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Hello friends. So it’s be some time since we have last spoke. I was going to wait until Football season to relaunch BigRips, but I couldn’t help to stay away with all this steroid news the last few weeks.

First, Melky Cabrera, MVP and batting champ contender, in a contract year was on the verge of solidifying an 80 million dollar pay day. Well just so happens Melky has been on the sauce this year, he even took it a step further and made a fake web-site to cover his tracks. No beuno Melky. With your history of hanging with porn stars, you should have used the Ryan Braun herpes excuse. Next Barolo Colon aka Fatolo Colon whose career was over 6 years ago was busted for juicing. Not the poster child for the steroid community. Have you seen his gut lately ? Finally, Lance Armstrong, Mr. Livestrong, 7 time Tour De France winner, was stripped of his 7 championships after he dropped his fight against the drug charges. Armstrong said in his statement “Today I turn the page. I will no longer address this issue, regardless of the circumstances.” Apparently he took PR advice from Mark McGwire who infamously said “I’m not here to talk about the past” in front of congress.

Today I am here to talk about the past, here are the top ten steroids stories involving athletes who used performance enhancing drugs and their tall tales.

#10 Alex Rodriguez, MLB – ARod went on 60 Minutes and told Katie Couric in ’07 that he never used steroids, HGH or other performance enhancing drugs. He also told Katie that he was “never tempted” to take them because he felt he worked hard enough to compete without them. When he finally fessed up, his excuse “I was under an enormous amount of pressure”. ARod is on the DL and hasn’t hit more then 35 HRs since 2008

#9 Bret Boone, MLB – “Shh, don’t tell anybody” is what Bret told Jose Canseco when he started using. Canseco said it was obvious to everyone in baseball because of his cartoon character shape. Bret Boone averaged 14 HRs for 9 seasons suddenly found his stroke at 32 and doubled what he averaged for power numbers (37 HRs and 141 RBIs). He retired on ’06 citing a lack of passion for the game, a year after MLB put in place new testing policy.

#8 Alex Sanchez, MLB – An obscure player during the mid 2000s, Alex, was the first player busted under the MLB ‘s new testing policy. Never a power guy (career high 2 HRs) but he did steal a lot bases when he was on PEDs. Sanchez was suspended in ’05 said this “I take some kind of stuff I buy over the counter. multi-vitamin…muscle relaxers…Stuff to give me energy.” Who doesn’t pop a few over the counter muscles relaxers to get past that 2:30 feeling. Alex Sanchez now plays somewhere in Mexico.

#7 Marion Jones, Olympian – Jones who took enough juice to grow a pair of testicles, took those balls with her to a press conference, after she was investigated by BALCO. She said “I’ll answer questions in front of US Senate…I’ve accomplished what I’ve accomplished by my God given abilities” She later had to admit to using steroids when her attorney told her that she’d get 5-10 for perjury. After confessing Jones did 6 months in jail.

#6 Floyd Landis, Cyclist – Remember Sleepy Floyd Landis who toured America denying doping allegations after he won the Tour De France. He once said the higher than normal testosterone levels in his urine were from “…drinking a lot of Whisky…” I’m going to use that excuse the next time I fail a drug test at workLandis is training to get into NASCAR.

#5 Ken Caminiti, MLB – The ’96 NL MVP once said  “I’ve made a ton of mistakes. I don’t think using steroids is one of them.” Caminiti died in ’04 at 41, of coronary artery disease and an enlarged heart, both common side effects of juicing

#4 Shawne Merriman, NFL – At 21 he was the Defensive Rookie of the year and was suspended at 22 for a positive steroid test. An NFL source said that his positive test was “definitely for steroids … not one of those supplement deals.” Merriman went on to deny that he used Nandrolone (which has to be injected to work) and that it must have been put into the supplements that he was taking. He also went on the choke slam Tila Tequila. Merriman was cut by the Bills this year

#3 Tyler Hamilton, Cyclist – Not a household name, but Tyler Hamilton had one of the better excuses. He caught doping and suspended for two years for blood doping in 2004. His excuse? Hamilton said he had a “vanishing twin” which is a twin that died in utero. This was true, but apparently his twin can vanish and reappear on demand, because he tested negative 2 months before his positive test. Hamilton attempted a comeback in ’08 but was caught for doping and suspended for 8 years.

