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I don’t know what happened in the Bungles – J’Ville game yesterday. All I know is that we got fucked. I was out of pocket and checked my phone and saw the Bungles had the ball with :12 seconds left and it was 4th down. I assumed victory formation, then my account was down. Ok, I just caved and watched the low-light, top 5 bad beat for me. Oh well. You gotta pick yourself up when these things happen. Gonna roll with these bets on this glorious October Monday Night while I enjoy my Peroni and Pasta.

8:30 pm Bears +7 1/2 @ Lions – Chris Harris is back in the secondary for the Bears. Having Harris back is like the Polamalu-affect. One player on the defense totally changes the dynamic of the game. Chicago looked great on D when he wasn’t hurt. I’ll take a division rival getting a TD+ on MNF. Bet the Bears 7 1/2

Johnny Knox O/U 47 1/2 receiving yards – He has a reception in each game this year over 25 yards, bet on this going over

RIP “Are you ready for some Football!?!”,




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It’s time to ball up.  There is plenty to bet on and with pages upon pages of props, overs and point spreads, to make money. My advice for the next 4 hours is to shut the ESPN, FOX and NFL Network coverage off, don’t bother polling your friends, just go with your gut.  I feel like today the regular season and playoffs doesn’t matter.  It’s  one game season and all of the ‘matchups’, back stories and bullshit is just fodder for the analysts to talk about for two weeks.

Today marks the 5th year anniversary of when the Pittsburgh Steelers beat the Seattle Seahawks in Super Bowl XL.  It was a glorious day at the old Big Rips HQ.  I clearly remember the victory because our good friend Hammer was a tossing a 20lb dumbbell around our apartment onto our hardwood floors once the game ended.  No he didn’t have the Seachchickens, he was doing this out of joy as well all won a significant amount of money on the Steelers.  The rest of us joined him in celebrating by doing a few shot-put tosses ourselves.  I’m sure our antics that night contributed our neighbors moving out shortly after.  Hey it’s the Super Bowl, put the women and children to bed and lets go make some money.

How long will it take for Christina Aguilera to sing the National Anthem, bet the OVER of 1 minute 56 seconds (-200)

How long will Christina Aguilera hold the word Brave during the National Anthem, bet the OVER of 6 seconds

Heath Miller o/u 38 1/2 receiving yards, bet the OVER

First punt o/u 44 1/2 yards, bet the UNDER

Donald Driver vs Hines Ward more receiving yards, Bet Driver -1 yard

Two Team Teaser, bet Pitt +9 / over 39.5

Hopefully we are all tossing weights around in celebration later tonight,

Good luck


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My first pick for tomorrow is Austin Collie (+1200) to score to first TD of the game, if you have this prop throw at least $20 on it.  Back in 2000, which was Super Bowl XXXV Brandon Stokely of the Ravens, scored the first TD.  It may be an urban legend but I think I have a friend of a friend who has a cousin that put up $200 to win $3000.  This is a very similar circumstance, both are white slot receivers with good hands  and Collie will be the least focused on as New Orleans will key in on Wayne and Clark.  Also, Collie has scored a TD in the last two playoff games and is becoming a favorite target of Peyton’s.  Too much value here to not make a small play.

For this prop I also like:

Robert Meachem +1500

Jeremy Shockey +1500

Joseph Addai +550

More to come…


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