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Happy Marathon Monday.  I am putting this post up now, because you should know, Marathon Monday is an early start in Boston.  If you polled 9/10 people from New England they would say their favorite day of the year is Marathon Monday.  So much epicness happens on this day that it’s talked about for years.  The day starts early with a trip to the Fenway for a Sox game or just to drink on Landsdowne Street, followed by haziness as the group you are with stumbles to Comm Ave to cheer on the marathoners.  After 2pm anything goes.  You might break your hand punching a wall, pass out in a taxi for a $85 ride home, piss in a friends trash can, or  somehow get a 3rd wind and continue on drinking until dinner time.  One thing for sure is Tuesday is a big time hangover day for the City of Boston.

A tradition on Marathon Monday is to bet the Sox game.   If I could bet the Marathon I would put money on Lolo Jones or Kara Goucher, it’s about time a fucking American won this race.  There’s a reason tomorrow is Patriots Day, it’s not called Ethiopian or Kenyan Day for a reason.  I’m not even sure if Lolo is running this year, but at least it gave me an excuse to Google image her, enjoy.   I think Kara Goucher finished 3rd a couple years ago, both are hot.  Since I can’t take the Marathon, I’ll put some action on the Sox – Jays, which I’ll watch 1/2 of and remember nothing past the 3rd inning.  All I know is that it’s an early, sunny, start with Dice K on the mound which screams home runs to me. Tomorrow my Marathon Monday bet is the Sox – Blue Jays Over 9 1/2 runs. 

Good luck and Happy Marathon Monday,



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