmmm, actually not a bad deal.  If I were to do this I would choose a 5 hour block of time from say midnight to 5am in Las Vegas with lots of drugs and hookers.  I figure that I would get a shit load of traffic when I post our antics on Bigrips.wordpress.com (soon to be just bigrips.com) and possibly make enough money off our stories to buy bigrips.com for $1695.  Anyway, below is the conversation that I had with his assistant on email, I am seriously considering this.  And she says it’s ok to ask him questions about steroid and HGH use, what a fun night that would be.  I can picture the two of us at the Sapphire strip club shooting the shit about sticking needles in my ass while getting a lappy…good times.

With some further thought maybe I should invite him to my birthday bash instead of Giambi



From: Seth Davis <bigrips1@gmail.com>

To: spendadaywithjose@yahoo.com

Sent: Mon, April 26, 2010 6:36:41 PM

Subject: pricing to spend a day with Jose Canseco

To whom this may concern,

I am interested in some price quotes to Spend a Day With Jose.

Thank you in advance

Seth Davis


From: Leila Shennib

Date: Tue, 27 Apr 2010 15:28:19 -0700 (PDT)

To: Seth Davis<bigrips1@gmail.com>

Subject: Re: pricing to spend a day with Jose Canseco

Hi there! Here is some info on Spend a day with Jose. Please let us know if you have any questions and what day youd like to reserve!

Spend a day with Jose

Come spend a day with ex baseball legend and reality TV personality Jose Canseco and his girlfriend, bikini model Miss Leila!

Choose from a list of exciting activities to participate:

·        Softball practice/hitting

·        Golf

·        Hiking

·        Bowling

·        Beach

·        BBQ, swim

·        Boxing/Gym

·        Open to ideas of other ways to spend the day

How it works: Any day with Jose Canseco is an exciting one! Choose your favorite activity (or activities) from the list and we will set up a 5 hour day doing just what you want! Get a chance to ask Jose all the questions you have been waiting so long to ask, get the autographs you’ve always wanted, take pictures and videos. This is not an opportunity to be missed!

Cost: 1100/day (5 hours) Up to two individuals, each additional person 500$.

Transportation and cost of activities, meals, etc are not provided


From: Seth Davis

To: Leila Shennib

Sent: Tue, April 27, 2010 3:56:13 PM

Subject: Re: pricing to spend a day with Jose Canseco

Sounds good I am a big fan

Is there an option for him to consult me on how to administer winstrol and hgh. I know he is open about and has helped ex- athletes in the past,

Thanks for you prompt reply


Sent via BlackBerry

From: Leila Shennib

Date: Tue, 27 Apr 2010 16:00:41 -0700 (PDT)

To: <bigrips1@gmail.com>

Subject: Re: pricing to spend a day with Jose Canseco

No he does not do that

Seth Davis

To: Leila Shennib

Sent: Tue, April 27, 2010 4:02:21 PM

Subject: Re: pricing to spend a day with Jose Canseco

Ok, well he doesn’t have to give me the shots. If I asked a question or 2 would he be willing to answer them?
For $1100 I hope he’d give me a tip

From: Leila Shennib

Date: Tue, 27 Apr 2010 16:06:41 -0700 (PDT)

To: <bigrips1@gmail.com>

Subject: Re: pricing to spend a day with Jose Canseco

If you would like to participate in spend a day with jose he can answer questions for you

From: Seth Davis

To: Leila Shennib

Sent: Tue, April 27, 2010 4:11:21 PM

Subject: Re: pricing to spend a day with Jose Canseco

What is the prefered payment method check, paypal, etc?

From: Leila Shennib

Date: Tue, 27 Apr 2010 16:11:42 -0700 (PDT)

To: <bigrips1@gmail.com>

Subject: Re: pricing to spend a day with Jose Canseco

Paypal or cashiers check

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Duceman’s Sunday

Man, I will take 2-0-1 as Duke was easy money. The Butler/MSU game was a yawner to watch. I just can’t believe the Spahtans couldn’t pull that out. Butler didn’t make a FG in 10 mins for christs sake.

