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I love technology.  Delta has WiFi on pretty much all of their flights so I can pump out a Monday Night Football/rant blog.  Delta also has planes that have faulty landing gear as the folks on Delta flight 4951 find out last night.  I type this as I’m flying down to the Shit-lanta for a few days of Chick-Fil-A and work before I head up to Montreal for a fellow Big Rips reader’s bachelor party, the O/U of how many people get arrested + die is 1.5.

First, I am fresh off a huge weekend of golf.  I picked Jm Furyk to win The TOUR championship which he took home on Sunday along with the FedExCup a nice $11.3 million pay day.  No one has won that much cash on a Sunday since Base, when he would bet on the Daunte Culpepper/Randy Moss Vikings team.  Also, over the weekend was the Duceman Invitational Golf Tournament. The feeling players have when in contention in the final round of the Masters is the same as what I felt yesterday during the Duceman Invitational.  What a great weekend of golf.

Tonight, I have Roy ‘Doc’ Halladay going for win number 21.  If you didn’t already know Base and I along with a few others bet that a MLB pitcher would win more than 20.5 games this season. I talked to My Guy about this and he is definitely well aware of the situation, so much that he is tracking the weather patterns for the Phillies – Nationals game tonight.  It’s come down to the wire as we have 3 guys (Halladay, CC Sabathia and Adam Wainwright) with 20 wins and 1 start left.  Strike that 2 guys Wainwright might not make his final start, we’re fucked.  Anyone want to buy my bet?

Monday Night Football is in Chicago, as Jay Cutler and his bangs take on their division rival Green Bay Packers.  I have a lot of action tonight, I’ve got 2 fantasy football leagues with Aaron Rodgers and need big numbers from him to secure wins and beat my Lawyer on a side bet.  So I might as well go nuts and take the favorite on the road team that the public will be all over, a bookies wet dream.

Green Bay Packers (-3) @ Chicago Bears, I watched the Bears – Cowboys game 2 Sundays ago and the Bears couldn’t protect Cutler at all.  He was constantly getting knocked on his ass thus prompting him to scream like the cunt he his offensive linemen.  I foresee a lot more of this tonight.  The front 7 for the Packers are filthy, best against the run last year and they have Clay Matthews (who has to be on a combination of HGH and Steroids) check out his head in tonights game, the dude shops at the same hat store as the 1999 National League All Star team. He’s a freak.  I like the Packers D a lot plus I’m be pulling for Rodgers to have a monster night and anticipate Culter coming back down to earth and chucking up at least 3 INTs. Go Pack Go.

The question I have is if my Delta flight takes a turn for the worst on the landing (plus we’re flying through thunderstorms) who owns my MLB O/U 20.5 wins prop bet?  I can’t wait to brace for impact.

Good luck tonight



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Love the first two or three weeks of NFL betting, best time of the year to win on 3 team teasers 4 team parlays. Week is four is when you should start to call or text your 5 best friends to see who they like then bet the opposite, it’s a proven fact.

My bets for now…

The Pats (- 5.5) vs Bengals – line has gone from 6.5 down to 4.5 not it’s back to 5.5 on my guys site.  I always agree with Duceman’s point that it is business, I’d even bet against my mother to win money, but I am gonna put a small play on the Pats this week.  Bengals are supposedly sick and the Patriots defense is young and thin, but the last time I checked we have the coach and QB with three Super Bowl rings and they’ve got two actresses who have a show on the E! Channel together. Pats -5, buying the 1/2

Packers (-3) at Eagles – Kevin Kolb is a nice QB to fall back on when your starter for the last decade leaves for Division rival, but the Eagles offense will have little time on the field today.  The Packers are legit and have the best run D in the league.  This line would 7 – 9 if they played later this year.  Packers by 2 TDs

Ryan Moore (-120) vs Charlie Wi – Golf on NFL Sunday, why not.  Wi has never won on the tour and it won’t happen today.  Watched the 2nd round yesterday and his Stack and Tilt swing just isn’t what it’s suppose to be. Ryan Moore has a great game and a one shot lead, watch for Wi to fall back a few strokes and Moore to win at Cog Hill.

Good luck today


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