#2 Rocky, Boxing – I know he’s just a movie character, but I bet if you polled most Americans there would be a large percentage of the population that thinks Rocky Balboa was a real person. Rocky, well Sly Stallone, made millions off his Rocky movies and denies using steroids. He once told Matt Lauer on the Today Show “You have to put in years and years and years of hard labor to stay in shape,” It also doesn’t hurt to pump yourself with 48 vials of HGH, which is what Sly was caught with in ’06.

#1 Tiger Woods, Golf – Tiger has never tested positive but his doctor Dr. Galea has supplied athletes with HGH and was arrested in Toronto for carrying enough HGH to make Barry Bonds blush. He has treated 23 different athletes, 7 are confirmed with HGH. Add in the decline of his skills and his body breaking down (Achilles, hip, knee) before his 35th birthday, it’s just a matter of time before a teary eyed Tiger confuses on 60 minutes. Tiger hasn’t won a major since 2008

Of all these athletes the amount of time spent in jail for using drugs they obtained illegally is 6 months (Marion Jones). The lesson here, cheat to make your millions, then deny when you get accused. Then confess when the real heat comes down on you and you’ll be ok.



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Ok so last night I posted my one way Twitter banter that I had Jose Canseco which you can read here.  As promised I emailed his yahoo address inquiring about Spending a Day with Jose.  I just received a reply back and for only $1100 you can hang out with Jose for 5/hrs, bilking, bowling and going to the beach. Oh, and my favorite, boxing…awesome.  Hmmm, actually not a bad deal.  If I were to do this I would choose a 5 hour block of time from say midnight to 5am in Las Vegas with lots of drugs and hookers.  I figure that I would get a shit load of traffic when I post our antics on Bigrips.wordpress.com (soon to be just bigrips.com) and possibly make enough money off our stories to buy bigrips.com for $1695.  Anyway, below is the conversation that I had with his assistant on email, I am seriously considering this.  And she says it’s ok to ask him questions about steroid and HGH use, what a fun night that would be.  I can picture the two of us at the Sapphire strip club shooting the shit about sticking needles in my ass while getting a lappy…good times.

With some further thought maybe I should invite him to my birthday bash instead of Giambi



From: Seth Davis <bigrips1@gmail.com>

To: spendadaywithjose@yahoo.com

Sent: Mon, April 26, 2010 6:36:41 PM

Subject: pricing to spend a day with Jose Canseco

To whom this may concern,

I am interested in some price quotes to Spend a Day With Jose.

Thank you in advance

Seth Davis


From: Leila Shennib

Date: Tue, 27 Apr 2010 15:28:19 -0700 (PDT)

To: Seth Davis<bigrips1@gmail.com>

Subject: Re: pricing to spend a day with Jose Canseco

Hi there! Here is some info on Spend a day with Jose. Please let us know if you have any questions and what day youd like to reserve!

Spend a day with Jose

Come spend a day with ex baseball legend and reality TV personality Jose Canseco and his girlfriend, bikini model Miss Leila!

Choose from a list of exciting activities to participate:

·        Softball practice/hitting

·        Golf

·        Hiking

·        Bowling

·        Beach

·        BBQ, swim

·        Boxing/Gym

·        Open to ideas of other ways to spend the day

How it works: Any day with Jose Canseco is an exciting one! Choose your favorite activity (or activities) from the list and we will set up a 5 hour day doing just what you want! Get a chance to ask Jose all the questions you have been waiting so long to ask, get the autographs you’ve always wanted, take pictures and videos. This is not an opportunity to be missed!

Cost: 1100/day (5 hours) Up to two individuals, each additional person 500$.