I was satisfied with the push. The 30 unit under was a nice bet.  2-0-1 is not bad at all.  One thing is for certain, I promised a winning tournament.  We delivered.  Base, I was looking ahead to Monday’s game too and I had the game going at Duke -6. I see it at 7 at some places. Obviously, much more on this tomorrow.

Today’s card:

Sox -115 over Yankees- I’m not a homer and if the Yankees were + money, I would probably take them. Opening night, in Boston, slight edge to the Sox.


Vaughn Taylor PK over Joe Ogilvie** 30 unit play** Joe O is a pussy. It’s that simple. He had the lead for 30 seconds yesterday. During those 30 seconds , he immediately hit two shanks for a double bogey. It was amazing. Vaughn Taylor is great with the blade and has Ryder Cup pressure experience. he crushes Joey and I think he comes back to win this tourney.

Vaughn Taylor to win Shell Houston 11-1

Bryce Molder to win 3.5 -1

Cleveland Cavs -1.5 over Celtics- The C’s are no where near as good as the Cavs.

Tourney 30 unit play record: 18-11

Tourney overall record: 29-23-2

Record: 194-146

30 unit play record: 62-39

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Sunday’s with Duce

Alright dudes. A nice little day yesterday. Going 2-1 on the 30 unit plays. UNCC fucked me down the stretch. I will take it though. Good to see the Mick and Seth yesterday.

281- Props for the promoting of Big Rips. nice hustle man.

Base, when you coming back dude? Miss your blogs and system plays. Any of you guys going to have an Oscar special?

Today is a nice little Sunday. Here are my picks today gentlemen.

Florida +12 over Kentucky- Cats got a #1 seed locked up, Florida desperately needs a win.

BC +2.5 over NC State- BC is the better team in this game. They have some impressive wins and no one can blow them out. Yes, they lost to Maine and Harvard, but they flat out hang in the ACC. NC State is over rated and a major disappointment. I have been to a few NC State games at NC State and it isn’t that much of a home field. I might come back and make this a 30 unit play. Stay tuned on that.

Illini +3 over Wisconsin-**30 unit Play** Illini really needs this win and Champagne will be rocking. I will gladly take the 3 points here.

Wake Forest -2 over Clemson- The Deacons really need this game.


Matt Every over Connel in 2 ball- hitting this very hard. He delivered for me last Sunday and I’m loyal.

Bradnt Snedeker over CHarles Howell III– Big wager.  Love Bradnt and Howell is a clown.

Record: 140-98

30 unit play record: 39-17

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Like I said, the wise guy only leaves voice mails so I don’t know what his confidence level is. This time he sounded real down after giving us two straight losers. Well he is trying to redeem himself tonight, take the Suns (-13) vs the Pacers.

Wise guy record 7-2 (all voice mails saved)

Good luck

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Well, the Wise Guy money train came to a crashing halt yesterday LBS won, but didn’t cover the line. So my Wise Guy is redeeming himself today, he left me a voice mail to take Syracuse (-1) vs Louisville.

I may go big on this one.

Wise Guy’s record 7-1 (I have all the vm saved)

Good luck

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Duceman’s Saturday


Nice win on the Flashes last night. I’m a little rushed this am. Here is today’s Card. Good luck Gentlemen..

Nova- 3 over WV – Good game. Nova is too much at home.

Tulsa +8 Memphis- NO way the Hurricanes should be getting 8 in this game.

Cuse +1 Louisville– Small wager

ND +8 At Marquette- too many points here.0

UNCC +2 over Richmond** 30 unit play** UNCC is nasty at home and they will be playing hard today. They are going to get this win.

Ole Miss -1 over Arkansas- Rebs need this win.

URI -7.5 over Umass – Umass gets donkey punched by the Bubblicious RAMS.

TENN +3 OVER Miss St- I will gladly take the points here.

ST Louis +12 over Dayton ** 30 unit play**– ridiculous line. STL can flat out play. Love the line.

UAB +6 over UT** 30 unit play** One of the best games of the day. The Blazers need this win bad.

