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I’m not going to belabor the point too much, but I don’t believe in Tim Tebow. If you have talked to me, read my posts or heard me call into the Felger & Mazz show in the last 2 months, you would know this. The facts are perfectly clear. Tim had a winning streak against less than mediocre opposing QBs,who couldn’t stay on the field. He won his first playoff game because of a horrid game plan by Dick Lebeau (who has to almost be in Joe Pa status), Ryan Clark’s sickle cell and a back up a center not being able to snap a shotgun pass. When Tim was in a position to win the game on their last possession in regulation Tim one hopped a wide open Demaryius Thomas, running a post on 3rd and 8. It showed Tim can’t string consecutive passes underneath, which plays perfectly into the Pats zone defense. Make him complete a shit load of passes if he does and can score a lot, then we are not good enough to be in the playoffs and we’d lose to the Ravens/ Texans next anyway. Here is  my pick which might surprise you as your enjoy your coffee and Pizelle on a cold, but at least there’s no snow, NFL Playoff Saturday in January.

Denver @ New England -20 1/2 – 20 1/2 what kind of line is that? Well My Guy offers “adjusted spreads” and if I’m that adamant that this is going to be blow out city, I have to put my money where my mouth is. Also is +230. I rarely predict scores (I think I’m 2-0 this year when I do) Give me the Pats rolling the Willis McGahee lead Denver Broncos at 41-17, bet the 13 1/2 and 20 1/2.

Saints vs 49ers – 3 1/2 – Once again I’m going with the adjusted line idea. I don’t love this bet as much as the Pats but I like the payout, bet San Fran -3 1/2 +255


McGahee & Ball vs BJGE & Woodhead +24 1/2 receiving and rushing yards – I  like the Pats tandem in this especially if they go with the hurry up, you’ll see more of Woodhead than Ridely or Benny. For good or bad Woodhead always seems to be apart of the Belichick’s game plan in crucial games.

Tom Brady O/U 2 1/2 TD passes – According to my score prediction they run away with this one and that means lots of Brady to Gronk, Welker and don’t be surprised if Ocho grabs one. Bet the OVER 2 1/2.  

Frank Gore O/U 76 yards rushing – Give me the over, the best game plan for the 49ers is for them to grind it out with Gore and to keep the Saints off the field. I Like a

David Akers 8 1/2 points – One of the best kicking seasons of all time, a grinder of game, maybe a funny 18-14 final...I like Akers OVER 8 1/2 points. 

Will Brady Quinn see the field before the 4th quarter Yes +150 / No -120 – If this prop was real I’d bet Yes for a lot of money. How else will Denver pass themselves back into this game?

Good luck, be sure to pace yourselves my degenerate friends,



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I don’t know what happened in the Bungles – J’Ville game yesterday. All I know is that we got fucked. I was out of pocket and checked my phone and saw the Bungles had the ball with :12 seconds left and it was 4th down. I assumed victory formation, then my account was down. Ok, I just caved and watched the low-light, top 5 bad beat for me. Oh well. You gotta pick yourself up when these things happen. Gonna roll with these bets on this glorious October Monday Night while I enjoy my Peroni and Pasta.

8:30 pm Bears +7 1/2 @ Lions – Chris Harris is back in the secondary for the Bears. Having Harris back is like the Polamalu-affect. One player on the defense totally changes the dynamic of the game. Chicago looked great on D when he wasn’t hurt. I’ll take a division rival getting a TD+ on MNF. Bet the Bears 7 1/2

Johnny Knox O/U 47 1/2 receiving yards – He has a reception in each game this year over 25 yards, bet on this going over

RIP “Are you ready for some Football!?!”,



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An important part of sports betting is building up your base for the weekend so you have plenty of ‘House Money’ to play with. Building your base is vital and if you are attentive during the week you can pick off some easy winners. Like a Tuesday night MAC Football game when the O/U is 21 points off or a day baseball game at Wrigley with an O/U of 9. Since the Patriots are on MNF we’d all like to have a nice base so we can got nuts. Today’s winner is trickier than a Tuesday CFB game, but still one that can make us some free money while we slave away at work.  Getting paid by the man while winning sport bets on the job is like double dipping Hilton Honors Points and American Airline miles, there is nothing better.

4:00 US Open Men’s Finals Novak Djokovic (-175) vs Rafael Nadal – Listen I am not going to try to wow anyone with any professional tennis knowledge. I’m pretty much a layman when it comes to the ATP tour.  I am very aware that Novak Djokovic is having a historic year and he’s also defeated Nadal in 5 straight matches. By Nadal’s own admission he has “doubt” about his ability against Djokovic, which is highlighted in this SI article . Djokovic even has P Diddy on his side so the Greater New York City crowd should play favorites to Novak. I’m going with the hot hand and betting Djokovic -175 to help build my base for the Patriots – Dolphins MNF game.

Good luck,


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