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We love the award ceremonies at the Big Rips HQ and we are looking to rebound from a less than stellar Grammy’s showing after we cleaned house at the Golden Globes. Who knew Esperzana Spalding (+1750) had pictures of the some of Grammy voters blowing Justin Bieber.  Anne Hathaway, who looks pretty funny in the promos, is hosting.  She likes to take her clothes often, so this show should be a huge upgrade from the Grammy’s.  How did she not win best Actress for her gripping role in Havoc? Any chance she walks on stage minus her clothes?

For the past few weeks the talk has been all about the King’s Speech, which I haven’t seen so I can’t give any opinion on it.  One of Big Rips resident movie buffs, Big Mick,  said it was “very good”, I trust his judgement.  Most of the major categories are solidified. Best Actress Natalie Portman -1400, in Black Swan, is a lock.  Best Supporting Actor Christian Bale -1400, in the Figher, lock. Best Actor Colin Firth -5000, Roger Ebert said it’s the “biggest guarantee of his lifetime”.  Best Picture, The Kings Speech -700, will win.  This year I am picking categories with a chance for an upset, rather than risk way more money than I have to win a small amount.  And the free money goes to…

Best Director

David Fincher  for The Social Network is the big favorite at -500. I feel like every year a foreign film wins this award, because 1) they are foreign and 2) more artistic. I mean, I saw the Social Network, which was a great movie, but how does that director get nominated? If he was a good director he would have directed Justin Timberlake to hook up with the blonde secretary in the drug scene, then it would have been a lock to win.  Instead, I’m going with Tom Hooper who was a career TV director before The Kings Speech.  Bet Tom Hooper, The Kings Speech in a slight upset -105.

Best Supporting Actress

Melissa Leo won the Golden Globe and the Screen Actors Guild Award for her role in the Fighter.  Looking back on it, I should have put a lot more money on her at just -105 at the Globes.  Leo has been cleaning up at all the award shows and glad handing with plenty of people in the Academy.  She may have just screwed herself out of an Oscar by putting out a trade of herself.  The Ad is pretty simple is just says ‘Consider’ paid for by Leo in all the Hollywood movie trade mags and media.  Basically it caused a shit-storm with some Academy voters, it was leaked that one said he would not vote for Leo.  This opened the door for Hailee Steinfeld +110 (True Grit) and Helen Bonham Carter +400 (The Kings Speech).  The Oscars have a history of making the Supporting Actress an upset category.  Bet Hailee +110

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