Record: 135-93

30 unit play record: 37-16

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Big game tonight.  I’m officially following Wiseguy tonight. 7-0 is damn impressive.


Kent St +4 over Toledo **30 unit Play**

Good luck dudes. More tomorrow.

Record: 134-93

30 unit play record: 36-16

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The Wise Guy is back and taking us into the weekend with some free money.  I thought that shipped sailed after he nailed another pick on Tuesday and said it was his last freebie. I talked to him the next day and he tried to hard sell me on his month of March NCAA picks package which is a baby $1500 up front, Western Unioned to him.  Well he is crawling back and trying to get my business because he just left me a voice mail with a free winner, he said to take Long Beach State University (-8) vs. Cal Riverside, 10:30 start…free money for everyone.

Wise Guy Record 7-0 (I have all his voice mails saved)

Good luck


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1) Rock Star

2) Pro Golfer

3) MLB Player

That is order of best jobs/ lives in the world.  Every damn golfer has a smoking wife or girlfriend, even John Daley – look it up.  I’d live to be only 40, if I could switch to one of these careers right now.  I did well again last weekend, picking Hunter Mahan (a mediocre golfer who has a Dallas Cowboy cheerleader girlfriend) to win the Phoenix Open and got an assist from his girlfriend.  Kandi Harris went to his car after the 2nd hole to get Hunter a new driver after he broke his, thus allowing me to win money, I wonder if she was wearing her cheerleader outfit.

So that makes two straight weeks of golf winners for me.  Below are my picks for this weekends Honda Classic, in Palm Beach Gardens Florida.

Robert Allenby (+1600) Near the leaderboard each event, solid golfer should win soon

Y.E. Yang (+2800) Defending champ, would have won last weekend but put it in the drink on 17

Scott Piercy (+5000) A UF alum, played well in Phoenix last week should do again on his home turf

Vijay Singh (+4500) I hate him, but at this price he his hard to ignore always able to win any given event

Maybe another one or two to come later today

Good Luck


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It’s raining free money, the Wise Guy is on a blistering pace. He left me a voice mail to take Clemson (-6.5) vs Georgia Tech tonight he says they blow them out.

Wise Guy’s record 6-0

Good luck

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South Florida -2.5 over Depaul

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Duceman and the Wise Guy are making My bookie cringe.  If my Guy could pull the plug on the Interweb he would for sure.  My Wise Guy hit on the Wolverines yesterday (+12.5) it was close, but still hit.  Of course I didn’t take his pick, again.  Well, this guy won’t quit, he was up and at it this morning, leaving me a voice mail for his play today.  Take Clemson (+4) vs Florida State – he says they win outright…free money for everyone.  This is a double whammy pick because duceman has it on his card.

Wise Guy Record 5-0 (I have all his voice mails saved)

Good luck


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I would like to start by apologizing to my millions of loyal readers. I’m sorry for losing on one the  30 unit play’s yesterday. However 4-1, I will take.  I really should have Clarified that Team Canada winning the Speed Skating Team Pursuit was one of the locks of the century. If I had time, I would have re-mortgaged my house on it. No question. 

The actual lock of the century occurred in 2005. My book had a line ” Will a Category 5 Hurricane strike the US this year?”. No was -350. I maxed out the bet , tried to open an other account, put everything I possible could on it. Since it only happened twice(Labor Day of ’35 and Camille in ’69”) it was without question, the easiest bet of all time. I just looked at it as putting a shit load of money in a short-term, well-paying CD. Anyways, I ramble.

Pulling for Fowler today in golf. Come on young brother.


Northwestern +2.5 over Penn State** 30 unit play**– Many of you know, I have been riding the Cats alot this year. The Cats won’t give up at an At-Large. This is a must win. I’m pounding the Cats.

Marquette +2.5- over the Hall- The Loser of this game is in a world of hurt with the Tourney. I think it will be a good game, but when The Golden Eagles are on, they can play with anyone in the country

Michigan St +4 over Purdue- No Hummel? I’ll take the points.

Xavier -7 over Richmond- the A-10 is a lot like the ACC. Home teams dominate. I think Xavier pulls away in the 2nd half for a 10-13 point win.

