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Getting a couple early picks in:

Netherlands -1 (-120) over Denmark

Netherlands -220 over Denmark ** 30 unit play** – i think the Netherlands are one of the best teams in the world. They will be a factor late in the tourney

Draw +320- I made it clear in post 1 that all draws must be bet on.  But I got an email from a retarded friend of mine not understanding it. So, I will keep saying it. ALL DRAWS are at least a push. You have to bet the draw. no way around it.

Cameroon over Japan/Draw- African soccer power.

Italy over Paraguay/Draw

World Cup record: 4-1-2 ** 30 unit plays**: 1-0-1

Overall Record: 207-152

30 unit play record: 70-41

NCAA Tourney record: 19-11

College football bowl record: 17-10

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The Germany line is crumbling faster than the Wehrmacht at Stalingrad. All the money going on the Socceroos +1. Probably because of their improbable ’06 run. I had a vision of thousands of drunk Australians stumbling around Sydney betting all their money on the home squad. Well, that works for me Mates.

Any how, this is shaping up to be a good day. it should be noted, I’m adding some picks.

Germany -1(even)- large wager

Germany -200 ** 30 unit play***

I’m also upping my draw bet accordingly. I’m calling for a 2-0 Germany win.

I would also add another rare baseball 30 unit play. I don’t too much baseball, occasionally I see a line that makes me just about shit my pants. Here it is..

KC -105(Grienke) over Cinci(Sam Leclure)** 30 unit play**– I know Grienke has sucked this year but getting him at 105 against a recently called up starter for the Reds? I will take my chances with Grienke.

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The Return of Duceman

Hello Big Rippers. That’s right, the Duceman is checking in. I have been thoroughly enjoying my off-season. I have spent my off-season, spending my winnings on lavish things. Everyone in the family got a new Crib and Bark Mulch.

This summer we are blessed by one of the best sporting events in the history of the world.  It’s a beautiful thing and it’s a month-long. I’m here to report that Duceman is here to report that he has committed to full tourney coverage. Just like the NCAA’s, I’m guaranteeing a winning World Cup. The cost of this package is free to all Big Rippers. Stay tuned for more.

Duceman’s records:

30 unit play record: 68-40

Overall betting Record: 201-149

NCAA Tourney 30 unit play record: 19-11

College football bowl record: 19-12

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