Transportation and cost of activities, meals, etc are not provided


From: Seth Davis

To: Leila Shennib

Sent: Tue, April 27, 2010 3:56:13 PM

Subject: Re: pricing to spend a day with Jose Canseco

Sounds good I am a big fan

Is there an option for him to consult me on how to administer winstrol and hgh. I know he is open about and has helped ex- athletes in the past,

Thanks for you prompt reply


Sent via BlackBerry

From: Leila Shennib

Date: Tue, 27 Apr 2010 16:00:41 -0700 (PDT)

To: <bigrips1@gmail.com>

Subject: Re: pricing to spend a day with Jose Canseco

No he does not do that

Seth Davis

To: Leila Shennib

Sent: Tue, April 27, 2010 4:02:21 PM

Subject: Re: pricing to spend a day with Jose Canseco

Ok, well he doesn’t have to give me the shots. If I asked a question or 2 would he be willing to answer them?
For $1100 I hope he’d give me a tip

From: Leila Shennib

Date: Tue, 27 Apr 2010 16:06:41 -0700 (PDT)

To: <bigrips1@gmail.com>

Subject: Re: pricing to spend a day with Jose Canseco

If you would like to participate in spend a day with jose he can answer questions for you

From: Seth Davis

To: Leila Shennib

Sent: Tue, April 27, 2010 4:11:21 PM

Subject: Re: pricing to spend a day with Jose Canseco

What is the prefered payment method check, paypal, etc?

From: Leila Shennib

Date: Tue, 27 Apr 2010 16:11:42 -0700 (PDT)

To: <bigrips1@gmail.com>

Subject: Re: pricing to spend a day with Jose Canseco

Paypal or cashiers check

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So if you haven’t already heard Jose Canseco had a meltdown on Twitter the other day.  Since no one cares about this guy the main stream media didn’t spend much time on the non-story.  My buddy Kdogg emailed me a link from Sportspickle.com which gave the first baseball player to reach the 40/40 club the honor of Tweet of the week. I love how blogs and some news outlets are calling this a twitter ‘meltdown.’  My ass this was a meltdown, this was a bonafide ‘roid rage, on twitter.  So while Seth ate his dinner he deciced to have fun with Jose, read below (scroll down all the way & read bottom to the top).  Enjoy

You can read his Tweet meltdown here and my tweets to Jose here http://twitter.com/BigRips

P.S. I am emailing his Yahoo account to ask if I can spend a day with him, hopefully he replies


@JoseCanseco If I pay to spend a day with @JoseCanseco can I elect the No Steroids option? I have a heart murmur…

half a minute ago via web in reply to JoseCanseco

@JoseCanseco People pay money to spend a day with you? Do their names include Manny Ramirez, Sammy Sosa, Roger Clemens and Marion Jones?

2 minutes ago via web

JoseCanseco Email spendadaywithjose@yahoo.com for information and pricing on Spend A Day With Jose! Serious inquiries only please
2:17 PM Apr 23rd via TweetCaster
Retweeted by you and 15 others

@JoseCanseco did you sex on steroids with Roger Clemens?
4 minutes ago via web in reply to JoseCanseco

@JoseCanseco So your twitter #meltdown wasn’t a #meltdown I know. It was a roid rage on Twitter, which is pretty tough.
7 minutes ago via web in reply to JoseCanseco

@JoseCanseco if that society existed now u’d be dead already rite? Remember how you lied about taking roids? With ur rule u’d be dead right?
8 minutes ago via web in reply to JoseCanseco

@JoseCanseco I think your idea of starting a new society and “if you don’t tell the truth your dead”
11 minutes ago via web in reply to JoseCanseco

@JoseCanseco I am not a follower I am a listener. Tell me how to stick a needle in my ass I am listening
13 minutes ago via web in reply to JoseCanseco

@JoseCanseco I am not scared to share something personnel Mr. Canseco. I use to jerk off to your 1988 Tops card
14 minutes ago via web in reply to JoseCanseco

@JoseCanseco I am a strong warrior Jose, I eat egg whites and wheat bread. This was not a #meltdown today
17 minutes ago via web in reply to JoseCanseco

@JoseCanseco no one can kick your ass Jose, well expect maybe Batman and William Wallace
18 minutes ago via web in reply to JoseCanseco

@JoseCanseco You know they were pencil neck losers antagonizing you from theirs mothers basement and that it wasn’t a ‘meltdown’ Jose, rite?
20 minutes ago via web in reply to JoseCanseco

@JoseCanseco The media will call this a ‘twitter meltdown’ all day omorrow
22 minutes ago via web in reply to JoseCanseco

@JoseCanseco I totally agree that you didn’t have a ‘meltdown’
24 minutes ago via web in reply to JoseCanseco

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