Clemson +4 over FSU Another shout out to the Mick. I hope the Tigers don’t let me down. I think they win this game.

Indiana +6.5 over Iowa- **30 unit play**Love the Hoosiers in this game. Iowa sucks some serious dick. They couldn’t bat Nashoba Tech by 7 points.


Ian Poulter over Zach Johnson(2 ball)**30 unit play** Considering making this 30 units. I love Poulter and Zach J is a world-class Douche Bag

Rickie Fowler over Brandy Snedeker in 3 years, the golfing élite will Be Fowler, Rory Mcilroy and Tiger. This kid is a stud.

Matt every over Scott Piercy- love this Gator.

US +1 over Canada- can’t wait for this game. I will take the goal.

Good luck today gentlemen.

Record: 129-88

30 unit play record: 33-14

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Big Rip Alert

Kentucky down 33-22 4 minutes left in the 1st half

Sent via BlackBerry

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Can't wait for the US Hockey game. I love America.

Hi dudes. I’m back. Another long and painful week leads us to a very nice sports weekend. I was actually around this week, I just didn’t like anything that much. I was timid. I was scared. I was a pussy. Not on weekends though.

I have to admit, I have become a fan of short track Speed Skating. It’s pretty damn cool. Did anyone see the Collinsworth interview Apollo’s Dad, Yuki Ohno? It was one of the funniest, most uncomfortable Olympic interviews that I have ever seen. I’m more Excited for the Gold Medal Game on Sunday than I was for the Superbowl. Man, that’s going to be fucking awesome. I wish the Olympics would last for a month.

Time for the picks..

College Hoops

Pitt -2 over St.Johns- The Johnnies aren’t bad , but they aren’t in the same class as Pitt. The Johnholes got no chance at a bid and Pitt needs a top 4 seed.

Vandy -1.5 over Arkansas- betting against the Razorbacks at home is something I usually shy away from. I’m biting on this line. Vandy is a sick team.

Texas PK over Texas AM The Horns have sucked. Hey have lost their PG for the year, they have flat out sucked. I think they get up for this road/rivalry game though.

Ole Miss +1.5 over Bama ** 30 unit Play** the Rebs are going to rip the Fallopian Tubes out of Bama today. They need this win bad. I’m hitting the Rebs hard.

Arizona State +6.5 over Cal- the Pac 10 sucks some serious dick this year. I think the Devils are the best team out there and I will gladly take the inflated line.

Rutgers -5 over Depaul **30 unit Play*** Depaul sucks and Rutgers is pretty under rated, especially at home on the Shore with Snookie. They are going to Donkey Punch Depaul today.

New Mexico +8 over BYU**30 unit play**. Wow 8 points in Mormonville? I watched the game at NM and they ass pounded BYU. You think they are scared of going to Provo?  I would rather take a bite out of my own shit than hang out in Provo. I should state that I’m Pro Polygamy.

Maryland +1 over Va TEch- in the past, I sad the Terps would be winning me money in the future. Starts today.

UNCC +3.5 over GW **30 unit play**– Wow, I love this game. The Niners are a tourney team. They win this. I will be taking the money line hard if it is available before tip.

St.Louis -5 over Duquesneman, these guys are hot and I’m going to ride them.

Nova +5.5 over Cuse- Great game, I’ll take the points. Probably buy it up to 6.

Kentucky -2.5 over Tennesse- Wall is ridiculous.


To win:

Anthony Kim 6-1, Rickie Fowler 10-1,  Ian Poulter 25-1.


Speed Skating Team Pursuit Canada -250 over the US** 30 unit Play**. I’m hammering the shit out of this. The Canadians should be -1000. The US has 2 19-year-old rookies on their squad.

Slovakia +1 over Fins- not sure about this line. I don’t have it. This is Duce’s line. I will change it in Comments sections. definitely taking the Slovaks and maybe hard. They have a smaller population than Massachusetts and are going to win the Bronze. They almost beat Canada last night. Now, that is cool. I’m Slovakian today.

Good luck gentlemen.

