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While other bloggers like to post naked pics of famous athletes 2 year old kids – WWTDD & BSS – we at Big Rips like to blog about stuff people can actually get excited about…like Free Money.  Sept 1st also known as Moving Day and Allston Christmas but it’s also the beginning of the holiday season for most degenerates.  I even have  a dedicated “Gambling Thread” with some UMass buddies to keep on topic about what we are going to bet on. Most Big Rip followers and people in my sports betting inner circle know I love betting on Wisconsin Football, and the gambling gods brought me an early Christmas gift with the College Football Opener.

Tonight, Whisky Dick hosts UNLV (2-11 last year) at Camp Randall Stadium.  Camp Randall, alone is easily a two touchdown advantage for Wisconsin in just the first half against a lower level Big Ten team. It’s an even bigger advantage against a bottom feeding MWC school.  UW has a new QB, don’t let this sway your decision, their force has always been a two-headed monster in the backfield, NFL talent Offensive Line and a stellar Defense.  Put some money on Montee Ball and James White tearing through an inferior Rebels defense in the first half.  Bet the Badgers -21 first half…

Good luck,



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What’s in the fucking water today, cause everyone has been going a little nuts. We’ve Big Mick coming out of retirement to hammer Pitt for a Nickle, then another Big Dawg Hammer “I only bet $500 per game” is going large on the over of the Phillies – Giants over 5 1/2 runs tonight (which I love) and Duceman is putting his life savings on The Ohio State and 281 is doing his best Erin Andrews impersonation and watching from the sidelines.

For me this afternoon I am in love with the Texas Ranger over team total 4 1/2 runs.  If you recall I took this bet exactly one week ago on my Over Saturday.  Phil Hughes pitched lights out against the Twinkies, but he won’t repeat, the Rangers can rake.   Don’t let the ESPN Bottom line fool you (it’s running that Phil Hughes hasn’t allowed an ER in 15 1/3 innings in Arlington).  Take the over 4 1/2 Hughes and the bullpen blow up.

Good luck


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Man this guy Garrett Gilbert on Texas is fucking terrible, a complete retard, he’s making me lose my parlay and I didn’t take No Points Third in cause it went from 10.5 at the start of the game to 7.  Also, he was born in 1991, I think that’s the year me and Big Mick made our first bets. What a dork


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Alright, I’ll be honest I am not that fired up about this game.  After watching Texas vs Nebraska and pretty much any Alabama game this year, we are in for a real bore fest tonight.  Like a 9-7 final score (I do like Duceman’s 30 unit play).  I’v watched Texas play quite a few games this year and starting riding the Texas 2nd half train after Base told me they were a great 2nd half team, which is true. Mack Brown even said after they stole the Big 12 Championship I even found the YouTube, where he he says this.

“We’re the best come from behind team in the country” go to about the 2:14 minute mark (A guy recorded his TV, not the best clip but ok)

Also, I did some homework and Texas has outscored their opponent 240-90 in the 2nd half this year, that’s sick.

So my card looks like this

Texas +4 for the game

A Two Team Second Half Parlay (didn’t know I could do this until now) Texas (+2.5) & Total Under 23 – love the 2nd half under of 23

I will probably end up taking no points 3rd at the half

I also like Ingram Under 109 rushing yards.

Hook ’em Horns

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Wow, I think everyone who goes on Bigrips.wordpress.com (soon to be hugerips.com or bigrips.com) just got completely taken advantage of in the Bowling Green game.  I did big fist pump after BG punched it in with 1 minuted left, decided to take a shower at that point and came out to the Idaho coach dripping with Gatorade, how did this happen? We only pushed, but I am that stubborn and would rather lose then push.

FYI I bought two potatoes yesterday and I just threw them in the trash.


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