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It feels good to be back to normal. I looked at the blog feed and it’s been some time since I’ve contributed.  Like I mentioned earlier today I’ve been deathly ill with no hot nurse to take care of me, I even put out a Craigslist ad try to pull one into the Big Rips lair. Of course to no avail. Before you say “Seth you’re a pussy it was probably just the flu” well it wasn’t and I don’t go down easy either. The last time I was sick and took days off was the week of July 4th 2005, trust me I have an elephant’s memory. The best way I can describe how I felt is this – imagine having the flu and your worst hangover after drinking cheap Red Bull vodkas for a night. That’s what I got.

Over the past few weeks some really positive things have happened.

1) The NBA lockout ended the Greatest Bar does not have to shut down! My early NBA MVP bets (put them in today) Kevin Love +1800 and John Wall +4000.

2) Ryan Braun won the MVP, a nice pay-day, but more of a moral victory.

3) Bobby Valentine was hired as the Red Sox Manager, this is great for a Yankees fan living in Boston, he’s a walking soundbite.

4) The Human Centipede 2 is on iTunes.

5) Danny Ainge took my theory and is dangling Rondo for Paul (I’ve been talking about this for a year) a move that makes the Celtics immediately better and puts us in a position to go after Dwight Howard next summer, IF we can sign Chris Paul to a deal…with Danny and Doc this can happen, just need to get the trade done. I can go on for hours about this, call me if you want to discuss/debate.

On to some bets as I put back a Peroni and some gnocchi on a surprisingly pleasant December evening.

8:30pm Eagles -2 1/2 @ Seahawks – Does the NFL Network ever put on a decent Thursday night game? I feel like it’s always a game that features one of the following teams, J’Ville, Denver, Oakland and Tennessee. Along with a bad match-up you are subjected to horrible coverage. Get ready to not see a Punt return for a TD by Leon Washington, because the Network needs to make sure you see the promo for their new Deion Sanders and Mooch cooking show.  This game has zero implications, both teams are done, the only purpose to them playing it betting and fantasy football purposes. I’m betting a parlay Eagles -2 1/2 under 44. I’ve tried the bet the ‘Hawks because they are good at home” thing, but failed. Straight up the Eagles are better even with Vince. They are a top 15 defense and have the best running game in the league. Tarvaris Jackson is ailing and if he goes Mick’s boy Charlie Whitehurst who couldn’t even start for Clemson now, will be in the game. Bet the Eagles 2 1/2 and the under 44. 

Also betting Vince Young longest pass completion OVER 35 1/2 – DeSean Jackson on a catch a run from Vince, this happens

Good luck,



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