Record: 122-82

30 unit play record: 29-13

Bowl record: 19-12

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My Guy has Oscars lines up which really excites me.  Award ceremonies are boring as shit, unless you bet on them…plus it’s practically free money.  Base has already blogged about our past Oscar and Golden Globe experiences and he also explained the ‘Finding Nemo’ bet, which has become part of our gambling vocabulary.  And by the looks of it we have a ‘Finding Nemo’ bet this year.  My early selections.

Odds to win Best Supporting Actor – Christoph Waltz, Inglorious Bastards (-2500)  This is the freest of free money, big ups to Big Mick for calling this way back when Bastards was released.  Waltz is cleaning up in every award ceremony, this is a no brainer.  The problem is that I can only win like $3.56 if I max out my account…My Guy is going to be real suspicious when I call him to have my limit increased to $50,000.

Odds to win Best Actor – Jeff Bridges (-800) I like this for a couple reasons.  First, the Oscars are notorious for handing out Best Actor awards to actors late in their careers, even when those people have had better previous performances.  The two best examples are Denzel Washington for Training Day (should have won for his role in Virtuosity or He Got Game) and Al Pacino for Scent of a Women (got snubbed for his role in Scarface). Also, no one saw Crazy Heart and the Academy loves the obscure/artistic flicks.

Will post all my selections before the 7th…


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30 unit Sunday with Duceman

Nice little Saturday, going 2-1 on 30 units and a great day on the smaller picks. Very profitable. Couple games this afternoon I really like.

St.Louis +2 over Umass ** 30 unit Play* I don’t know how anyone could not hit Stl here. They are legit, just beat a rock solid URI team at home. They are going to ass pound Umass today.

Marquette +2 over Cinci- Damn good game.

US + 1.5 goals over Canada- I suck at Olmpic Hockey but I think this will be a good game. The young kids will be playing their balls off.

Ireen Wust Womans 1500M speed Skating. 8-1.

good luck dudes.

Record: 118-82

30 unit play record: 28-13

Bowl record: 19-12

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Nice, 30 unit hit on Texas Tech. Couple big bets tonight. Both 30 unit plays..

Latvia +2.5 goals over Slovakia

Western Carolina +9 over Kent state

Good luck dudes.

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Duceman’s Saturday

What a handsome guy

I would like to apologize to my millions of loyal followers about my lack of week day posts. Unfortunately, my day job has gotten in the way. I will try to make daily posts in the near future. The last time we spoke was last Sunday. What a fantastic day is was. Hitting on DJ winning at 6-1 and Alexander Bijodeau winning mens moguls at 6.5-1. On top of that nice bucket of money was the 30 unit hit on Northwestern. Also, swept the Sunday 3 ball. It was a beautiful day.

Ok, moving on. A great weekend for betting. Here is today’s card..

Golf match Play:

Stewart Cink +120 over Paul Casey- this is going to be a great match. I love Cink.

Ian Poulter -160 over Jaidee- I love Poulter. He’s a good dude.

Sergio Garcia -130 over Oliver Wilson- I been riding Sergio all week.

Goosen pick over Villegas- Small wager on this. I love the Goose but Villegas is a birdie machine. Scary as hell in match play. I love the Goose though.

College Hoops:

UNCC +4 over Xavier- Damn good game. I love the Niners at home and they need this win bad.

Texas AM -2 over Iowa state- the Aggies are pretty good and they get this win.

Texas Tech +7.5 over Texas ** 30 unit Play** The Horns are sinking faster and the Lusitania. Tech is decent and they really need this win on their home floor for at large consideration.

Kansas State -5.5 over Oklahoma- The Cats are legit and they are going to ass pound the Sooners today.

UTEP +2 over Tulsa- Quietly, UTEP has become of the King of Conference USA.

Tenn -1.5 over South Carolina- Downey by himself can not win this game. Small wager.

Kentucky -1 over Vandy– Damn good game tonight. I can’t bet against Wall.


Latvia over Slovakia- little unsure of this line, I will post it in Comments..

Li Nina(china) womans aerials 5-4

Bode Miller 10-1 – Mens Alpine Combined.

