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My first pick for tomorrow is Austin Collie (+1200) to score to first TD of the game, if you have this prop throw at least $20 on it.  Back in 2000, which was Super Bowl XXXV Brandon Stokely of the Ravens, scored the first TD.  It may be an urban legend but I think I have a friend of a friend who has a cousin that put up $200 to win $3000.  This is a very similar circumstance, both are white slot receivers with good hands  and Collie will be the least focused on as New Orleans will key in on Wayne and Clark.  Also, Collie has scored a TD in the last two playoff games and is becoming a favorite target of Peyton’s.  Too much value here to not make a small play.

For this prop I also like:

Robert Meachem +1500

Jeremy Shockey +1500

Joseph Addai +550

More to come…


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