As always, good luck gentlemen.

Record: 109-77

30 unit play record: 26-12

Bowl record: 19-12

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I found out through some research last night the company information for HugeDomains.com who are the bastards who are holding my domain name hostage.

While I was having my morning cereal and coffee I put a call into their office to tell them that I was taking back my domain name Bigrips.com

Here is how it went down…

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Ok Tiger we finally found out that you are a Grade A scumbag last Thanksgiving to be honest I can accept that you needed to ‘live’ a little and abuse the shit out of your super star status.  Being cooped up as kid by your loony dad, marrying way too young (albeit to a super model so I don’t feel that bad) and having a bunch of screaming kids to deal with, would make most men bend, especially someone who has a billion dollars to piss away and white women pleading to sleep with you every second.  So we can establish that you are scum and a liar, but the move you are pulling this Friday transforms you from a scumbag to a genuine Asshole, you’re now in the same league as Alex Rodriguez.

Remember when ARod announced during the Red Sox/ Rockies World Series game that he was opting out of his contract?Well, to schedule a press conference mid-day on the Friday of great golf tournament is just as shameful and classless.  What a prick you are to grab the spotlight away from the golfers at the WGC so your puss ass who has waited three months to come up with a lame excuse that your Daddy didn’t love you and that you are a “sex addict “.

You’re an attention whore who must have no self-awareness. Why not wait until Monday or Tuesday next week when golf is off?  Hopefully Elin spikes you with her stiletto during the press conference and Jesper Parnevik cracks you with his Driver.

Good Riddance Tiger, I hope Phil wins the Masters

P.S. After ARod pulled this move in 2007 he followed it up by getting busted for steroid use…hmmm… I think Tiger Winstrol has a nice ring to it


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I don’t see nothing wrong with a little bump n’ grind with white chicks on your birthday your Airness. I hope you are out slaying white women with Tiger in Cabo San Lucas or the Caribbean, and making up for lost time when you were stuck with your ugly wife.

"Good lord my wife is ugly"

Bigrips.wordpress.com wishes you a safe and happy birthday


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Ok there has been a lot of positive things happening with Bigrips.wordpress.com.  The biggest one is that we have had great traffic, when I thought there was going to be a drastic dip after Football season and a lack of blogs by Duceman, Base, 281 and Myself …FYI I talked to 281 today, he is holding out until March Madness. But for some reason the traffic is still actually better than most days during Football season except for Saturday and Sunday of course.

So why am I telling you this?

Well, because I want help make it easier for people to find us and to have a more naturally sounding URL – I am a customer centric CEO – so I decided to move Bigrips.wordpress.com over to Bigrips.com via WordPress.com which is the site that hosts our blog.  Well I hit a major road block because some douche bag owns the domain name and is selling it for $1695…I shit you not.

here is the link, send him a hate email for me… http://hugedomains.com/domain_profile.cfm?d=BigRips&e=com

So unless I win on Stuart Cink this weekend I won’t have the disposable income to buy Bigrips.com.  What an asshole this guy is, he must have I heard rumblings that Bigrips.wordpress.com was blowing up in the Blog World.

This is a total Zach Morris situation from Saved By the Bell, he would up have conjured up a scheme that would net him $1695 in like on night at the Max buy the domain name which would lead to millions of dollars, but the last time I checked there isn’t a Max around here and I’m not Zach Morris

So  I have to make a difficult decision and go with…

Plan B and switch to HugeRips.com which was recommended by Base, and I do like it, but not as much as Bigrips.com

Plan C stick with the current situation

Plan X send the Dbag who owns Bigrips.com emails with viruses until he forks over my domain name.

Any suggestions will be considered, thanks for your support.

-Seth Davis

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Wow my Guy’s ears must be burning, as I am looking into opening a Bodog account for myself and ditching him for the Olympics and Golf season (I have been very vocal about not being able to bet on Golf) he posts odds for this weekends Match Play tourney.  I love this weekend, it’s like the NCAA Basketball tournament for dorks.

Since this is my first Golf blog I will just mention a few of my favorite tournaments to watch each year 1) Ryder Cup (when they play it) 2) The Masters 3) Pebble Pro-AM 4) WGC Match Play 5) TPC of Scottsdale.  I miss Tiger,  but still can watch golf all weekend even when Brandt Snedeker is the leader.

Before I put money on anyone, I am going to do some research and consult with Ducemen who has been right on the last three weeks with his golf picks.  But once again I get screwed by my site, the few guys I like don’t have long shot odds to win the tourney, rather you have the option of taking the field (+175) which is junk.  Anyway below are my early picks.

Just Leonard (+175 field) Has faded off the PGA tour map, but had a few good tourneys last year and finished 5th at this event, thrives under pressure, he basically won the  ’99 Ryder Cup for the US team, can putt like a champ.  If you don’t have the nuts to take him for the whole tourney, I’d throw some loot on him to beat Ian Poulter  (-160) in the first round.  Poulter can’t win on US soil.

Hunter Mahan (+175 field) First player I scrolled down to find and was pissed he gets the field odds, he is my favorite pick for this week, take the field and his match up versus Schwartzel (-105).  Hunter is a great player and hit his stride last year, always was on the leaderboard on Sunday.  He had a run in the middle of ’09 when he finished in the top 6, 4 out of 5 tournaments and one was a Major

Stuart Cink (+3300) Great value for the defending British Open champion, who had 6 top ten’s last year. Cink has a reputation for being a jokester and very laid back coupled with his experience it’s a great combination to have, especially for this tournament.

Will be back later with my selections…


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**UPDATE**  My site sucks and listed the O/U odds and no Money line, if I knew how to print screen on a Mac I’d show you how that at first glance it appears to be two separate lines.  I am now at my pinnacle of frustration with my Guy and the Winter Olympics.  281 and my other hockey consultants are going ape shit right now and want this bad, they are going to give me hell when I break the news to them…

For the record I have not watched one second of the Winter Olympics, but finally my Guy is offering an Olympic line, albeit Men’s Hockey.  That sneaky fucker hid it under National Hockey League to trick me too.  Usually I wouldn’t bet on hockey, but since I have been champing at the bit to bet on one Olympic event it will have to do.  I really want to take action on women’s figure skating, how sick would it to watch Michelle Kwan battle Katrina Witt (are either of those two in the Olympics) and scream at the TV when the German judge gives Witt a 9.8 for sticking a double toe loop.  I could really get into this.

Anyway, I guess I’ll settle for Men’s Hockey, which I know nothing about.  But, there is some free money to be had, Russia (+115) one of the favorites to medal are playing Latvia…that sounds like a female body part…Russia is actually under dogs.  How can that be…am I missing something?  Is this the freest of free money ever?  Also, Canada will win Gold and they are only (-145) to Norway, Norway sucks! Not since Anders Myrvold have the Norwegian’s been any good and their best finish in the Winter Games is 8th, that was back in 1972.   Both are not until tonight so I have plenty of time to consult with my Hockey experts.

P.S .I looked up famous Norwegian hockey players on Wikipedia to sound smart


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Monster Sunday for Duce

And my millons of loyal followers. Saturday, was looking great up unti South Carolina got Diareah with 1 minute left against Georgia.  F the Cocks.

However, my big-ticket winner could be golf. It’s looking very good heading into the final round. Both DJ and Goydos pulled away from the field and hold a 4 stroke lead. If either one of these dudes win, it will be very profitable. However, If Goydos can pull it out, I’m a god. Very nice win, 4 digit win this would be. Could be a monster day.

Today’s picks:

Northwestern +1 over Minny** 30 unit Play- I can’t believe this line. The cats should be at least -3. They need this win bad and the place will be rocking. I”m pounding the Cats.

Illinois +2 over OSU– The Buckeyes are so inconsistent. Champagne is on of the 10 toughest places to play in America. I will gladly take the points here.

Cuse -7 over Louisville- The cardinals are in turmoil after Pitinio started campaigning for the Nets. Cuse rolls in this one.


Mens Moguls: Alexandre Bilodeau Canada 11-2

Womans Alpine Combined: Lindsey Vonn USA- 5-1


3 ball:

Goydos over DJ +180. Everyone hates Goydos. I like him.

Mickelson over KJ Choi -150

Record: 104-75

30 unit play record: 25-12

Bowl record: 19-12

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Super Saturday with Duceman

Handsome man

I’m back bitches. Had a nice Super Bowl. hammering the Saints 6 ways to Sunday. Money line and under parlay was an absolute monster hit for the kid. I even won a square for the first time in my life.

What a great day for sports. Any real sports fan likes the Olympics. Any sports Gambling junkie goes crazy for the Olympics. One of my favorite things to watch. I even ordered a new 60 inch Plasma just for this event. Figures it won’t ship till next weekend, the fucking pricks. I’m just giddy about the next two weeks. Giddy about the gambling prospects. Anyway, here is what my mammoth card is looking like on Saturday:

College Hoops:

Duke -1o over MD- yes, the Terps are good. I plan on making money off them in the future. Only th Dukies cover in Cameron though.

Uconn -6 over Cinci- Calhoun’s back, this place will be rocking

Richmond -3 over St Bonnie** 30 unit play** smells like a trap but I’m biting. Love the Spiders.

South Carolina +2.5 over Georgia** 30 unit play** The Cocks need this win very badly to remain on the fringe bubble. They definitely win this game.

Georgia Tech +2.5 over Wake Forest- No one wins on the road in the ACC. Until today.

Virginia + 7 over VA Tech- see above

South Florida +9 over Marquette- The Bulls are for real, on the bubble, they will keep this close.

St.Mary’s +1.5 over Portland- the Gaels are a rock solid tourney team. They definetely win this game.


Mens Downhill: Carlo Janka (Swiss 9-1)– dude is a stud. Bode Miller 7-1

Womans Moguls: Jennifer Heil (Canada 13-10)

Golf-Pebble Beach Pro Am:

Dustin Johnson 6-1, David Duval 26-1 and Paul Goydos 20-1

I love Duval and I’m pulling for the dude. Goydos is a dork, but I like him and DJ is just downright good.

Good luck today Gentlemen.

Record: 101-74

30 unit play record: 24-11

Bowl record: 19-12

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Luger dies in Olympics practice crash – CNN.com.

Wow, what  a crazy way to start the Olympics, I had a bad feeling about the Winter Games too.  All I read this week was that there is no snow on the ground and that the forecast calls for rain for like the next 4 months.  How the hell do you have the Winter Olympics is a temperate climate city?  Its like the IOC choosing Iceland to host the Summer Olympics in January, doesn’t make sense.  I feel very bad for this guy who got in the accident

P.S. I hope my guy has lines for the Winter Games…


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Excuse me, do you know that I am the CEO of Big Rips?

You gotta love technology, American Airlines now has WiFi on some flights.  It amazes me that I took a six-hour flight to the west coast last week and neither plane was equipped with in-flight WiFi, but my short 1hr 55min flight from ORD to BOS has it.  It’s a little strange when you go on Porn Hub on a flight with your neighbor about 6 inches from you.  Anyway I am on the 6:10 flight because I was an ahole and missed my 3pm flight, first time in my career that I missed a flight, so how do you to kill time in an airport (besides stare at hot chicks) well drink of course.  So for the last 3 hours I’ve been drinking, Bud bottles at a bar.  I was on the standby list too, so I didn’t even had a guaranteed seat and pretty much was accepting the fact that I was gonna be too wasted to get on the 8:30 one.

So boarding time rolls around, I go over to the American Airlines agents (who clearly know that I’ve been drinking) to see if I had a seat, I didn’t coach was full.  The one open seat was in first class and they were waiting for some lady with the last name Osborne, they gave this woman like 9 chances and kept calling her name.  Finally, the plane was completely boarded and they were waiting for this last chick to show up.  As luck would have it I was next, she didn’t show and I got the first class upgrade big dog seat, I feel like I hit the lottery.  I think the stewardess knew I was boozed up too, cause she asked me if I could open the exit door thing if we crashed, I flexed at her, she gave me a strange look.  I love Amercia


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